Monday, February 20, 2006

What Happens In Amsterdam ...

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards were handed out in London last night and I am very happy to report that it was a good night for Brokeback Mountain. Jake Gyllenhaal walked away with the award for Best Supporting Actor ... here are some pictures of Jake on the red carpet and from the awards room itself:

This is happy news indeed ... it bodes well for a successful night for Brokeback at the Academy Awards next month ... especially since it won the top BAFTA award of the night -- Best Film! [Source]

Click HERE for a full list of BAFTA winners.

After the awards were handed out it was time to party ... here are a few pictures of the various luminaries who attended the shindig:

I lurrrrrrve that the photographers were able to take the *worst* pictures of the party attendees. George Clooney looks severely constipated, Rupert Grint looks severely stoned and Jude Law just looks severe. [Source]

Awww ... check out this picture of Gywneth Paltrow and her new baby bump ... it doesn't seem that long ago that she was pregs with her first baby:

Let me be the first to suggest that Gywneth name her new baby Orange that way her children can never be compared to each other. [Source]

Speaking of moms and kids ... check out these pictures of Reese Witherspoon spending the afternoon with her baby boy Deacon:

He has got to be the cutest kid in Hollywood. [Source]

And, to keep things fair, she spent the next afternoon hanging out with her little girl Ava:

She's already almost as tall as Reese is. So cute! [Source]

Here are a few pictures of Ashlee Simpson trying to surf while vacationing in Hawaii:

It looks like she's having so much fun ... but I still hate her hair. [Source]

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are spending some time in Australia to promote the launch of their new apparel line ... damn, it looks like MK went crazy at the hair weave shop ...

I wonder if the weaves were on sale, perhaps buy one, get one free? She looks really freaky in this picture ... Ashley, altho a bit scary-looking herself, looks a touch better -- more normal. [Source]

I think that someone needs to call Child Protective Services ... this kind of child mistreatment should never be tolerated:

C'mon, a picture of Kimberly Stewart holding a miserable-looking baby? The joke kinda writes itself. At any rate, her outfit is horrendous. It should be a crime to be seen in leggings and flat shoes ... a crime punishable by death. [Source]

Gael Garcia Bernal is featured in the new issue of UK Esquire magazine:

He is such a great actor ... I love his movies ... and he looks pretty good in these pictures. [Source]

Winona Ryder is featured in this month's issue of Another Magazine wearing way too much talcum powder:

Doesn't she look like she fell out of a Sarah McLachlan video? Maybe she should fall back in. [Source]

And finally, here is a newish promo picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar on the set of her new movie Southland Tales:

So ... they're supposed to look like hookers because they're playing porn stars from the future in the movie, right? It's sad to know that future porn stars will still be sporting bad 80's bangs and even worse shoes. [Source]

Les News:
My Amsterdam trip is quickly coming to an end ... I was meant to go to the zoo with Rachel and David (my Amsterdam BFFs) but my interview with the guys from Expreszo magazine ran a little long ... about 2 hours longer than I had anticipated. It's all good tho because we had a great time talking about everything we could think of:

Evert (left) and GJ (middle) are the coolest guys. They took the time to give me even more Amsterdam recommendations and gave me the skinny on the TRUT danceparty that happens every Sunday night.

After the interview, I hooked up with Rachel and David in her party room ... yeah, I finally got to experience Rachel's 12-person bed ... it is so the bomb! We had a hard time leaving her room but we needed to go eat ... we had a quick Indian Dinner and then paid a quick visit to a coffee shop. We decided that we each needed nicknames so Rachel became Shroomy and David became The Face. Everytime David poses for a picture he puts on "The Face" like this:

After a beer or two we made our way out to find the TRUT danceparty. We managed to get there early enough to get in and spent the rest of the night/early morning there. They don't allow cameras so I wasn't able to take any pictures. Boo! We did have a great time ... I met a few really cool people and we all just had a lot of fun. I'm not sure what time we left but, because nothing was open (not even Febo!) we went back to Rachel's room and ordered room service.

Today is our last full day in Amsterdam and it's almost over already ... yeah, we slept in kinda late. The 3 of us are going for a candlelight canal cruise this evening and then ... who knows?

Tomorrow's post will be very short ... I have to wake up early, check out and then get to the airport for my flight home. Things should be back to normal on Wednesday! I'm out!

POSTED: 6:35PM Amsterdam, NL Local Time