Saturday, February 25, 2006

Game On OFF

Awwwww shizz ... I was afraid that something like this would happen. Even tho there aren't many people out there who consider Kevin Federline's foray into the rap game a serious one you have to admit that he has a pretty serious shot at giving it a real go, especially when you consider that he has all of Britney's (now fleeting) fame behind him. It occurred to me that he might be able to convince a real rapper to help him out on one of his rap tunes ... and sure enough ... K-Fed sends out this bulletin on his My Space profile:

By the way this message reads you would think K-Fed and Game worked up a duet or something ... but that's not really the case. Basically, it's a pretty tight Game song with one line rapped by K-Fed. Either Game felt really sorry for Kevvy and decided to throw him a bone or he just made a baaad decision to ally himself with The Federline. At any rate, you can download the song HERE and check it out for yourself. [Source, thanks Amber]

One tiny bit if Britney Spears info ... here are a few more preview screencaps from her appearance on Will & Grace:

Nothing new or major ... just some cute pics of Britney doing her best Jess. [Source]

Check out these great pictures of Evangeline Lilly working her shizz out at a dance/kickboxing studio down in Hawaii:

She looks great ... no wonder she looks so believable kicking all that booty on Lost. Her friend looks a little like a younger Portia Di Rossi. [Source]

Speaking of looking great, Kelly Clarkson looks so hot in these promo pictures and in the picture from her recent concert in Manchester, England:

I love how hard this girl works for what she has. She puts her all into everything she does and manages to remain humble and thankful for everything. Kelly rules, y'all! [Source, Source]

LOL ... this picture of Uma Thurman kissing this dude is hilarious:

C'mon, you know we've all been in that same situation at one time or another. Loves it! [Source]

Here is your first look at Lisa Marie Presley's latest wedding picture from her recent nuptials in Kyoto, Japan:

Uhhhh .... okay. Well, they look happy (I think) and they are ... all well-dressed for the occasion. I'm sure that Lisa Marie has finally found her true soul mate in her new husband (music producer Michael Lockwood) but if not ... she can always get married again. [Source]

And finally, here is a new picture of Kylie Minogue that will be featured in Another Magazine:

This is her first official photo to be published in a magazine since undergoing breast cancer treatment. The photo is entitled Grey Gardens (as an homage to the film of the same name) and was shot by Katrina Jebb (who has also worked with Tori Amos) in Paris. Kylie looks so frail and gentle. It's a touching portrait of the usually buoyant pop star. I am very much looking forward to Kylie's return to her old self. I totally heart her! [Source, thanks Pete]

The News:
Sarah and I had a great night together last night. I packed a bag and came over to her place. We had a leisurely dinner at Pizza Papalis in Dearborn and then decided to go to the movies ... and it turned out that the only movie that we both were marginally interested in seeing was When A Stranger Calls:

BOOOOOO! This movie is bad, y'all! I heard it was bad but I figured there had to be some scary or creepy aspects to the plot ... yeah, there really weren't any at all. I ended up dozing off thru a bit of the midportion actually. I mean, what can really be expected of a PG-13 horror flick, you know? The scariest thing in the whole movie was the lead actresses eyebrows ... yikes! Get thee to an eyebrow waxer STAT, woman! Seriously, if you think you have a passing interest in seeing this movie ... I'd let the interest pass altogether.

After the movie we met up with Mark at the Double Olive for some martinis, beers and Irish Car Bombs. Yes, I think I'm finally over my illness so why not pound my liver with the alcohol that it has become so used to. It's bad ... I know ... ah well.

We stayed up kinda late watching TV and then called it a night ...

Not sure what's on the agenda for today ... I don't think any of are in any sort of mood to necessarily do anything.