Friday, March 10, 2006

No Pumps & A Bump (Ass, That Is)

Boo! You just can win these days as a Britney Spears fan (the ones of us that are left). Britney looks kinda a'ight in these pictures of her wearing hot pants (yeah, hot pants) until I noticed that the biatch isn't wearing any shoes!!!

Buy some freaking shoes already!!! Damn! ANYWAYS ... if you overlook her bare feet you can see that she doesn't look pregs at all in these pictures. I dunno y'all ... I'm still hoping that those pregnancy rumors are wrong. I'm also hoping that someone will staple a pair of flip-flops or something to the girl's feet. Yuck! [Source, thanks Erica]

While Brit Brit is walking around Hawaii showing off her apple bottom booty, Kevin Federline was out playing around with a video camera:

He was also seen holding a very gross-looking ... something. It could be an ice cream sort of thing ... but it looks like a turd. You know, I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that he has a fecal fetish ... and that's an image that has ruined my whole day. [Source]

She's The Man has its official premiere in LA this week (as opposed to the preview screening that was held earlier this week) and all the main cast members were there ... you know Amanda Bynes and the other people I don't know ... but I am most interested in Mr. Channing Tatum:

He is a good looking chap but he looks kinda funny close up. I never realized that his head was so thick. I also never realized that he was such a huge Vanilla Ice fan. [Source]

Check out these hot pictures of Mariah Carey on the set of her new music video Say Somethin':

Mimi looks great in pink. She is in Paris, France for the video shoot (directed by Paul Hunter). She is so hoochie ... but I still really love her! [Source]

Pete Doherty appears to have a hard time getting over his addictions ... no matter what they are ... here are a couple of pictures of Petey after appearing in court over charges of drug possession:

Pete Doherty was the author of the steamy window message, which read in full: "I heart Kate 4 eva." Isn't it poetic? Rather than worrying about his trouble with the law, Pete seems only to have had Kate on his mind. I'm not really sure that this tactic is gonna work on Kate Moss ... he forgot to scribble TLA (True Love Always). Better luck next time, Pete. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan was on hand for the NYC afterparty of Salma Hayek's new movie Ask The Dust -- and it looks like they gots pret-ty cozy:

L. Lo is such a damn tease. [Source]

But when L. Lo isn't breaking the hearts of Hollywood actresses she spends her time going about the regular duties of her day to day life ...

... you know, going to the dentist, going shopping and going to the masseuse -- the usual stuff. Rough life, indeed. [Source, Source]

Hahahahaha ... it looks like ex-N*SYNC member (they're broken up, right?) Joey Fat One is really hard up for work these days:

I wonder if Justin Timberlake will be a righteous dude and help a brotha out. At least Joey has realized that hanging out with Lance Bass is a dead end street. [Source]

Check out this cute picture of Melissa Joan Hart, her hubby (whatshisname) and their newborn baby boy Mason:

Well ... I'm not sure that cute is exactly the right word ... MJH looks uninterested and hubby looks bored. Mason is hella cute tho! [Source]

Speaking of cute ... well ... speaking of babies ... check out this interesting picture of Soleil Moon Frye and her newish baby Poet:

Hahahahaha! The poor kid looks freaked out! I love it! [Source]

You know ... I used to think that Ryan Cabrera and his bushy hair were kinda interesting ... it was his own look, he was (semi) unique but I think all of that is over ... his shag is getting waaaaaay out of control:

Boo! I'm over it! Get a haircut dawg! [Source]

Whoa ... what's up with all the exclaiming this morning?! Why does every sentence I write have to end with an exclamation point?! I dunno ... it just keeps happening! Let's move on ...

It must be said -- Karl Lagerfeld is not an attractive man (IMHO) but that doesn't seem to be an issue when you're as rich as Mr. Lagerfeld is. You can hire the best help that money can buy:

And with his money, I bet he buys a lot of great help. Looks to me like money well spent. [Source]

The Brokeback Mountain fans at the Ultimate Brokeback Forum have spearheaded a campaign to collect donations from around the world to place ads in trade and national publications in support of the movie. In the first 48 hours, the group raised nearly $16,000 from over 400 contributors, and a team of volunteers designed a full page color ad to run in the March 10 Daily Variety ... here is the ad:

I love it! Had I known I would've chipped in a couple bucks to help out. I love it when regular people take it upon themselves to do something like this. Brokeback Mountain obviously touched many people and it's great to see that fans can deal with their Academy Award disappointment in a positive manner. Cheer up guys, Brokeback is sure to clean up at this year's MTV Movie Awards. [Source]

And finally ... I spent the plane ride home from NYC listening to Alec Empire on my iPod and was reminded by how much I love his crazy digital hardcore shit:

Alec has an official My Space profile HERE. I'm not sure if any of y'all are into digital hardcore but I'm totally feelin' it these days. [Source]

The News:
So I made it back to Detroit safe and sound yesterday afternoon. It figures that the day I leave NYC the weather soars into the balmy 60s ... ah well. The flight home was pretty uneventful and I arrived home to the pelting rain (which is infinitely better than driving snow). I spent a couple hours hanging out with Sarah before coming home.

I'm really excited that Tracey and Zakiya are coming over tonight ... we're doing a sleep over and I can't wait for that baby to get here!

Ugh ... I've got lots of laundry to do and a bit of running around to take care of as well. I better get to it. I'm out.