Monday, March 06, 2006

Crash & Spurn

Sooooo ... the Oscars ... yeah ... I'll get to that in a second ... let's get the Britney bit out of the way. I kinda like that Britney Spears is getting photographed every day so that we can track her progress on a daily basis. I mean, how else are we going to know that she got new hair extensions as soon as it happens? What I want to know is when is she going to get some new clothes:

Hello, I'm getting kinda tired of the Austin Scarlett-inspired rag that she's so fond of wearing EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ugh, but that's not even the worst of it, Star magazine is reporting that Brit Brit is going around town telling everyone that she's pregnant again: "I'm pregnant!" revealed the 24 year-old pop star to another woman in the spa at Maui's Four Seasons Hotel where Britney, Kevin and their baby son are staying ... Federline, 27, also delivered the bombshell baby news to a friend, who told Star: "Kevin said, 'Britney's pregnant again,' and when I expressed surprise he said, 'Yeah, it shocked the sh-- out of me too.'" Blah! She is so dumb ... if she is pregs again ... she is sure to kill any chance of making a comeback. Why????? Won't anyone step in and save her from herself? [Source]

Okay ... let's get to the real news of the day ... for the most part, everything went as expected last night at the 78th Annual Academy Awards ... there were no real surprises save for one MAJOR shocker at the end of the night. Crash took home the biggest prize of the evening by winning the award for Best Picture. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this ... I mean, I can't really be upset that one movie won an award over another but I was very sure that Brokeback Mountain was going to win Best Picture. Believe me, I was not the only person who was shocked into gap-jawed silence:

I'm just glad no one was around with a camera to photograph my reaction. The look on Andy Towle's face really says it all ... I think his reaction was pretty much the reaction by many, many people all over the place. I'm just glad to know that Andy didn't hurl himself from the rooftop over the shocking news -- we're supposed to do drinks later on this week! [Source]

So even tho the Crash upset victory is the big news of the night there are other things to be discussed ... like, say, some of the fashions that made their way on the red carpet:

What was Michelle Williams thinking in that dress? The color was terrrible and the whole look of the dress was a bit ridiculous. Even tho she knew she wasn't going to win, I think she should have put a little more thought into what she wore to the awards show. Jake Gyllenhaal looked hot (no surprise) and Ang Lee and his wife looked so cute together. I'm really glad he won the award for Best Director. Jennifer Aniston looked amazing ... I loved her dress and her Rachel-esque hair. [Source]

Personally, I thought the Worst Dressed award has to be shared between Charlize Theron and Paris Hilton:

So Charlize was actually serious with that ginormous bow on her shoulder? What.The.Hell?! And I can't believe that Paris Hilton would slaughter an ostentation of peacocks just to make one hideous dress. Well, okay ... I do believe that she would do that but the dress looked fugly regardless. [Source, Source]

It's amazing how much better celebrities look after they win an Academy Award ... well, except for Philip Seymour Hoffman but I'm glad that he won anyways:

WHAT UP!!! Can we PLEASE give it up for my dawgs Three 6 Mafia?! To be quite honest, I was sure that Dolly Parton was going to win the award but the boys from Memphis ended up taking home the Oscar for Best Original Song (nice shout out to Aaron Rosenberg in their acceptance speech). I suppose that was the other shocker of the evening ... but in this instance, it was a very happy surprise for me. [Source]

All in all, as I said before, things went down pretty much the way that most people expected. I was upset and a bit angry over the Brokeback snub for Best Picture but I think I've come to realize that the movie is not changed by the loss. Its impact on Hollywood isn't really lessened by the loss either. It was my favorite film of the year and that surely hasn't changed because of the loss. It won almost every other top award it was nominated for and that says a lot. Sure, I would have been thrilled if it would have one this one last major award (arguably, the biggest one of them all) but I'm still happy with the heights this movie reached already. I am also happy in the knowledge that because of the success of Brokeback Mountain Jake Gyllenhaal is going to star in a lot more movies ... and that is always a good thing.

