Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Heat Is On

Alright y'all ... I felt like I was cheating by not writing a regular post this morning/afternoon ... I woke up and watched Lost and Project Runway so I'm gonna do those recaps, post a couple more pictures and news ...


So ... Lost ... I felt we were grossly mislead by the previews for this episode! It's not that I wanted Sun to get kidnapped and killed but ... they made it look like she was gonna get kidnapped and killed and that was what I was expecting ... well, not really but you know what I mean. The first thing that struck me was the combination that Locke came up with: 7-33-18. It totally read like a Bible chapter and verse and the people commenting on THIS post at Pop Candy came up with a whole bunch of possible Biblical references.

Here are a few things that really struck out for me ... Kate's mom was the waitress at the diner, Sawyer called Cassidy "Dimples" kinda like he calls Kate "Freckles" and the found manuscript was SOOOO blatant! That said, I'm totally gonna read the fake "real" manuscript turned book Bad Twin when it comes out. ANYWAYS ... I was very creeped out by how dark Charlie turned all of the sudden. It didn't occur to me that he would be in cahoots with Sawyer early on but when it was revealed that he was involved ... it was a bit unnerving. He also looked very creepy with that hoodie. The fabric of the storyline is growing and I'm sure things are going to get very interesting, very soon. Next week's ep looks great! I can't wait. [Source]


I am totally upset with how shizz went down on Project Runway last night. I'm sorry ... Santino should have gone the eff home. His outfit was FALLING APART! How can a garment that is falling apart on the runway win over a suit outfit that has no buttons? I agree Nick's design wasn't the best ever but it certainly wasn't the worst. Incidentally, I didn't think that Daniel's outfit was as bad as the judges made it out to be.

The BOO! over the picture of Daniel wearing Nick's design means I'm bummed that it was out ... cuz I think Santino's thing should have been out. I really think this episode was fixed in some way ... there was too much overdubbing for my comfort level. Almost every time that Heidi spoke at the end was overdubbed ... why? It smelled FISHY! All in all, I know that Nick is gonna be alright ... I guess ... but with Santino still in the game then the show is sure to still be talked about. All I know is that Daniel better win it all ... The end! [Source]

BTW ... it looks like Gawker likes playing around with PR fans ... the meanies!

In NY, Michael Kors showed off this 2006 Fall line and a few celebs decided to check out the show:

The pairing of Jilary and LeAnn Rimes & her hubby in the front row is interesting. They all just have funny looks on their faces. Personally, I can't vouch for any of Michael Kors' designs but I do like his men's fragrance. And I know a lot of people hate him as a judge on Project Runway but ... I kinda like his cattiness. Team Kors! [Source, Source]

Kristin Cavallari is the new posterchild for PETA 2 ... check out her cute, pink poster:

Work it girl! KC is showing up EVERYWHERE ... go Team Kristin! [Source]

And finally, Towleroad sniffed out these awesome Brokeback Mountain SIMS characters:

Don't you just love technology? I need to start playing The SIMS. [Source]

Les News:

Ahhh ... I'm still freakin' out about last night. It wasn't wild and crazy by any means (I hardly drank at all) but it was long and hectic. I had a great time ... I am very lucky. Here is one more picture of Paris Hilton and me ... you can see Stavros Niarchos in the background:

She was fun and crazy ... and let me TELL you ... I am *so* glad she wasn't rollin' with Kim Stewart at this party. I just don't think it would have been a good idea to say hello to Paris if she was hangin' out with Kim Stewart.

Tonight a bunch of us are going to Tiger Heat to dance our asses off! It's the perfect night to go because it's Kylie Minogue night:

I am really looking forward to dancing ... there wasn't much dancing last night at all. The rest of this trip is gonna be nothing but FUN! I think we're doing the beach and stuff ... anything to soak up the sun, I say! The weather is so fab ... I'm really having a great time!

So that's it for today ... tomorrow should be a regular day with a regular post ... so for now ... I'm out.


The Grammys

I know ... this post is insanely late ... but I had a very late (but fun) night and then had to wake up and watch both Lost and Project Runway (for my own sanity). This post is going to be all Grammy Awards ... I'll try and do a regular (somewhat shorter) post later on today/tonight.

