Sunday, February 26, 2006

Come And Knock On Heaven's Door

LOL ... well ... it was only a matter of seconds before Kevin Federline decided to start rockin' the corn rows again ...

Something tells me that he's gotten a big head since his "collabo" with Game on that song that is streaming on K-Fed's My Space profile. Homey must be feeling his rappin' roots so much so that the call of the corn row was too much to ignore. I swear ... it is his worst.look.EVER. [Source]

It is my sad to duty to Peace the Spork Out one of my favorite TV actors of all time ... Don Knotts. I will always remember him as Mr. Ralph Furley on Three's Company but he has been in countless TV shows and movies, he was 81 years old when he died:

According to MSNBC: Knotts died Friday night of pulmonary and respiratory complications at a Los Angeles hospital ... Unspecified health problems had forced him to cancel an appearance in his native Morgantown, W.Va., in August 2005. This is such sad news ... Don Knotts has always been a very funny character actor ... his emotive face was priceless. He will be missed ... he was a great, great comedian. [Source]

It turns out that Mariah Carey was chosen as this year's First Lady of TRL at MTV's TRL Awards yesterday ... here is a picture of Mimi on her way to the MTV studios to collect her award:

Wow! She looks amazing! She has really slimmed down. Um, wasn't she a little bigger, like, last week? Oh Mariah ... who cares ... I will love you thru thick and thin ... congrats on your latest award! [Source, thanks Mikey]

Click HERE to see who else picked up an award at this year's MTV TRL Awards.

I love it ... Jake Gyllenhaal is breaking in a new guy to hang around with ... the last time we saw Jakey hanging out with Austin Nichols was at a Lakers game last week ... now the 2 are chumming around town together:

They make a cute couple ... I'm just sayin'. [Source]

Nick Lachey seems to have gotten over his fascination with that brunette ... the former Miss Kentucky (or whoever she was) and has moved on to an elder-looking blonde:

After a dinner at Mr. Chow the pair moved on to the Four Seasons Hotel -- isn't that interesting? Hmmm ... she doesn't look like the spring chickens that he's usually seen canoodling with ... let's see if this one sticks around. [Source]

Jesse Metcalfe is spending his time down under in Australia to hang out with the Desperate & Dateless ... and to catch some rays on the sunny beaches of OZ:

Jesse was hanging out with his male friend (the one who always wears white) but I didn't feel like including him ... why ruin a good thing? He is rockin' the eyebrows and 5 o'clock shadow like nobody's business. [Source, Source]

Nicole Richie was featured in last weekend's issue of The Guardian UK and here are a couple of the pics:

She's good at pullin' off the Twiggy look. Hell, she's good at pullin' off the twig look. Ahhh, I still love her :) [Source]

Here is this weeks Hot Dude of the Week ... it appears I have a thing for dudes with balls ... footballs, that is ... say hello to Anton:

I think I can forgive the bad dyejob ... yes ... I think there are a few things I could forgive Mr. Anton. [Source]

And finally, Pink readers Elanor and Stephanie give me the head's on a tiny piece in Complex magazine regarding Pink is the new Blog. Here is the scan:

I never know what to say when these things come out but I am always very flattered ... I guess check out the magazine if you want to ... Paul Walker is on the cover of the February/March issue. [thanks Elanor & Samantha]

Les News:
Sarah, Mark and I spent most of yesterday hanging out on her couch (that couch is like a black hole ... it grabs hold and refuses to let you get up and do anything else ... oh yes, it can be used for evil purposes). We managed to get our shizz together enough to venture out for food. We went into Mexicantown for dinner at Xochimilco where we ate and drank to our hearts' delight (and then our hearts' fright ... grease and cheese covered cheese is NOT your friend).

I wasn't really in a partying mood ... so we grabbed some coffee and went back to Sarah's place. Not exciting ... I know ... I'm not very exciting these days.

Today I'm going out to visit with Tracey and Zakiya ... and I am very anxious to get out there. Get this, Tracey tells me that Baby Z has grown in her first tooth! I'm dying! I need to get out there and see my baby! I'll see what I can do about pictures ... I know she has many fans out there :)

That is all ... I'm out.