Monday, March 27, 2006

It's The Final Countdown

Because I know that a great many of you simply cannot get enough Spederline on a day-to-day basis ... oh wait ... that's me ... well anyways, here are some pictures of our dear Spederline from inside K-Fed's party at Atlanta nightclub Visions this past weekend:

Images Removed

If you head over to the Saving Face forum you'll see more pictures of Spederline hangin' out with the likes of Usher and Jazzy Fizzle. You'll also find other pictures of Britney drinking water and covering up her stomach -- which is a clear sign that she is pregnant ... especially since she was drinking cosmos the day before. Yeah, I'm not buying that she's pregs ... not yet. [Source]

Yay! The end is very nigh ... according to THIS thread at the Free Katie forum the following sign has been posted to the front gates at the Tom Cruise mansion -- as far as I can discern it reads: "... but be silent and make all physical movements slow and understandable ..."

Since we know that Scientology insists that women give birth in complete and utter silence this sign seems to tip us off that the birth of TomKat's alien child is near. Um, yikes! We're all gonna DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Source, thanks PG]

Paris Hilton played host at an Entertainment Weekly party in Miami over the weekend ... it looks like she hooked up again with my Memphis boys Three 6 Mafia:

Hmm ... doesn't her hair look a lot like Nicole Richie's hair? [Source]

Speaking of Nicole ... back in LA, she got herself some extensions:

Doesn't her hair look a lot like Paris Hilton's hair? WTF is goin' on ..!? Don't tell me they're friends again. [Source]

Getting back to the Hiltons ... we know that Paris knows how to hold her own at a party ... and we know that Nicky is a great tag-along (so we don't speak of her much) ... but what of the next generation of Hiltons ... are they ready to ascend to the party throne as well? Here are a few pictures of Conrad and Barron Hilton from their My Space profiles:

Do you love it? Judging by those pics of Conrad at the wax museum we know that he is gonna be the fun one and it appears that 17-year old Barron is gonna be the other one. Is the world ready for so many Hiltons? [Source, Source]

One last bit of My Spaceness sniffed out by the kids at ONTD! ... here are some pictures of Janice Dickinson's son, Nathan Dickinson, from his My Space profile ... check out the so-called Big Nate Dizzle:

Awwww yeah dawwwwwggggg ... yeaaaaahhhhhhh! He's totally the man, y'all. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! [Source]

Ooohhh ... check it ... here is a picture of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo on the set of his new music video for the song What's Left Of Me. Don't they look so in love?!?

... okay, they really don't look like they're so much in love ... but all those hearts are cute, no? [Source]

Um, when did Kristin Cavallari become Paris Hilton?

I love her and all but is it really necessary to photograph her for merely putting on some lipgloss? Hmmm ... is it really necessary to comment on the fact that she was photographed for merely putting on lipgloss? Wait ... [Source]

Oh Farrah Fawcett ... it's nice that you cling to your glory days and honor fans by signing your old 70's pin-up pics:

Truth be told, she doesn't look half-bad ... maybe it's the sunglasses? [Source]

I am convinced that David Hasselhoff is a life ruiner ... just look at what he's done to his wife ... not to mention what he has done to his former co-star and on-screen son Jeremy Jackson seen here at a Miami party over the weekend:

The poor boy looks like he is having a serious identity crisis. I like his outfit tho ... it's truly outrageous. [Source]

Can someone tell me again why Jennifer Lopez is married to Marc Anthony ...

... has he, like, ever looked good in any photograph ... ever?! I'm just wondering ... [Source]

Warner Bros. has lined up a whole slew of emo bands for the upcoming soundtrack to Superman Returns ... and boy, if there was an emo-friendly superhero it would be Superman:

He does have the dark hair, the optional fake eyeglasses, the tight clothing, he's always cryin' over some girl (Lois) when you suspect he should be cryin' over a dude (Batman) and when he's all by himself (Fortress of Solitude, much?) he's always so sad and weepy. Yup, he is the perfect emo superhero. [Source]

Oh Ashlee ... sometimes I loves ya ... and sometimes I don't loves ya ... check out these pictures of Ashlee Simpson on the covers of B magazine and Austar magazine:

It's so love/hate with her. [Source]

And finally, I have to send out lots of warm birthday wishes to our favorite hoochie diva popstar Miss Emancipation herself -- Mariah Carey:

Mimi turns a beautiful 36-years young today while her boobs turn 14-years old. Have a great day Mariah ... go easy on the cake hon, we're all watchin'.

Yay! I got a lot of work done all day yesterday ... 90% of my stuff is packed and ready to go ... now all I have to do is find a place to move it to. I'm taking the whole coming week off from the moving drama to have a little fun. I'll be hosting a guest at the end of this week and there are a lot of festivities lined up for the whole week (starting tonight -- Sarah and I are going to see Sarah Harmer at The Ark in Ann Arbor). At the end of next week I'll be jetting off to LA to get some bizznazz done there ... and I'll also be checking out living situations. Ugh ... that should be tedious.

The weather is warming up around here ... which is great for cheering up.

That is all ... I'm out.