Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Super Sweet 15

I have to send out one more, special Happy Birthday to our beloved Jamie Lynn Spears ... she turns 15 years young today:

She may be the only Spears we have left to believe in. Have a great birthday JL ... we need you. [Source]

Confessions Is Good For The Soul

At least she's tryin', y'all ... check out these pictures of Britney Spears gettin' primped and polished at a salon in Malibu, CA:

Ugh ... perhaps all hope is lost for good. At least we still have Jamie Lynn. [Source, thanks Blair]

Pink reader Robin sends in this hilarious vid clip of Kevin Federline "dance, dancing" with a Dallas DJ over the weekend:

You would think that since Kevin is a professional dancer that he would be the better dancer ... and you would be incorrect. [Source]


Wow ... even tho last night's episode of 24 wasn't packed with all the OMG!s that last week's was, the new ep had one big shock at the end that had me exclaiming NO WAY!!!

Okay ... right off the bat I knew that Jack was unharmed in that last explosion from last week ... c'mon, y'all ... you can't kill Jack Bauer. Altho, when Jack voiced his fear and concern over his belief that the VP is the one behind the latest terrorist plot I kinda felt that was too obvious ... too soon in the day for it to be true. I do admit, tho, that I had NO IDEA that the mastermind would turn out to be President Logan himself. I mean, SERIOUSLY?! Are we now supposed to believe that President Dumbass has been faking his inaptitude this WHOLE TIME to cover up his evil genius? If that is the case then I'm gonna be P-Oed. I hope it turns out that the President is still stupid ... and he was just sucked into this idiotic plan. I don't know that I can buy him as an evil genius ... unless he turns out to be more like Dr. Evil. Anyways, now we know why the First Lady's assistant, Evelyn, is so sucky ... she was dealing with the weight of the information that she knows. It killed President Palmer ... she was just fearing for her life and for the life of her daughter. And hello, can we give it up, again, for Audrey?! She is perfect for Jack ... she stands up to people when she feels the need but she also makes the hard choice when it's for the greater good. Audrey + Jack FOREVER!!!!! It'll be interesting to see where the day goes from here ... Jack Bauer has never gone up against the President before ... but you know, my money is on Jack. [Screencaps via TwentyFourOnline.com]


Last night's episode of Prison Break took us into the past so that we could see how all the Prison Break players got into their current situations ... I was unsure how I felt about this idea last week ... but, once again, they pulled off another great episode:

I had a hard time swallowing that all the prisoners were merely victims of circumstance ... Michael and Lincoln we knew were innocents ... but everyone else too? I can buy that Sucre was the "nicest liquor store thief" ever but C-Note as a wronged US soldier??? That is a hard pill to swallow ... altho it was feasible that things went down that way in his case. I also never would've suspected that the goodie two-shoes prison doctor was a reformed drug addict. Did you notice how she met prison guard Bellick at her recovering addicts meeting ... that means that Bellick was a druggie too ... maybe he still is a druggie. It was a cool idea to show how all of these characters came together in the present ... but there are still so many questions. The VPs brother is still alive ... and we finally saw his face ... this will probably be very relevant very soon. [Source]

Gwen Stefani is getting ever near the birth of her first child so she is getting ready by picking up all the essential baby supplies ... here is a picture of Gwen shopping for a breast pump:

I do hear that Lactrue is the best brand to get. It looks like Gwen is all over it. [Source]

Wee ... here are newish pictures of Ryan Phillippe gettin' all sweaty as he works out underneath the hot California sun ...

... let's take a moment to enjoy the view, shall we? [Source]

Damn ... wouldn't it be awesome if Ryan and Jake Gyllenhaal became workout partners?! Yeah, I think I'd just straight up and die.

Gallery of the Absurd has come up with an exclusive photo of the BlackBerry that Naomi Campbell uses to pummel the assistants and underlings that anger her in any way:

I love it! I wonder where I can get a phone like that. [Source]

This story just won't die ... now People magazine is reporting that Paris Hilton is very close to playing Mother Teresa in a new movie ... they even came up with this awesome side-by-side photo comparison:

Film director T. Rajeevnath, who is based in Thiruvananthapuram, India, says Hilton is on his short list to play Mother Teresa in a biopic he's planning about the Nobel Peace Prize winner, who worked among Calcutta's poor with the Missionaries of Charity. "(Hilton's) features resemble Mother Teresa's," Rajeevnath -- whose films include Janani (Mother), an award-winner in India about nuns caring for an abandoned infant -- told Agence France-Presse yesterday. "A meeting with Paris Hilton is scheduled for the end of April," he said. Is it wrong that I can see the resemblance? Does that mean that I am going to hell? [Source]

Here is a new picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar and The Rock from their upcoming movie Southland Tales:

I'm still unsure how I feel about this pairing ... but I loves me some SMG so I'm willing to give it a shot. [Source]

The gang at ONTD! have stumbled upon these pictures of actor Travis Van Winkle from the current issue of Flaunt magazine ... I, of course, had no idea who the hell Travis Van Winkle was but I decided to check out the pictures and ... well ...

... I am a new Travis Van Winkle fan. I really hope he doesn't turn out to be Robert Van Winkle's (AKA Vanilla Ice) cousin or something ... but by the looks of him, I don't think I'd really care. [Source]

Check out these amazing photographs of Siouxsie Sioux taken by photographer Austin Young ... the pictures were used for the Siouxsie Dreamshow concert at the Royal Festival Hall in October 2004:

She looks stunning! Siouxsie rules :) [Source]

Don't forget that Michelle Trachtenberg will be guest starring on tonight's episode of House, M.D. on Fox:

I hear she suffers from a really gross disease ... you don't want to miss it! [Source]

And finally, I need to send out a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to one of my 2-favorite Brokeback Mountain cowpokes Heath Ledger, he turns 27 years old today:

I hope Heathy pie has a great birthday ... hopefully he'll get the best birthday gift ever ... another romp in a pup tent with Jakey poo! HOT!!! [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was a pretty chill day ... David and I just hung out and visited with a couple of my friends. No big deal ... we're just really having a great time hanging out with one another.

This morning we got up early, got online and did our best to get tickets for the Madonna Confessions Tour show at Madison Square Gardens in NYC this coming June ... and we managed to get some pretty sweet-ass tickets:

Looks like we're gonna be enjoying a pretty great vantage point for the 1st NYC Madonna date on this tour. Hellz yeah! I think I'm gonna try for LA tickets this weekend. Holla!

Okay, y'all ... that is all ... I'm out.