Wednesday, March 29, 2006


You have no idea how excited I am for tomorrow ... I can hardly contain myself ... I have been anxiously awaiting Thursday March 30, 2006 to arrive and here we are ... on the eve of this momentous day. Now I know that I am not the only one around here who is counting down the minutes until Britney Spears makes her debut on tomorrow night's episode of Will & Grace. I have high hopes that the ep will be amazingly funny ... and it may inspire other TV shows to go after Britney in the hopes that she will guest on their shows as well. AOL imagines what it would be like if Brit Brit made a guest appearance on 24:

Scenario: American hero Jack Bauer has finally met his match in Russian spy Britlana Spearsikov. By day, she's an assassin tasked with eliminating Bauer, but by night she's his undercover lover. They make 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' look like amateurs. You have NO idea ... Britney guesting on 24?! I would die ... LOVE IT! [Source]

AOL also imagines what Britters would look like if she got herself some grillz:

We all know K-Fed's gonna get one soon, and we think a ride-or-die chick should always stand by her man. Paul Wall says: "She needs to come see me for a real grill and quit playin' games. I would make her a grill that says "MOM" in princess cuts. She would definitely make the tabloids with that one." Damn ... this would be funny if it weren't close to becoming a reality ... with the way that K-Fed spends her money and influences her ... I wouldn't be surprised if the crazy beyotch did get herself some grillz. UGH! [Source]

Björk was on hand at the MoMA in NYC for the premiere of her new movie Drawing Restraint 9 ... and as far as Björk goes ... she was looking pretty normal:

Sure she's got a piece of tinfoil sticking out of her hair but ... at least her outfit isn't making any noise nor is it alive. I say Kudos! to Björk! I've seen the Drawing Restraint 9 trailer and I own the (extremely strange) soundtrack so I'm very interested in seeing this film when it opens in Detroit. [Source]

Destiny's Child were honored yesterday with their very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in LA ... here are a few pictures from the event:

Beyonce Knowles, the lead singer of the Grammy Award-winning trio, joined former bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams at the installation of the walk's 2,035th star ... "We started when we were 9 years old, and here we are getting a Hollywood star," said Knowles ... "Dreams come true. So thank you all so much for supporting us." Uh huh ... I love all this camaraderie ... but how come Latavia and LaToya weren't on hand for the event ... they were original members of Destiny's Child ... who forgot to invite them? [Source]

Here are a few more pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal doing his spring training workout at the campus of UCLA ... altho he isn't quite shirtless ... he's getting closer:

Hopefully tomorrow we'll get pictures of a totally shirtless Jakey poo workin' his shizz out! Hot! [Source]

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie continue to film scenes for the upcoming season of The Simple Life ... check out these cute pictures of Paris hangin' out with a kid:

I've been rewatching the first 2 seasons of The Simple Life on E! and am getting excited to see what Paris and Nicole do this new season as they work with children. I have to admit, it's a little sad to see the girls having so much fun together in the first 2 seasons knowing that they don't even speak anymore. I love them together ... we'll see how this final season pans out. [Source]

Here are a couple of pictures of Nicole Richie rockin' her new extensions and her new French-inspired look:

As much as I really like Nicole's new short haircut I think I like the extensions as well ... they remind me of her old look, the old Nicole. Now all we gotta do is get a wee bit more weight on her and she'll be all set. [Source]

Check it out ... here is a new look at Bennifer Jenniffleck's new baby girl Violet Ann Affleck:

Awwwww ... that baby is cute! Hopefully it will look more like Jen Garner and not so much like Ben Affleck. [Source, Source]

Speaking of cute babies ... here are a couple pictures of THE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE Apple Paltrow Martin just hangin' out in NYC:

OMG ... seriously ... she is the cutest celeb baby ever (sorry Maddox). She looks like a mini Chris Martin ... with more hair and better teeth. Love it! [Source]

YIKES! The caption on these pictures reads: Singer Sinéad O'Connor shared a romantic moments with her boyfriend on Broadway and Prince streets in Soho. The coupled kissed, and strolled around. and I really hope it's a mistake ... cuz if Sinéad O'Connor is getting freaking with this dude ...

... then ... ugh ... I don't even know what to say (all I keep thinking is "Ew, old balls!"). It's good to see that Sinéad has gone back to the shaved head look ... I never really got used to her with hair. [Source]

So apparently Jessica Simpson is lookin' to adopt a baby and raise it on her own ... and Nick Lachey is happy being a new uncle (Nick is photographed here going to the hospital to meet his new baby niece), especially since he's now gettin' the good lovin' from Vanessa Minnillo:

From People: Jessica Simpson is considering adopting a child, her publicist, Rob Shuter, has confirmed. "Nothing has been finalized yet," Shuter, who was asked when and how Simpson would adopt, told the Associated Press on Tuesday. He added, "It is true that she's exploring options." Meanwhile, People is also reporting that Nick and MTV VJ Vanessa are romantically involved (see, those hearts were spot on!): Seems like just yesterday that Nick Lachey was linked with Laguna Beach's Kristin Cavallari. So why was he getting hot and heavy with sexy young TV host Vanessa Minnillo in New York City on Monday? The two were in a flimsily curtained-off area at the W Union Square's Underbar. "Nick's a single guy," is all a Lachey pal will say ... A source says Lachey, 32, and Minnillo, 25, were doing an R-rated bump-and-grind. "I saw tongues on skin," says the source. INTERESTING ... these 2 really are living different lives these days ... I somehow can't see Jessica as a mom ... but I suppose if Britney can do it ... [Source, Source]

Brad Pitt is sportin' a new look these days ... check out this new picture of Brad chillin' in Paris, France with some new facial hair:

I'm not a fan of hairy Pitt but he looks kinda okay in this picture. [Source]

Adrien Brody is on the cover of the latest issue of Flaunt magazine, here are the pics:

I <3 Adrien but he always looks sad in his pics ... even the monkey looks sad in these pics. [Source]

A couple of Pink readers altered me to the fact that some of the 8th & Ocean girls appear on a couple different websites ... Britt is all over The Buckle website and Briana is all over the Urban Outfitters website:

Both of these sites are SO MUCH COOLER than that International Male website (ya hear me Vinci?) Eh ... I'm kinda already over these models. [Source, Source, thanks Danni and Mel]

And finally, Pink reader Karen sent me the link to Ryan Reynolds' My Space profile ... the pictures look kinda personal so maybe the profile is real:

The blogs are interesting ... but it's not totally convincing ... what do we think, is it real? [Source, thanks Karen]

The News:
Yesterday evening I got to hang out with my friend Erik (who is not my ex Erik) who I used to work with when I was a teacher. He and I have kept in touch but we don't get to hang out much ... the school is on Spring Break so he had some time to hang out. It was really cool catching up with him ... he filled me in on all the gossip at the school and I filled him in on all the drama in my life.

I had preview screening tickets for a showing of Thank You For Smoking last night but I didn't get there in time so I couldn't see the movie. Instead, I went over to Sarah's to hang out for a bit.

I'm not sure what I've got going on tonight but I suspect it will be a quiet night in taking care of some bizznazz ...

That is all ... I am out.