Friday, March 03, 2006

SLVR City Games

You know ... I'm sure it's very taxing being Kevin Federline ... it's nice to know that he's able to take some time off and enjoy some downtime whenever he sees fit ... our fave workhorse is spending some time on the island of Maui in Hawaii these days:

Ye gods he is such a tool. Britney ... wake up already! [Source]

Amanda Bynes and her co-stars (including the tres hot Channing Tatum) were on hand for the premiere of their new movie She's The Man in LA earlier this week:

Amanda is a cutie but her eye makeup is a bit frightening. The lashes are scaring me. Anyways, I caught the trailer for the movie in the movie theater and have to admit ... it looks quite good -- well, for a Shakespeare play adapted into a teen flick. The key to making this story (i.e. Twelfth Night) work is to play up all the confusing aspects of the gender-bending shenanigans. The trailer makes it appear that they've done a good job with that ... I suppose we'll see. [Source]

Hmm ... it appears that we're going to have to get used to seeing Nick Lachey out with a different chick almost every day ... he was spotted spending some time with Cheryl Burke (Drew Lachey's dancing party from Dancing with the Stars) this week ... the 2 were seen at Koi together:

It appears that Nick is really enjoying being a single man ... personally, I think all of these chicks that he's been spending time with are a major downgrade from Jessica Simpson but ... he's workin' it. [Source]

Speaking of downgrades, check out these pictures of Maroon 5's Adam Levine (who is rumored to be courtin' Jessica Simpson) sportin' a really, really, really bad haircut:

The poor chap looks like he came out on the losing end of a bad fight with a Flowbee. I sincerely hope he's not trying to make the Forrest Gump look happen. Boooo! [Source]

Well, well, well, well ... Emma Watson seems to quite like her alcoholic beverages don't she? The empty Corona bottle is no surprise but it looks like she likes to drink Budweiser as well:

Hahahhaha ... you can always tell when a kid is involved in underage drinking ... they're always photographed with bad beer. Drink it up, girlie ... you're only young once. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan used to be young once ... now, at the ripe old age of 19, she's a seasoned pro ... L. Lo appears to have moved on from the bad beer parties and has graduated to the more mature stuff:

You gotta love the bong. I'm sure it doesn't belong to Linds, I'm sure she didn't use it once and I'm sure that as soon as she realized what kind of party she was at she left the premises immediately. Egotastic has more pictures of Lindsay at other parties, with other incriminating substances HERE. [thanks Nic]


I mean ... c'mon ... [Source]

What the hell is Alanis Morrissette doing hanging out with this dude? They look quite close ... I hadn't heard that she broke up with her (super, super, super hot) fiance Ryan Reynolds but these pictures do raise new questions:

Maybe this scruffy-haired dude is a family member or just a close friend. If Alanis is no longer with Ryan and she has since moved on with this guy then she needs to be slapped senseless. [Source]

Gwen Stefani is, like, the prettiest pregnant chick ever ... check out these amazing pictures of Gwen and hubby Gavin Rossdale hanging out in LA:

She is so cute! I want her to stay pregs forever! [Source]

Victoria Beckham (the plastic alien from planet XENOX) was on hand at one of her husband's press conferences ...

It would seem that the harmful UV rays from our sun are painful to her alien eyes -- hence the uber sunglasses. I just hope she comes to our planet in peace but one can never be too sure. [Source]

Paul McCartney and his wife Heather Mills McCartney are in Canada to stage a protest against the sanctioned seal hunting that goes on each year. They did a good job finding the cutest seal to pose with in order to make their point:

Paul McCartney's high-profile protest against Canada's annual seal hunt is going ahead as planned off the coast of P.E.I. Organizers say the former Beatle will venture onto the ice floes, trying to get as close as he can to the newborn harp seals gathered there. McCartney is also expected to hold a brief news conference on the ice to explain why he and his wife have long opposed the centuries-old hunt. It is well-known that Paul and Heather are staunch animal activists ... I say kudos to them for using their star power to try and halt this beastly practice. [Source]

And finally ... the gang at OTND! came upon this awesome late-night commercial advertising text message sex chatting (or something like that) that features our very own Sarah Michelle Gellar:

First off ... I smell a huge law suit ... but I kinda like the idea of SMG making a little extra dough on the side by lending her likeness to this trashy bit of advertising. I'm sure her likeness is being misused without her approval (or the approval of whoever owns the movie Cruel Intentions) but it's hilarious nonetheless. [Source]

The News:
Sarah and I had the best time last night at the Motorola SLVR City party at Millennium Park here in Chicago. Moto really goes all out for their parties in an effort to make sure that everyone in attendance is having the best time possible. We got into town a bit later than we had hoped ... we actually got a bit lost looking for our hotel but managed to find it in time to get ready and make out way to the soiree:

I have to send out lots of love to Kelly and her crew for taking such great care of us last night. The food and drink was excellent, DJ Z Trip was amazing ... and the Motorola toys that were all over the place were very fun to play with. In addition to checking out the new SLVR, Sarah and I got to check out prototype phones that were very cool looking. We really had a blast. We got invited to a couple afterparties but Sarah and I were famished ... we came back to the hotel to grab a quick bite to eat and then passed out from the food coma. I wish that we were able to spend more time here in Chi Town ... this is such a great city with so much to offer ... I'm going to have to plan a trip back to town really soon.

Sarah and I have our 4-hour drive back to Detroit to look forward to before I have to get on a jet plane tonight. I'm really looking forward to a weekend of having nothing to do but lounge around and just be. I hope y'all have an amazing weekend ... for now, I'm out.