Tuesday, March 07, 2006

You're Toxic, I'm Slipping Under

Boooo! It looks like Spederline are doing just fine ... or at least they're acting like it. Check out these pictures of our favorite pair of trashtastic celebs as they walk hand-in-hand in Hawaii:

Every time Kevin does something stupid I get my hopes up ... and then Britney forgives him and then lets me down. It's depressing. It's almost as depressing as having to see K-Fed walk around in shorts and flip-flops. If it's one thing I never EVER need to see again, it's Kevin's feet! [Source]

But, I'm not sure what's worse ... having to deal with Kevin in his usual wife-beater ensemble or having to deal with Kevin wearing much less. Enjoy these pictures of Kevin lounging on the balcony of his hotel room in Hawaii:

Isn't that cigarette hanging from his mouth the classiest thing you've ever seen? Ugh ... put the robe back on dude ... for the sake of humanity ... PUT ON THE ROBE! [Source]


HOLY SHIZZ! Seriously, the 2-hour episode of 24 last night was THE best thing ever! This season has finally kicked into full gear and last night's episode(s) pulled no punches. They finally brought Kim Bauer back into the story after much hoopla about her return. I'm not sure what I expected from the reunion but ... I guess I expected more. And HELLO, Jack Bauer rules all ... I love how he will go to any lengths to get the information that he needs ... any lengths:

I cannot even tell you how many times I had to rewind the portion where Jack shot that woman in the leg ... I'm sorry, it was the funniest thing I think I've ever seen on 24. I totally knew he was going to do something to her in order to get the guy to talk but the look on her face was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I seriously howled with laughter! Ye gods, it was hilarious. [Source]

The second hour was far less funny ... I didn't expect The Hobbit's sister to get popped in the head but these things happen in the world of 24. And I just don't get the security measures that go on at CTU. How many times have terrorists infiltrated the inner sanctum of CTU over the years? It appears they just walk in whenever they see fit every single season. I didn't expect the SYNTOX gas to get released in the building before the episode ended but they really wanted to end the hour with a bang:

All of the press hype for last night's 2 hours of 24 alluded that a shocking death would take place ... I thought it would be either Kim, President Logan or (God forbid) Audrey ... it never occurred to me that it would be Edgar Stiles ... that is, until he started gasping and then fell to the ground dead. I really liked Edgar ... he was a great counterpart to Chloe and I will miss him on the show. A few other things ... something is definitely gonna happen between the First Lady and Secret Serviceman Aaron. I do not trust that dude with Kim ... he's her psychologist and boyfriend? No way ... I totally think he's in cahoots with the terrorists. I'm really glad that Tony didn't die of a heart attack when he learned of Michelle's death ... that means he's gonna recuperate enough to get into the action before the day's over. I cannot wait until next week's episode ... the preview made it seem like one of the CTU survivors was going to have to die ... all I know is it better not be Audrey! Gas Kim, she's no longer useful! Ahhh, I love this show!!! [Source]

You gotta love celebrities when they take full advantage of the open bar at Hollywood parties ... especially when the drunk celebrities are Jake Gyllenhaal. Check out these amazing pictures of Jakey poo messing around with Ang Lee and others:

Homeskillet looks traaashed! I love it! I bet he is really fun to party with ... hopefully, some day, I'll find out :) [Source]

Uh ... can someone explain to me how Jason Alexander (Britney's ex) and Shar Jackson (Kevin's ex) get invited to major Hollywood parties? I mean ... seriously:

Can someone also explain to me why Shar Jackson is doing a cover of Toxic at THIS My Space profile page? Check it out, it's the 4th song down. Gah ... I can't believe I'm about to say this but her cover ain't that bad. It sounds like they used some Britney vocals in the mix as well ... I bet she's gonna love that! [Source]

Dude ... Madonna is so damn buff ... I'm telling you ... she looks like she can curl 50 lb. weights with no problem whatsoever. Check out her ripped bod in these pictures from the Vanity Fair Oscar Party:

I'm glad to see her so happy with hubby Guy Ritchie ... She looks amazing! [Source]

Unfortch, the same cannot be said for her cover picture for the new issue of OUT magazine ... what the hell did they do to her face?

Just stare at the center of her face for a few seconds ... she looks totally effed up. The Photoshopper at OUT mag needs to be fired. [Source]

TMZ.com came upon this picture of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wearing matching gold rings ... are these the gold rings that we've heard so much about?

According to The Sun, there have been recent sightings of Ange wearing a gold ring whilst out and about in Paris. Gold ring, romantic city... we can see how the rumours started. The paper quoted a Hollywood source as saying: "Brad and Angelina have their own secret and the rings are part of it. In her mind they're married." Interesting ... I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't go thru with an "official" wedding and just pulled off a secret commitment ceremony of their own making. That totally sounds like something Angelina Jolie would do. [Source]

Here are pictures of LC and Jason (from Laguna Beach) doing some shopping on Robertson, BLVD. in Beverly Hills, CA:

These pictures seem a bit staged to me ... her new show The Hills is about to debut on MTV very soon. If they're staging photo ops for the paparazzi the least that Jason could do is get a haircut. I'm not even gonna comment on the short pants that LC is wearing. [Source]

Er, when did Eddie Van Halen die?

Why was his rotting corpse dragged to the Elton John Oscar party? Man, he looks terrible ... he really does look like he's been partying with Whitney Houston. Isn't he, like, 110 years old these days? Yikes! [Source]

Kylie Minogue is on the cover of Grazia magazine and she is lookin' fine:

I am really glad that she is starting to show up in publications again. Get well soon, Kylie! We miss you!! [Source]

And finally, check out these insane pictures of Kate Moss from the latest issue of W magazine (the one with Jessica Simpson on the cover):

She is practically unrecognizable all dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. I'm not the biggest Kate Moss fan but she really can transform herself in photographs. These pics are hot. [Source]

El News:

I finally got to hang out with Kirsten last night ... it's been so long since I've seen her that I was very happy to meet up with her. We spent a nice chunk of time talking and catching up. I really had a great time.

The rest of the evening was spent on the couch in front of the TV because there was no way I was gonna miss 24. I did get to meet up with Tricia from Inked magazine for drinks at The Blue Owl afterwards. Incidentally, the Inked website has been updated with more information from my interview with the magazine. I have to send out much love to all the peeps at Inked for all their awesome support.

I have to give a shout out to Pink reader Jillian who I ran into on 2nd Ave. on my way to the bar.

Tonight, I have been invited to a preview of the new show Measure For Pleasure:

Even tho The New York Times has a problem with the show's artwork I think it's pretty cool. I am very excited to see the show. It officially opens tomorrow so I'm kinda geeked that I'm getting to see a sneak preview.

That's about all I have planned ... my time here in NY is coming to an end and I'm just gonna try and enjoy it as best I can. I'm out.