Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jiminy Jilickers, Fall Out Boy!!!

Um ... I have to say ... the Sidekick II has to be the most incredible invention EVER! It is a magical mobile device that renders its users incapable of making intelligent decisions when it comes to using its camera function. This effect is especially potent on celebrities who appear to spend all of their free time taking nude self-portraits of themselves. Right around this time of the year, last year, pictures of Paris Hilton escaped from her Sidekick II and made their way to the InterWeb. Today we have new nekkid pictures of a celebrity ... are any of y'all Fall Out Boy fans? Maybe you might've heard of their bassist Pete Wentz? Looks like homeboy has himself a Sidekick II:

While these pictures are a bit risqué you really ain't seen nothin' yet ... click HERE to check out some very NSFW pictures of Peter and, well, his peter. The pictures appear to come from his Sidekick II (the grainyness and resolution look like Sidekick II pictures) and hit the InterWeb sometime yesterday. So far, I haven't determined how these pictures got out (and made their way to the various blogs and messageboards -- the pics apparently first appeared on ONTD! -- of course) but I wonder if it has anything to do with the recent drama between Pete Wentz and his ex-friend Chris. Altho, Chris has already gone on the record to say he had nothing to do with these pictures. [Source, thanks XQ]

Big up to Mr. Wentz for posing with his Morrissey poster ... That's hot! It appears that Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others. So yeah ... enjoy ...

Okay, let's get to the rest of the goss ... check out these hilarious pictures of Britney Spears hanging out at the beach ... she's doing one of her trademark dorkus faces:

She looks worn out ... I bet it's not easy being Britney Spears these days ... [Source]

... especially when you take into consideration what she has to come home to. Ugh ... yesterday I posted pictures of Kevin Federline hanging out on his balcony, smoking a cigarette while wearing a bathrobe. What I didn't realize was that K-Fed was nekkid underneath that bathrobe:

Gag me with a mothereffing pitchfork! Sooooooo gross! Quick ... go back and check out those Pete Wentz pictures to try and get this horrid image out of your mind. [Source]

Kristin Davis was on hand for the premiere of her new movie, The Shaggy Dog, in Hollywood last night ...

... and I can't decide who looks cuter ... Kristin or the dog. Don't get me wrong, I think she looks fabulous but starring in a dog movie is a great way to get overshadowed. [Source]

Oh Bobby ... another day, another mug shot ... here is Bobby Brown's mug shot from his recent arrest in Webster, Massachusetts, for outstanding traffic warrants:

The 37-year-old husband of Whitney Houston was pulled over last Friday night and officers discovered there were outstanding warrants dating back 14 years. Brown, who was described as "very cooperative," was allowed to drive -- with his bodyguard -- to the police station. He was detained for an hour and released on $40 bond. LOL! I'm glad to know that Bobby had the $40 on him so that he could go home at the end of the night. [Source]

Brangelina have moved on from Paris, France to Germany and they brought the Family Circus with them. Check out these cute pictures of Brad and Maddox going out for a bite to eat together:

Finally, Brad took off the skull cap that always seems to be glued to his head. It looks like he's passed that mantle on to little Maddox. Gah ... they're so cute together. [Source]

Hmmm ... what the hell is going on with Nicole Richie and DJ AM ... all this PDA biz is really confusing:

I'd really like to believe that they've reconciled but these pictures aren't believable. Personally, I think they're just playing around as friends ... which is nice because I think they make a great couple. [Source]

I am pleased to announce that LeAnn Rimes has been named as the new face of The JC Penney Wedding Registry ... or whatever ...

It's sad that country music is no longer paying the bills for our dear LeAnn. [Source]

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams are so cute ... and it looks like they're not letting their Oscar disappointment keep them down ... check out the love at a Lakers/Spurs basketball game this past Monday night:

Cute! [Source]

Victoria Beckham never ceases to amaze me ... the woman can do it all ... even trek across the arctic with her children in tow via dog sled ... you know, just because:

You know that rich people get bored when they have to resort to dog sledding to entertain themselves. [Source]

Michelle Trachtenberg is heading back to TV to guest star on an upcoming episode of House, M.D. on FOX ... check it out, she plays a sick chick:

Hello ... what other role can guest stars play on that show? Hopefully her rare and extremely dangerous disease will be kinda cool. It'd be funny they made her disease have something to do with Vampirism. Michelle's episode of House, M.D. airs on April 4th. [Source]

Nick Lachey ain't sayin' no to any gig these days ... here he is on the cover of Cargo magazine:

I fully expect him to show up on the cover of Reader's Digest next week. [Source]

And finally, I have to send out lots of Pink love to my boy Mike at Today Thighs is 2 years old and going strong:

Mike and I finally got together for lunch yesterday. Make sure you head on over and read the second anniversary post ... but make sure you've got a lot of time to spend ... it's a looooooong, super-hilarious, semi-NSFW post. [Source]

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend a preview showing of the new show Measure For Pleasure at The Public Theater here in New York City. The show was insanely funny, extremely well-written and staged:

I was really struck by how good the writing was. The dialog was very funny, very smart. The language was true and consistent and none of the dialog seemed out of place. The story was very bawdy and clever. I really loved the fun characters -- I didn't realize that Wayne Knight (Newman on Seinfeld) was starring in this show. He was good but there are way better actors in this show. My favorite actors were Michael Stuhlberg (who played Will Blunt), Euan Morton (who played Molly Tawdry) and Emily Swallow (who played Hermione Goode). I especially loved the plot devices that were definitely inspired by William Shakespeare. I don't know that I'm very good at writing theatrical reviews (but you can check out The New York Times review HERE), I only know how to portray my opinions ... I really loved this show. It was very entertaining and very well done. I would totally recommend this to anyone interested in seeing a sexy and very funny show.

It looks like I'm spending one more night in NYC in order to attend a couple of media events tonight. This city just won't let me go ... and that's kind alright with me.

I'm out.