Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Goin' Dutch

The minor hoopla yesterday afternoon was fun but ultimately it appears that news of the breakup of TomKat was a bit premature. We will have to wait for official statements regarding a breakup ... so, for now, TomKat are still together and still "in love".

Britney Spears appears to be back to normal after her little visit to the ER this week ... here are pictures of Britney shopping for VD presents in Beverly Hills:

I'm fairly certain that her husband Kevin Federline gave her a VD present as well ... I'm thinkin' his VD present was of the infectious sort. [Source]

Speaking of K-Fed ... it looks like homeboy spent part of yesterday rollin' with his homies:

His friends look exactly like I imagined his friends would look. [Source]

Alyson Hannigan (with her hubby Alexis Denisof) was on hand for the premiere of her new movie Date Movie:

She looks great! I like her whole look for this event ... she will always be Willow to me :) [Source]

Natalie Portman was also on hand for the world premiere of her new movie V For Vendetta in Germany at the Berlin International Film Festival:

Do you have a better explanation for the look on her face? [Source]

Paris Hilton is in London for their Fashion Week and participated in Julien MacDonald's fashion show:

With the help of £2 million worth of diamonds, a slinky little bridal number and some v big hair, the LA It Girl pranced down Julien's catwalk with the confidence of Naomi and Kate put together. It sounds like Paris had a great night ... designer Julien McDonald's night wasn't quite so fun: However, the air-kissing stopped post-show when fur-flouting Julien was pelted with flour by animal rights protestors on the way to the after-party. Whoops! [Source]

Nicole Richie spent her Valentine's Day passing out cans of Diet Dr. Pepper to the people of New York City:

It appears that it is quite apropos to wear fur while handing out cans of soda pop ... just don't tell PETA. Oh, and my good friend Brad who lives in NYC was there to see Nicole and her cans ... you can see his pictures HERE. [Source]

Speaking of Nicole ... it looks like we've found her long-lost twin in Michelle Trachtenberg:

It looks like the battle is on ... who will be the queen of the mega-sunglasses? We shall see. [Source]

Whoa ... check it out ... Pamela Anderson appears to be smuggling a couple of M&Ms inside her green dress ... can you find them?

Pammy pie actually looks great in that shade of green. But, when you're talking about Pam, I don't think it's the "green" that makes people horny. [Source]

The Olsen Twins are at it again ... the sometimes models are going to be featured in Badgley Mischka's new ad campaign which is due to hit magazines next month ... here's a preview:

These expensive gowns are a far cry from their own Mary-Kate and Ashley branded clothing line. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan is on the cover of the new issue of Premiere magazine:

Now, I really love L. Lo but the girl is waaaaay too pale for her own good. Her legs look really pasty white. Now I understand why she goes kinda crazy with the self-tanner sometimes. Doesn't she look a bit like Melissa Joan Hart in the All That Jazz picture? [Source]

Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to be Mariah Carey? Have you ever wanted to capture the magic of Mimi and live out her fantastical life? Well ... you're in luck ... Claire's is now offering a line of Mariah Carey jewelry:

Apparently green-stained fingers and green-stained necks are a staple of the Mariah Carey look. [Source]

The Sun in the UK is doing a feature on hot Olympic hunks competing in this year's Winter Olympic Games in Torino, IT ... here are a few of their picks:

Jeremy Bloom (USA, bottom left) gets a Gold rating, Bode Miller (USA, top left) gets a Silver rating, Giorgio Rocca (Italy, top right) and Evan Lysacek (USA, bottom right) both get a Bronze rating. C'mon, I'd bump up the Bronze boys to at least Silver. [Source]

And finally, Pink reader Colin sends in this picture taken by his friend Lee of the marquee at Sunrise Gateway Cinema in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida:

LOL! Well, that's one way to get the passerby's attention. [thanks Lee and Colin]

El News:
Poor Erik is still sick ... he's actually gotten sicker ... but he was a trooper for dinner at Mosaic last night. We had a very posh meal ... it was very nice. We had a great Valentine's Day this year ... I am very much looking forward to many, many, many more in the future.

Today I'll be finishing up on my preparations for my trip to Amsterdam. I fly out this evening ... fortunately the flight will be a direct flight (which will be approx. 8 hours). I am planning on continuing to post while I am in the Netherlands but I am very excited to check out everything I can in Amsterdam. Believe me, I won't be going crazy at all ... it'll just be amazing to be in the city itself.

So I guess that's it ... the next post will be comin' at you from Europe! I'm out!