Saturday, February 18, 2006

Safety First

It looks like Miss Britney Spears has learned her lesson about baby safety ... at least for now ... here are pictures of Britney picking up a baby gate from Toys R Us:

While she has no problem putting her child in mortal danger while driving it appears that she is more safety-minded when she's at home. Good for you Brit! [Source]

I kinda hate doing this to y'all so early in the morning but ... here is another picture of TomKat in Australia while partying on their speed boat ... is it wrong to expose people to Tom Cruise's nips so early in the day?

Blaurgh ... do you remember when Tom used to be sane AND hot? Whatever happened to that guy? [Source]

I've got some bad news for Kristin Cavallari ... it turns out that your show on UPN has been cancelled already ... but I've also got good news for Kristin ... you're still getting free shizz so you better enjoy it while you can -- here are pictures of Kristin at the opening of a Levi's store in Las Vegas:

I really hope the cancellation of her show isn't the harbinger of things to come ... can her 15 minutes really be dunzo already? [Source]

Damn ... just when I was getting used to praising Ashlee Simpson for her new hotness she goes and gets a new hairdo and ruins the whole thing -- check out these pictures of Ash with Carmen Electra at the opening of the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego:

The wet dog hairdo is a big NO! She has obviously been getting styling tips from her sis Jessica. Booooo! [Source, thanks Tracy]

The industrious kids at ONTD! have sniffed out Kelly Clarkson's official blog:

Uh, homegirl's gotta get with it ... if that's all she's gonna be bloggin' I think she needs to give it up. Don't quit your day job, Kells. [Source]

Here is another picture of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen from their photoshoot for their new Bagdley and Mischka ad campaign:

Eh ... what else is there to say ... dark eyes, pouty faces, messy hair ... you know, the usual. [Source]

Check out this promo advert for Madonna's new single Sorry:

Man, Miss Thing has a high regard for herself don't she? [Source]

A couple of days ago we checked out Jason Statham on the cover of Men's Health ... and today we check out James Franco also on the cover of Men's Health magazine:

Jimmy is cute I guess ... he's no Jason Statham but not bad at all. [Source]

And finally, this is a quick reminder to all you Detroiters that this month's SASS danceparty takes place at OSLO in downtown Detroit tonight:

I wish I could be there to dance with y'all ... but I hear that Erik will be there to hold it down for me ... make sure you say hello to him for me :)

Les News:
Yesterday was very fun ... Rachel and I hooked up with David from Jossip and decided to make an evening of it. We did the Van Gogh Museum which was amazing ... seeing all those Van Goghs in one place was really amazing. So get this, I actually ran into Pink reader Megan who is visiting Amsterdam for the weekend. Isn't that insane? Anyways, after the museum we had a quick dinner at an Italian restaurant and then got to drinking ... and boy did we drink:

.... and drink and drink and drink! Yeah ... most of the night from that point on is a bit hazy ... we hit a few bars ... ran into other Pink readers (Ryan & Jason and Mike & George -- who are all from the States, just in Amsterdam on vacay like moi) and ended up dancing our asses off at a club called Exit.

I have no idea what time Rachel and I stumbled back to the hotel ... I can't believe I'm actually up already. The sun is out and it look beautiful outside! David and I are hanging out this afternoon ... so I gots ta go!

I'm out!

POSTED: 1:34PM Amsterdam, NL Local Time