Sunday, February 19, 2006

Thank You For Being A Friend

LOL ... just when I thought that Britney Spears was on the road to recovery she goes and does something to muck it all up ... check out Mommy Spears hanging out with her new BFFs -- the Golden Girls:

Is this picture basically the state of Britney Spears these days? Sadly, I think yes. [Source]

Check out these precious pictures of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams at the Scientific and Technical Academy Awards ceremony in LA this week:

Blah! This Canadian supercouple are so sickeningly cute it's ... well ... sickening. I keed, I keed ... they really make a great couple. [Source]

Whatever Paris Hilton wants, Paris Hilton gets ... it looks like she wanted Jackass' Steve-O at her birthday party:

You know she only wanted him there because of his recent involvement with Nicole Richie ... why else would Paris want to be near him? I don't even get why these chicks are going nuts over Steve-O ... it's so weird. [Source]

I am not a huge Justin Timberlake fan but the fact that homeboy is a fan of Louis Vuitton wins him points in my book:

While he may have great taste in accessories I still contend that he has horrible taste in women but, hey, nobody's perfect. [Source]

Check out these cute pictures of Jilary and Josh Madden from the MisShapes danceparty in NYC last weekend:

Even as "cool" as they think they are, I'm sure the jaded hipster kids freaked out when Hilary Duff and Joel Madden showed up. Hipsters can be soooooo cute. [Source]

Michelle Williams is on the cover of the new issue of Interview magazine:

She looks great. It looks like Michelle is well on her way to becoming the newest movie starlet thanks to Brokeback Mountain. [Source]

Kristen Bell is on the cover of the new issue of Maxim magazine:

Hmmm ... is it just me or does Kristen look a bit dirty and not necessarily sexy at all? I'm not down with the porny pouty face ... does her mother know she's shedding her clothes so early in her career? [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... let's give Krag a warm hello:

I think the football is supposed to make him look more macho or something ... maybe it's meant to offset the pooka shell necklace? Yeah ... I don't mind either way -- enjoy! [Source]

The News:
Yesterday was such a beautiful day ... I actually got to wear sunglasses! David and I met up in the early afternoon and ended up hanging out all day. We visited the Anne Frank House which is an absolute must visit if you ever come to Amsterdam. We talked about doing a canal boat tour but ended up hanging out at a cafe instead (where, incidentally, we ran into a Pink reader from the US named Dan). Since the boat tour was not an option we decided to go shopping instead ... David picked up a few things, I found nothing :( We met up with the other bloggers in town for dinner and then fragmented off for dancing:

We got the night started at Soho for drinks (can I publicly applaud the Amsterdam notion of Happy Hour? At around 11PM all drinks, at least at Soho, are buy one get one free) where we happened to run into Scott from He is randomly in Amsterdam this weekend (he's not here with our blogger group, he's here on his own) and ran into us at Soho. Once our thirsts were sufficiently sated, we merrily made our way over to You II for the megadanceparty. It was totally fun ... small, crowded and really fun music (Britney, Madonna, Mariah ... the usual). One by one people in our group made their way home while David and I danced our asses off until the club closed ... it was so fun.

The only thing on the schedule for today is a trip to the zoo, after I do a quick interview with the Dutch magazine Expreszo. So I'm gonna get to it ... Lates!

POSTED: 12:29PM Amsterdam, NL Local Time