Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Big Comedown

OY ... I don't even want to go into how horrendous my flight home from Amsterdam was yesterday ... I'll just say that I'm glad I survived intact ... last night wasn't much fun either. I'm feeling a tiny bit better this morning ... so let's get to it ...

Britney and Sean Preston Spears are spending some time vacationing in Hawaii ... and that bathing suit isn't really doing her any favors at all!

And can we talk about her feet? I realize that her hooves look like they are caked in sand but they are very unappealing to look at ... which is why I'm calling attention to them ... what, do you think I want to be the only one suffering this A.M.? [Source]

While Brit and SP are sunning themselves in Hawaii, Kevin Federline is home taking care of his business ... which looks like involves this mysterious blonde:

I suppose these pictures could be totally innocent ... maybe she's his cousin or something ... altho, I wouldn't necessarily trust K-Fed to behave around his own cousin. [Source]

Wow ... just when you thought that Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston couldn't look any worse they end up going out in public looking well ... worse:

Whitney looks totally hit ... the poor lamb. [Source]

At any rate, Whitney is still able to pull in the gigs ... she was asked to perform at last Sunday night's medals ceremony at the Winter Olympics in Torino, IT:

The gang over at ONTD! have a link to download an MP3 of her performance. You have to hear it for yourself ... it's ... well ... Whitney. Make sure you listen to the end. [Source]

Pink reader Jenny sends in a few newspaper scans of supposed pictures of Michael Jackson's eldest children, Paris and Prince Michael Jackson:

It's hard to tell if it's really them ... generally we only get glimpses of the kids wearing masks and scarves. It's also hard to see any resemblance to MJ in the kid's faces ... the only thing that looks similar is that they're all white. [thanks Jenny] shocks the world with a report on underage drinking in Hollywood ... here is a picture of Jesse McCartney enjoying La Cerveza Mas Fina at a Hollywood club:

This photo of McCartney was taken last Saturday night at Mood, one of the hottest clubs in Hollywood. Under California law, no one under 21 is permitted to enter the club, much less drink inside. But the Corona in Jesse's firm grip tells a very different story ... A Hollywood nightclub promoter, who asked to remain anonymous, was blunt: "Authorities know that there are underage celebrities inside drinking and if they don't care, why should we?" He added the obvious: "Celebrities help to make our clubs more exclusive." I love how this report is supposed to be a wakeup call to cracking down on underage drinking ... they can't be serious. Celebs do and get away with whatever they want, whenever they want. [Source]

Here are some pictures of Ashlee Simpson's appearance at the MTV TRL Awards in NYC:

Grrr ... the hair ... the hair ... I'm not even gonna go there. Looks like Ashlee performed and generally, that means she prolly picked up an award. Whoops! I just check out the nominations and it doesn't appear that Ash was even nominated for anything ... and they still let her perform? Doesn't that strike you as being strange? [Source, thanks Kacey]

Check out these hilarious pictures of Adrien Brody on the set of his new bull-fighting movie Manolete:

The Oscar-winning actor is wearing the bizarre costume for his new movie Manolete, also starring Penelope Cruz. The film tells the story of one of Spain's best-known matadors, who was finally killed in the bullring by a horn to the thigh. There is something to be said for Academy Award winning actors who have no problem flaunting their pink camel toes. [Source]

What the hell is going on here? Is Elijah Wood living out some sort of fantasy? Do you suppose these screencaps come from a porn audition tape?

These caps actually come from deleted scenes from Everything Is Illuminated. I haven't actually seen the movie so I don't know what context these pictures could stem from ... but I wouldn't be surprised if Elijah insisted on playing dress up while on set. [thanks GM via Source]

It's amazing how far some people go in life ... who would've thought that a simple JC Penney prom dress model would grow up to be one of the most famous women in the world:

If Angelina Jolie can turn a stint as a catalog model into superstardom then I suppose anyone can do the same ... all you need is a famous father, a rockin' body, sexy lips and millions of dollars. [Source]

Here are a couple of the much-talked-about pictures of Meg White's photospread for Marc Jacobs:

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I'm amazed that they were able to make her look so completely the same. [Source]

And finally ... it seems that the Brokeback Mountain parodies are showing no signs of slowing down ... check out these amazing pictures of the Lego version of Brokeback Mountain:

I love it! You can see all of the pictures which span the movie narrative at Destination Daniel. [Source]

Being ill on an airplane has to be one of the most horrible things to endure ... ever. I actually thought about how evil it would be to infect someone with a disease and then strap them down in middle seat on an airplane and leave them there for hours on end. Yeah ... that was basically my 8+ hour flight home.

Add to that the fact that I got a flat tire on my way home from the airport and had to have Erik come out to pick me up. It was a pretty rough night ... altho I do have to send out lots of love to Erik and VLB for fixing my flat for me and bringing my car home.

... BUT, I'd rather reminisce about the good things for a little bit ... here are a few pictures from my last night in Amsterdam (except the first picture of Pink reader Mike and me from Saturday night at SoHo):

We bloggers really did have a great time together on this trip. Rachel has already invited us down to Memphis and I'm sure David would be happy to play host in NYC. I sincerely doubt anyone would want to come out to Detroit but ... there's always that option as well.

I'm so beat ... back to back trips are very tiring ... I think I'm going to go find a hole to crawl into ... here's hoping the NyQuil and juice regiment will do the trick.