Friday, March 24, 2006

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Hmm ... I wonder what is going on with our dear Jake Gyllenhaal ... he's been lookin' mighty sad the past few days he's been out and about. Check out these pictures of Jakey poo looking all sad and stuff ... I wonder what it will take to get a smile on his face?

Yeaaaaah ... all he needs is some good lovin'. This man on man affection is interesting in light of the rumblings that Jake and Kirsten Dunst are trying to get back together: Hilary Swank and Chad Lowe are reportedly giving their relationship another go for the sake of their animals -- and it looks like Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst will follow suit ... The couple jointly own two dogs, Boo Radley and Atticus, and a friend of Jake's believes the pooches will bring them back together ... "They still see a lot of each other because of the dogs," the friend has explained. I had no idea that they owned those dogs jointly ... maybe they will salvage their relationship for the sake of the children. [Source]

Yeah, while Jake is out huggin' dudes on the street, Kirsten Dunst is out kissin' chicks on the street:

That's hot! I guess this is how relationships work in LA ... Woot! I can't wait to get there!! [Source]

Parker Posey and Chris Kattan were on hand in NYC last night for the premiere of their new movie Adam & Steve:

I love Parker so much! This movie doesn't sound that amazing but she is so damn funny I'll prolly check it out just because she's in it. I'm really excited to see her in Superman Returns this June. [Source, Source]

UGH ... Sharon Stone really needs to chill out with the over-the-topness she's been attempting lately ... check out these ridiculous pictures from the German premiere of Basic Instinct 2:

You mean to tell me that she actually thought she looked good in this getup? That hair?? That lipstick??? Seriously ... she looks about 65 years old in these pictures. Boo! [Source]

Rumors have been swirling lately that Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos were dunzo ... that she couldn't handle his Greekness and went back to her last boyfriend Paris Latsis (who is also Greek ... yeah ... I know). But check out this picture of Parisopolis looking all cozy while out shopping in LA:

You know, Paris Hilton really deserves to be happy. She is such a wonderful person ... I'm so glad that she seems happy in love. [Source]

UGH ... Paris Hilton is such a horrible person ... why else would she deign to go out in public wearing a ridiculous hat like this?

She needs to stop borrowing shizz form her mother's closet. [Source]

Check out this cute picture of Nicole Richie running around in a tutu while filming scenes for The Simple Life 4:

Hahahaha ...that kid in the background is cute. I have to admit, tho, that I really hate Nicole's skinny pants. [Source]

When Nicole isn't busying working on filming her new TV show she's out partying at various LA Fashion Week events like the Charlotte Ronson Fashion Show on Wednesday night:

Boo! She's still wearing those awful skinny pants ... altho they are 100X better than those abominable capri pants! [Source]

It's good to know that Kristin Cavallari has other skills besides ... er, being from Laguna Beach ... judging by these pictures it looks like Kristin is skilled at pumping gas:

It is very wise to have a backup plan ... you know, just in case. [Source]

Speaking of Team Kristin, it looks like our girl just barely escaped a very embarrassing incident at Club Mood this week ... is reporting that the LAPD Vice Squad busted the club to crack down on underage drinking:

At least 10 LAPD vice officers raided club Mood in Hollywood early Thursday morning ... One woman was arrested, cuffed and taken into custody. An LAPD detective told TMZ that she was underage and inside the club with two fake IDs. Under California law, no one under 21 is allowed inside Mood ... TMZ also shot video of 19-year-old 'Laguna Beach' star Kristin Cavallari going into Mood, approximately two hours before the bust. Cavallari's publicist told TMZ that his client was inside the club for five minutes, then left ... It is unclear in the video if Cavallari was carded before entering. LOLOLOLOLOL! Too bad Jesse McCartney wasn't there that night ... I bet he would've cried like a little girl if he got arrested. Hee hee. [Source]

Check out these screencaptures from a promo commercial for the 2006 MTV Austraila VMAs starring Ashlee Simpson:

Ash is hosting the AVMAs on April 12th down in the land of Oz. Lucky, lucky ducks. [thanks Kacey] has sniffed out the official tour rider for Vice President Dick Cheney ... now we know what sorts of things the VP needs in his hotel suites to make him happy:

As far as tour riders, this one isn't too bad (I think J. Lo has the most ridiculous rider I've ever seen altho, Mariah Carey's rider is pretty insane too). I love that all the TVs have to be tuned to Fox News ... so typical. Do you suppose Dick "accidentally" shoots people who forget to give him his 4 cans of Diet Caffeine Free Sprite? [Source]

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures from the set of the Sofia Coppola film Marie Antoinette from the April issue of Paris Vogue magazine:

Now, I love Sofia ... and I love Kirsten ... but I'm worried about this movie. The trailer leaves a lot to be desired ... I just don't think the overt 80's slap in the face (graphic and music-wise) doesn't mesh well with the images from the period piece film. I guess we'll have to wait and see ... [Source]

I have to send out lots of Pink love to Item magazine for giving PITNB a shout in their latest issue:

Thanks so much for the love, y'all! It is much appreciated :) [Source]

And finally, I just *had* to post this cute picture of Pink readers and elementary school teachers Jen and Jess rockin' their PITNB t-shirts:

I bet these lovely ladies get their Pink fix while the kiddies are enjoying their milk and cookies ... and since I'm a former teacher, I just had to show them love. Thanks for sending in the pic!

NOTE: A few people have been asking about these t-shirts ... a limited number of these shirts were made and sold in December and, unforth, they are all gone. There are plans to do new shirts later on this year.

Last night I got to spend some great quality time with my good friend Mark (who is Sarah's boyfriend). As soon as I mentioned his name yesterday I got tons of emails and comments wondering if Mark was my new boyfriend or something ... he got a kick out of that (and so did Sarah). Actually, Mark and I like to get together every so often so we can stuff our faces and shoot the shizz. We had a great time.

So ... the weekend is upon us ... and I've got lots of work to do ... I suspect the packing will never end ... I think I'm doomed to spend all of eternity packing boxes ... all eternity. Ugh!

I hope y'all have an amazing weekend ... do it up for me!

I'm out! Lates.