Incidentally, I participated in the Oscar poll and ended up correctly picking 14 of the 19 categories of winners ... not too shabby (even tho I lost the poll). Click HERE to see the full list of Academy Awards winners.

One last bit of Oscar news ... check out these pictures of some hot dudes at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party:

Le sigh. Looks like it was a hot party. Head on over to Egotastic to see who else was at the Vanity Fair party (yes, there were some women there too). [Source]

Okay, let's move on ... did y'all get to watch Natalie Portman host Saturday Night Live this past Saturday? I totally missed watching it live but did flip thru the best bits thanks to TiVo. I love her so much ... she did an amazing job:

By far the funniest thing in the whole show was Natalie's gangsta rap song she sang. In case you missed it you can click HERE to watch her rap performance ... be prepared to LAUGH YOUR ASS off -- the vid clip is totally NSFW but a MUST SEE. I promise, you'll love it! [Source]

Check out these adorable pictures of a pre-Oscars Witherppe as they spend a leisurely afternoon as the cutest family on Earth in Brentwood, CA:

They're so damn cute ... so the question is, are they cuter than the Jolie-Pitts? Deacon is cute as hell ... but is he cuter than Zahara? Maybe we should put them in a cage match and have them duke it out for cuteness supremacy. Actually, I think Zahara would kick his little butt cuz she looks like a spitfire and he looks a little girly. Whoa ... tangent! Anyways, Reese, Ryan and co. are mega cute. The end. [Source]

You know who's not cute ..? Uh ... well, anyone who wears fur ...

... and anyone who is related to Mischa Barton. Yikes! [Source]

Brad Pitt likes to get all tough and hardcore when he's not being all whipped and prissy with his kids ... check out this picture of a leather-clad Brad as he butches it up in France:

Yeah, he knows he's a hot dad. [Source]

Nicky Hilton needs to be jailed ... for life ... check out this horrrrible outfit that she chose to wear to the Victoria's Secret Beauty and the Boudoir Oscar Suite this past weekend:

Actually, she needs to be dragged into the street and beat with a stick. This outfit is atrocious. The leggings! Ye gods, the leggings! Will no one make it stop?!? [Source]

Because I think we need a quick dose of cute, let's check out these pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar picking up some magazines at a newsstand in LA:

Yeah, the pics aren't that spectacular in a gossy sense but I love SMG and she's not wearing leggings! Woot!!! [Source]

Nick Lachey finally speaks about his divorce from Jessica Simpson in the latest issue of Teen People magazine:

It's kinda hard not to feel sorry for him when he looks so pitiful in his photos. It appears that he is trying to garner sympathy by telling people not to give it to him. Dude ... get over it already ... the sad puppy act is sorta, kinda lame. [Source]

And finally ... I came across this picture of a certain celeb rocking a really bad head of hair weave ... can you guess who it is?

Click above to see the full-size picture"

I doubt you'll be surprised at who it is ... unfortch, I wasn't at all surprised. [Source]

Les News:
I spent yesterday afternoon doing some shopping in SoHo and ended up finding a really cool outfit ... which was timely because I kinda got talked into going to the New York Magazine Oscar Viewing Party at the Spotted Pig. I did some damage at the Bloomingdale's SoHo store (where I ran into Pink readers Alex and Matt) and then picked up a couple of things at H&M.

The New York Magazine party was kinda fun ... pretty chill ... and there was free booze so, there you go. We only stayed for a short while (hanging out with Tricia from the Village Voice) before going out for a late sushi dinner at Cube 63 (where I ran into Pink reader Joyce). I have to admit ... the sushi was pretty darn good. I think my heart still belongs to Little Tree back in Royal Oak, MI but I'm always a fan of great sushi.

Mike and I didn't get to hang out yesterday so we are gonna try and do a late lunch today before I have dinner with Kirsten this evening. I'm gonna make sure I stay in tonight to catch the SHOCKING 2 episodes of 24 tonight ... and I guess that is all.