Sunday, February 12, 2006

It's A Sunshine Day

I have been having the best week here in LA. This week has actually felt more like a vacation, which is very nice (I hear there is snow back home ... BOO!). We spent the afternoon at Hermosa Beach playing on the sand. I kinda got hijacked last night so I'm away from my computer this morning. I'm writing this at Adriana's place. It looks like we're gonna have to go out for brunch (we're going to Home) and then I'm gonna have to get back to Jim's to pack for my flight home tonight.

Unfortch, it looks like I won't have time to post pictures today. I will be back home in Detroit by tomorrow morning so I'm planning on a regular post then.

I do have some info for you Canucks out there. Star TV debuts its new show called I Heart tonight and there is a segment featuring Pink is the new Blog.

The interview was taped last August in downtown Detroit and is scheduled to air in tonight's debut episode. Check it out if ya wanna.

I have to jet ... I'm being rushed along ... but I'll be back!