Sunday, March 26, 2006

Model Behavior

So ... after Kevin Federline graced the Atlanta airwaves with his wit, intellect and musical artistry this week, he and wifey Britney Spears decided to make a night of it ... here are a few pictures of our dear Spederline at Vision Nightclub where Kevin played host to a party celebrating his upcoming album:

Blah! They look terrrrrrrible. That dress is not flattering and I'm starting to really hate Brit's Xtina-inspired curly hair don't. At least K-Fed wore a jacket over his untucked shirt, over his wife-beater. What're we gonna do with these 2? [Source]

Annnnnnnny day now ... we should be experiencing the birth of the spawn of TomKat ... yup ... any day now ... here is a picture of Katie Holmes walkin' the streets of Beverly Hills ... alone ... after her baby shower ...

Okay ... first off -- WHAT?! Why is she walkin' around outside at night, alone, after her baby shower?! Dude, I think she was totally trying to make a break for it before the paparazzi found her ... I'm convinced of it. Secondly, OMG what the eff is going on with her stomach?! The thing inside her has grown immensely since she was photographed 2 days ago ... there is something strange afoot here ... [Source]

... in a short while this is what Katie Holmes will look like:

Heaven help us all. [Source]

Earlier this week, Santino Rice posted a message on his official website announcing that he was having a yard sale this weekend ... Pink readers Arielle (with her friend) and Ben were in the neighborhood and send in these fun pictures:

Both Arielle and Ben said that by the time they got there the only stuff left for sale was fabric. Ben says that Santino was nice and friendly and that he got to see some of the stuff that Santino was working on. How cool is that? Since Daniel V. is from Michigan I wonder if he'll follow suit and have a yard sale ... I'd like to see what he's offering up for sale. [thanks Arielle and Ben]

Okay ... I'm trying to get on board the 8th & Ocean bandwagon but I'm not totally sold yet ... yes the show has lots of drama but I don't really care about the characters one bit. I do like the bitchy twin sister tho ... she kinda needs a punch in the face and I hope her acne-prone sis is the one who bitchslaps her ... but I'm digressing ... here are some pictures of the 8th & Ocean boys from the Miami Heatherette Fashion Show on Friday night:

Yeah yeah ... whatevs ... at least they are working real fashion shows for real designers ... it's not like they're doing cheesey catalog work or anything like that ... [Source]

... oh wait, here are some pictures of Vinci on the front page of

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! International Male is the cheesiest catalog of men's clothing on Earth -- Hello! They sell shizz like THIS, THIS and THIS! Hahahahahahahahha! Funny shit. [Source]

Check out these pictures of Kylie Minogue walking a dog in Paris, France that looks like it weighs about 45 lbs. more than she does:

She looks cute, the dog looks mangy. Get well soon Kylie! [Source]

It's been quite a while since we've seen LaToya Jackson out in public ... here are a couple of pictures of LaToya being interviewed by Access Hollywood at the BeBe Fashion show in LA earlier this week:

Looks like they had an open bar and Toy took full advantage. Gotta <3 those Jacksons. [Source]

Check out these pictures of Ashlee Simpson playing a show in Guatemala City earlier this week ...

Ash is taking the world by storm ... she's back in the US for like a second before doing a show in Puerto Rico after which she returns to the Midwest and then she's off to host the MTV Australian Video Music Awards in a couple of weeks. Uh, isn't that more work than Jessica Simpson has ever done in her whole life? [Source]

And finally, it's time to gaze upon the Hot Dude of the Week ... let's give a warm welcome to Jesse:

I'm always amazed that these somewhat intelligent guys seem to have difficulty wearing their clothing properly. Do you suppose he needs help getting dressed in the morning? Any takers? Enjoy ;) [Source]

The News:
Boo! I spent all afternoon and much of the evening yesterday packing and cleaning and packing ... and packing so by the time I got around to getting showered I was beat. I met up with Sarah for a late dinner and by the time we were finished we decided that we were too tired to make the trek out to Pontiac to see Ashley Parker Angel at Sevin ... but Pink reader David (reppin' The D) went to Sevin to hang with Ashley and his chick Tiffany ... you can see pictures HERE at David's My Space profile.

Instead of going to Sevin, Sarah and I grabbed a quick drink at Crave where we hung out with a scary-lookin' clown and the Middle-Eastern Deuce Bigalow. Fun times ... fun times.

Yeah ... you guessed it ... more to do ... fortunately the sun is out today ... the weather is a bit warmer ... and things are looking up ...

I'm out.