Friday, February 17, 2006

Damage Control

Ye gods ... can it be?! Is this THE Britney Spears that we thought we lost forever?!?

Britney looks great on the cover of the new issue of People magazine. Hope is alive, y'all ... she can make a comeback ..? Come back Britney ... please! [Source]

TomKat are doing everything can to look like they are "together" since the story broke on Valentine's Day that they were splitting up ... I wouldn't be surprised if they leaked that rumor themselves just so they could get back in the papers ... they are a shady duo, ain't they? Damage control much??

Anyways ... Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are in Australia for a little vacation ... now wait, they're in OZ for the funeral of Tom's good friend Kerry Packer. Katie's fake-ish belly is looking ... well, fake-ish. Hmmmmmmmm. [thanks Emma]

Halle Berry paid a little visit to Harvard University to accept this year's Hasty Pudding award ...

... but they wouldn't give her the award until she vowed to never to make a Catwoman sequel. Halle Berry had to write "I will not make Catwoman II " on a chalkboard four times Thursday in order to earn her pudding pot as Harvard's Hasty Pudding woman of the year. LOL! I actually liked Catwoman! Boo! [Source]

Madonna was very happy to show off her newly acquired Brits Award for Best International Female Solo Artist:

And I'm happy to see that she won it! I'm also happy to know her hernia is all fixed and stuff. [Source]

Marilyn Manson and his new bride Dita Von Teese also made an appearance at this year's Brits Awards ... I think they're wearing the same lipstick:

I also came upon another of their wedding photos ... it's so goth. They do look happy tho ... well, as happy as they can I suppose. [Source, Source]

Yeah ... Kelly Osbourne is the QUEEN of hair emergencies:

Maybe she should explore the world of hair weaves? [Source]

Hmmm ... I can't tell for sure ... but it looks like Nicole Richie is really upset about something in these pictures of her trying to make her way thru LAX airport:

Is she really crying in the back seat of her car? Maybe she caught a peek at Kelly O's hairdo? [Source]

This picture of Brad Dad Pitt and Maddox chillin' at the park is too adorable:

They look so damn cute together. Brad better never EVER breakup with Angelina Jolie ... she would kill him for abandoning her children. Brad is locked up for life, y'all. [Source]

Matthew Fox is to be featured in the new issue of GQ magazine ... here are the pics:

He is a handsome man, ain't he? Jack kinda irks me on the show ... but he's so damn pretty too look at. Team Jack or Team Sawyer?? It's a tough choice. [Source]

I have to send out a huge Pink is the new Blog Birthday Shoutout to our beloved Paris Hilton ... the little chiquita turns 25 years old today:

Welp, she survived another year ... so congrats are definitely in order! I hope you have a great birthday Paris ... try and keep the boobies hidden away, ok? [Source]


Okay ... so I finally got to watch this week's episode of Lost last night on my laptop. It was one of the better eps of recent weeks ... and there were a lot of new things that were introduced:

The big one for me was the connection between Sayid and Kate's step-father. That was a nice surprise ... I wonder how that will play itself out. The new guy ... c'mon, he has to be one of The Others. There is no way he and his wife were stranded on that island when their hot air balloon crashed ... if that bullshizz turns out to be true (which I do not believe) then that is LAME AS HELL. There is no way that everyone keeps getting stranded on that island. Eh, or maybe that is the very nature of the island? At any rate, new guy is an Other and Sayid is one hell of a torturer. Did you notice that he was quick to do whatever the American soldiers told him to do? He was also very quick to do what Rousseau told him to do or believe. He appears to take orders very easily. I about freaked when the timer hit zero ... didn't those symbols look like Egyptian hieroglyphics? Everything means something! OOOH and the previews for the next episode of Lost look amazing! A new hatch ... which appears to be a medical base or something. Weee! I can't wait! [Source, Source]

Les News:
So, my first day in Amsterdam was really cool. Our hotel is a bit removed from all the action but it's a nice new part of town so I'm not complaining. I managed to hook up with Rachel ( and Frank (, a couple of music bloggers, and we hit the town on foot to check out whatever we could:

We managed to make our way to the Red Light District ... and it was pretty much what I expected ... except better. I dunno, I guess I figured it'd be really seedy and gross but it isn't at all. It's very ... normal. The city is so beautiful at night ... I have to admit, I was just slack-jawed the whole time just taking it all in. We managed to stop in at a bar to knock back a few beers. We chatted for a bit and then made our way back to the hotel to catch the gig by the Belgium band Zita Swoon. They were great ... the show was acoustic and everyone seemed to have a great time. Rachel and I drank a bit more and then called it a night.

This city is so welcoming ... so friendly ... I'm having a great time. I have to get out and get back to the city. I'm out!!!

POSTED: 3:23PM Amsterdam, NL Local Time