Monday, February 06, 2006

Models, Ink

Here are a few more pictures of Britney Spears as she was leaving Moonshadows restaurant in Malibu, CA over the weekend. Click HERE to check 'em out. I love her, I love her, I love her ... BUT the strapless does not look at all flattering from behind. Let's put away those dresses, for now, and bring them back out in the toned future.

So did y'all watch the Big Game yesterday? I'm not a huge football fan but when a spectacle like the Super Bowl comes to your town you kinda get caught up in the hoopla:

I thought the game was interesting enough ... it appears that the whole thing kinda rested on that controversial Steelers touchdown in the second quarter. But I'm happy for the Steelers win ... it provided Detroit's own Jerome Bettis a nice cap on an amazing career. It must feel real nice to win the Super Bowl in your home town. [Source]

Personally, I thought the commercials were a yawn ... some of them were cute but I don't think any of them were up to the usual Super Bowl par. Irregardless, the whole affair was still enjoyable. Oh ... wait ... let's talk about the performances, shall we?

Aretha was Aretha in a fur coat (but I felt the SNL skit that mocked Aaron Neville and Aretha Franklin was, by far, more entertaining) ... and I thought that the Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Joss Stone, India.Arie performance was cool. The Stones, I'm sorry, were a bit of a bore. 3 songs (2 of them censored) of Mick Jagger hobbling all over the stage? Has he recently had hip surgery? Was he really wearing orthopedic shoes (as per VLB's observation)? If the NFL feels it has to castrate the Rolling Stones just so no more "wardrobe malfunctions" occur then I think that's pretty sad. [Source]

Well, the game is over ... things should be getting right back to normal around here in Detroit. It's been a fun week, tho! I really think Detroit did its thing and pulled off a great Super Bowl.

Let's move on ... over in LA rehearsals have begun for this Wednesday night's Grammy Awards. Here are a couple pictures of Kelly Clarkson getting in a practice song or 2:

I am very excited for her performance this week. She is up for 2 awards, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Since U Been Gone and Best Pop Vocal Album for Breakaway. She's had a great year, it'd be nice to see her win an award this year. [Source]

Check this out ... Joel and Benji Madden made an appearance at the first day of the Grammy Studio Style (to pick up some hot, hot swag) and my buddy Joel was wearing a pretty cool t-shirt underneath his vest!

Pink readers Eve, Beth and Jill from GCNaptown sent me these pictures yesterday morning. Thank you all for sending me these pictures ... I love them! [thanks guys]

In other Joel news, he and Hilary Duff made an appearance this weekend at LAX in LA:

After a quick tour thru Canada, it's nice to see that our dear Jilary have been reunited. [Source]

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen made an appearance at a NYC Fashion Week show this weekend ... and what an appearance they made:

They look so robotic ... and I can't believe that MK is the more emotive betwixt the 2 of them. They do both look a little scary, I think. [Source]

So, we heard that Lindsay Lohan got herself a new tattoo ... and here is the first picture of that new tattoo:

I like the white ink. It's good that she promoting breathing, which is infinitely better for your health than, say, not breathing. Well done, Linds. [Source]

Jessica Simpson is really lettin' loose now that she's a single white female, check out her risque t-shirt message:

So she's into cowboys now? She must've loved Brokeback Mountain as well! [Source]

What the eff is going on here? Are Courtney Love and director Brett Ratner really an item?

I have to admit, they make a pretty cute couple. They look like a good match ... we'll see what, if anything, comes of this. [Source]

Oh Janet ...

... sometimes it's just way too easy. [Source]

It turns out that I ran into a semi-famous Playboy Bunny at the Playboy Super Bowl party this weekend ... I didn't realize it at the time but I snapped a pic with Cara from Road Rules: South Pacific. She posed for Playboy magazine back in November of 2004:

Yeah, I think I just had a wee bit too much to drink. We look cute tho.

And finally, the new issue of Inked Magazine hits newsstands today and it features, of all people, Josh Madden, Scott Weiland and me:

Inked asked me for an interview last Fall and I was very happy to oblige. They set up a photoshoot with me on my last trip out to LA ... which is why I went for the full-on mohawk haircut. I can't believe they made me look so cool ... I actually look tough. I have to send out a huge thank you to Patricia and Mike from Inked magazine. I had an amazing time doing this photoshoot.

El News:
Hot Damn ... what a fun-ass weekend it was. Sarah and I had the best time at the parties we went to this weekend. Erik is all about being the "Rita Wilson" and is not a fan of parties and such. Believe me, I'd love to drag him along to some of these events but he just wouldn't be happy. He was happy yesterday afternoon as we all partied at Mark's Super Bowl shindig. VLB and Erik were rooting for the Seahawks ... I rooted for the Steelers (for Jim) and everyone else was pretty much otherwise occupied (making out in the kitchen, playing music in the bedroom, eating everything in sight):

Zakiya was there and OMG was she the cutest thing ever! Sarah took tons of pictures of her ... but alas, I don't have copies to share cuz she hasn't sent them to me yet. Boo!

I only have 5 million things left to do before tomorrow ... OY! I'm off to go do them ... Lates!