Last night was so much fun ... since it was my first awards show I didn't know what to expect so I was very excited and anxious all night long. Long story short, it felt like a very long rock concert. Here are some pictures from the red carpet and from the show:

There were some great performances ... but the show was long. It was fun for me for about the first 1 1/2 hours ... then it started to feel very long. The show was at the Staples Center and can you believe they only served bottled water and a few different kinds of candy? That was kind of surprising ... in a bad way. [Source]

I really liked the Gorillaz/Madonna performance but it really didn't have the OOMPH that I was expecting. The Gorillaz looked so cool in 3D (in person, they really looked like puppets) but the song was too slow ... when Madonna came out it really kicked into high gear:

Her portion of the performance was really great ... altho it did look a lot like her performance at the MTV Europe Awards last Fall. You can head over to Yahoo! Music to watch the exclusive video performance as many times as you like. [Source]

I was very happy for Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. They really had a great night ...

I felt bad for Mariah Carey ... even tho she won 3 awards she didn't get to accept any of them on stage. These Grammys were supposed to be her big night ... in the end, it didn't really feel that way. [Source, Source]

Anyways ... then came the after parties ... Aaron, David, Sarah and I went to the Sony party first because we needed to eat. We were hanging out all night long with Three 6 Mafia (Aaron is not only their lawyer but he is my lawyer as well) so we basically got to go to any party we wanted to ... especially since Three 6 Mafia were just nominated for an Academy Award (Best Original Song for the movie Hustle & Flow). I actually didn't care where we went, I was having fun regardless. While hanging out at the Sony party we ran into Mischa Barton and Spederline!

I about died when I saw Britney there (actually, I saw Kevin's ponytail from across the room and knew it was them)! Sarah and I tried to get over to them but they were whisked away to a VIP area (it happened so fast I couldn't even snap a pic). We didn't stay at the Sony party for long so I missed out on my chance to meet Brit Brit. Needless to say, I was bummed about that. [Source]

It turns out that Spederline made their way over to the Mariah Carey party where Brit decided to show a little skin ...

... nipple area skin that is. Head on over to Pop Sugar to see the uncensored picture. [Source]

Not to be outdone, Kelly Clarkson also let a little bit slip out at the Sony party ...

... but I wasn't there to witness it. [thanks Corwin]

While Kanye West looked like Kool Moe Dee at the Grammy Awards I don't think he was having a good night. After all of his bravado I think he was surprised to lose the big awards for the night. At least he looked all happy at his party ...

... but you just know he was PISSED off. I can't believe Green Day and U2 won 3 of the biggest awards of the night in a year that should have belonged to both Kanye and Mariah. It looks like they split Grammy votes and cancelled each other out. [Source]

Cameras were not allowed inside the Staples Center but I was allowed to bring in my Sidekick ... here are some crappy pictures from inside:

And here are my pictures from the after parties ... we got to walk the red carpet behind Three 6 Mafia at the Sony party which was kinda cool ... and we ran into a famous Pink fan at the William/Morris party! Our group was standing around talking and Paris Hilton walks right by us on Stavros Niarchos' arm ... she yells out "Hi, Pink is the new Blog" and then she blew me a kiss. Aaron decided he needed to introduce us and away we went:

It was a very strange experience talking with her ... she was fun and bubbly (she even said "That's Hot" and "Loves It" to me in actual conversation). We talked a bit about her new album and about PITNB. She claims she's a fan and I guess I have to believe it ... the fact that she recognized me means she must check it out pretty regularly. She was really into meeting Three 6 Mafia and was cool about taking pictures ... she loves taking pictures. We also ran into the likes of Tyler Hilton and Taryn Manning ... and we saw at least one of The Killers (not sure if the whole band was there or not). Honestly, Sarah and I were having such a blast after chatting with Paris that we just drank and enjoyed ourselves.

I have to send out lots of love to Deb at the William/Morris party. Thank you so much for a fun party!

After that party we swung by the Kanye West party where Three 6 Mafia met up with rapper TI. It was determined that the party was pretty much dunzo so we left for a nightcap at the Four Seasons.

That's pretty much it ... we saw a lot of different celebs all over the place and I know I'm leaving out tons of details but ... it was a fun night, y'all.

I have to take care of some biznazz this afternoon and then I'm gonna *try* and post again this evening. I'm out!!!!