Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hit Me Baby ... One Two Three More Times

Ruh-ro ... Naomi Campbell is at it again ... someone needs to get that crazy beyotch in anger management classes before she kills someone ... TMZ is reporting that Naomi was arrested at 8AM this morning for assaulting another one of her assistants:

Naomi Campbell has been arrested for allegedly assaulting her assistant. NYPD sources tell TMZ that the model was arrested at her home and taken to the Midtown North Precinct -- As of 12:20 PM EST, Thursday, Campbell was still there ... We're told the incident occurred at 8:00 AM EST. The alleged victim, a 41-year-old woman, was struck in the head with an object, allegedly thrown by Campbell. The woman had a laceration on the back of her head. She went to Lenox Hill Hospital for stitches. Um, LOL! Naomi is freaking crazy ... this is the third time she has assaulted one of her assistants. [Source]

... oh, and does anyone know where I can get that shirt she's wearing?

Maps ... They Don't Love You Like I Love You

Wooooot! Today's the day, y'all ... the first day of The Comeback of Britney Spears! Well ... okay, that's prolly taking things a bit too far, but today is the day that we get to see if she can capitalize on her guest starring appearance on Will & Grace which airs tonight on NBC at 8pm. USA Today considers what it may take for Britney to make a successful comeback in THIS article. The article is a good read, I highly recommend it:

She looks great in these preview screen caps ... but if this ain't enough for you ... [Source]

... you can check out a short video clip from tonight's episode by clicking on the arrow below:

A few Canadian peeps have alerted me to the fact that Britney's W&G episode actually aired in Canada last night. From what I understand, she did a great job on the show. I can't wait, y'all! Today is gonna be the best day ever! [Source, thanks Joe]

One last bit of Spederline news, and Kevin Federline's official My Space profile have been updated with new pictures from their recent events. K-Fed's profile has been updated with a new picture of the pair from his party in Atlanta and Britney's site (the fan club section) has been updated with photos from Kevin's birthday celebration in Las Vegas last week:

Who knew that little people were fans of The Federline? See, being a member of Britney's fan club has its benefits! [Source, Source]


OMG! OMG! OMG! How awesome was last night's episode of Lost?! It's about damn time they aired a show that chock full of OMG! moments ... it's been a while ... but since we're nearing the end of the season you can tell they're kicking things into high gear:

Damn ... I don't even know where to begin ... I suspected that Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie would find the hot air balloon and grave ... but I did NOT anticipate that Sayid would be skeptical (and crazy) enough to dig up the grave to see who was really buried in there. I'm telling you ... when he whipped out the driver's license of the real Henry Gale I about shizzed my pants. Basically, I spent most of the episode yelling out OMG! at the TV. Yeah, I was really yellin' when the blast doors came down in that hatch ... especially when the doors almost crushed Locke's legs (Sarah and I actually screamed in unison on that one). We know from Locke's flashbacks that he has SERIOUS trust issues, it was wise of the fake Henry Gale to gain Locke's trust ... he could be the only thing to keep "Henry" from getting killed. So, let's talk about the map ... obvs it's a map of the island that illustrates where the other hatches are ... it appears to have been drawn by Desmond (since it says I AM HERE in the lower left hand corner). Locke is the only person among the survivors to have seen this map ... does this give him the upperhand over Jack? It is my opinion that the food rations that Jack and Kate found in the jungle were triggered by whatever happened in the hatch. Things on the island are so mechanical and the food and supplies that sustained Desmond had to come from somewhere ... they had to be replenished somehow. Maybe the hatch locks down every so often, the food is delivered and the person inside the hatch is unaware of who delivered the food. It had to have happened before because how else would Desmond know to draw the map on the wall so that it would show up when the black lights came on. AHHHHH!!! There is so much to consider ... [Screencaptures via]

THIS site has a very clear, large size detailed image of Desmond's map, you can see it by clicking below:

Nadia has a connection to Locke and Locke has many connections to airplanes (they always seem to be flying over his head). I can't even believe how much of a bastard Locke's dad is -- that guy sucks! And you just know he's gonna have some sort of connection with Sawyer (obvs, they're both con men). I really like Katy Segal as Locke's chick Helen -- I hope we get to see more of her ... shizz is gettin' good on the show ... I can't even imagine how the season is gonna end ... but I'm very excited! [Source, Source]

Okay, let's move on ... check out these AWESOME pictures of Nicole Richie and DJ AM frolicking together in Mexico ... it looks to me like the reconciliation is going very well:

They make such a cute couple ... I really hope things work out for them ... I've got my fingers crossed. [Source]

Ew ... I am totally grossed out by these pictures of Ryan Seacrest and Teri Hatcher holding hands and making out ... geeze, are they trying to pull another TomKat? These 2 look so fake together:

Their awkward kiss looks very reminiscent of some other famously awkward kiss that we all remember. Ugh ... I never knew that Teri was so desperate. Hee hee, get it? [Source]

Paris Hilton seems to bruise easily ... all she has to do is have a nice quiet night with her boyfriend o' the moment and she comes away with bruises the next morning:

If you remember, she got all bruised up after "hanging out" with Nick Carter and now she's all bruised up after hanging out with Stavros Niarchos. I wonder what the hell is really going on with her. [Source]

Check out these cute pictures of Angelina Jolie and Maddox as they do some shopping in Paris, France:

Maddox is cute but not Apple Martin cute (at least not in these pictures). Ange is gettin' huge ... she's due in May so it won't be long now. [Source]

Tori Spelling was on hand for a VH1 party to celebrate the launch of her new VH1 series So noTORIous which debuts on VH1 this Sunday night ...

... it appears that Tori's fiancee Dean McDermott is only interested in one thing ... and I'm not talking about her acting chops. [Source]

Eliza Dushku was on hand for a screening of the movie Ballroom Dancing and Charm School and she was lookin' very cute:

I <3 her totally! [Source]

Wow ... okay, so Bobby Brown's sister has gone on the record to divulge all of Whitney Houston's drug secrets ... of course she went to The National Enquirer to tell sell the tale ... here are supposed pictures of Whitney's bathroom:

The National Enquirer's sensational exclusive photo (in this week's issue) shows the superstar singer's private bathroom after she has locked herself away for days on yet another self-destructive binge. Amid the trash, leftover food and empty beer cans are the tools of the hardcore drug fiend -- pipes, rolling papers, spoons in which powdered cocaine is cooked into crack, lighters. The picture was taken by one of Whitney's closest friends and relatives -- Tina Brown, sister of her husband Bobby. Uh huh ... now, don't get me wrong -- it's not that I don't believe that Whitney could be a crack addict (she sure acts like she is) but these pictures could be from anyone's bathroom. It's not like one of Whitney's Grammy awards is on the counter or anything ... while these are juicy pictures I think they should be taken with a grain of salt ... or maybe a crack rock. [Source]

And finally, here are a couple more pictures from Superman Returns ...

Director Bryan Singer really knows cute guys when he sees them ... I think he did an amazing job casting Clark Kent ... I'm so excited for this movie!!! [Source]

The News:
You don't even want to know what kind of day I had yesterday ... it was rife with bullshizz that I really have no interest in rehashing ... let's just say "I'm so moving on" and leave it at that.

Today is lookin' like it's gonna be a much better day ... leading into a great upcoming week :) Deets to follow, I'm sure ... but for now ... I gots ta jet.

I'm out!