Friday, April 07, 2006


Yeehaw! The whole Spears fam got together to help Jamie Lynn celebrate her 15th birthday ... here are pictures of the Spears family hanging out in LA:

Papa Spears wore his best thermal shirt, Mama Spears got herself a sweet, sparkly belt and Bryan Spears looks pissed as hell that no one is paying attention to him. Ahhh ... it's so nice seeing the whole family come together to spend time with one another on such a special occasion. Don't you just love family reunions? [Source]

Ugh ... leave it to Gawker to take a beautiful piece of art and reduce it to its most base incarnation ... and that is why I love them so. The infamous Britney Spears "pro-life" statue has been photographed from every angle ... except from the back ... until now ... click the link below at your own NSFW risk:

I ... have ... no ... words. Welp, there goes my appetite for the foreseeable future. [Source]

Katie Holmes is taking every chance she gets to be photographed out and about doing whatever it is that she needs to do before giving birth to the spawn of TomKat ... here are pictures of Katie wearing a very inflatable silk top while out shopping:

I think that all of her maternity shirts have a self-inflating function ... whenever a paparazzo tries to take her picture her shirt automatically inflates in order to mask her belly. Boy, those Scientologists are tricky ... we've practically been completely fooled. [Source, Source]

Kristin Cavallari was on hand for the 2nd annual Celebrity Rock N Bowl event in LA last night ... and it looks like she brought along her own set of bowling bags:

Now y'all know I am squarely on Team Kristin but daaaaaamn ... that girl needs to get some rest. Those dark circles under her eyes make her look about 20 years older than she really is. [Source]

Rob Schneider paid a little visit to MTV's TRL yesterday and engaged VJ (and sometimes Nick Lachey paramour) Vanessa Minnillo in a little sunflower seed spitting contest ... unfortch for Nick, Vanessa likes to spit ...

It looks like she's pretty good, too. Well, you know the different between "like" and "love". [Source]

Tsk tsk tsk ... just what exactly is going on here? Michelle Trachtenberg is hanging out with a friend ... and she's smoking!?!?!?!

Personally, I blame the smoking donkey that she is playing with. The way that I understand it is that you put your cigarettes inside the donkey and when you press down on its ears a single cigarette is dispensed out of its butt hole. Well duhvs, who wouldn't want to smoke a cig that comes from a plastic donkey's ass?! [Source]

Oh Lindsay ... don't be swayed by the horrible influence of the likes of The Federline ... is the knitted skull cap really necessary?

That cap paired with the sunglasses ... is just wrong. LOL! [Source]

Dannii Minogue was in Scotland last night to perform at the opening of Xscape, Scotland's first indoor real-snow ski slope ... here are a couple of pics from her performance:

This Xscape place sounds really cool: The 200-metre indoor slope is made from flakes of frozen water which are fired out of snow guns. It is refreshed every night. Dannii looks great ... it's about time she started performing again. The rumor is that she will have a new album out by the summer ... here's hoping. [Source]

Sienna Miller is finished with her super short hairdo and has opted to get new extensions put in:

I actually prefer Sienna with the longer hair ... it softens her look ... it makes her look sweet. Her short hair made her look rough ... and boyish ... which would explain why Hayden Christensen was so enamored of her. The surest way to ditch him was to look more girly ... brills! [Source]

Check out this sweet ass vehicle that Xtina Aguilera and hubby Jordan Bratman are driving around town lately:

This Rolls is pretty fly. I wonder if it was a wedding present or something ... whatever it is I love it ... I don't even care about Xtina's horrid red lipstick. [Source]

Did you know that Rachel Bilson is a huge fan of American Idol? I'm sure her appearance in the AI audience has nothing at all to do with the fact that her show, The OC, is also on the Fox network:

Whatevs ... she is supercute ... too bad she didn't bring her beau Adam Brody with her. Well at least we also get a Whoopi Goldberg sighting. [Source]

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are on the cover of the new, provocative issue of Stella magazine ... er ... well, Mary Kate is on the cover ... Ashley merely appears with MK inside the mag:

Yeah, that's about it. [Source]

And finally, is reporting that "Punkin" (Brooke Thompson) from the VH1 show Flavor of Love is getting ready to marry the girl of her dreams ... her girlfriend Courtney Taylor ... don't they make such a cute couple?

According to sources close to Pumpkin, the couple met about a month ago and the relationship blossomed extremely quickly. Below are some photos of Pumpkin with her new fiance. Pumpkin who appears to have genuinely found love, made the following declaration to her new lover, "A month ago I was hoping that one day I would find my soulmate ... the one person I am destined to be with. I never thought I would find this person, but I have. I love you baby!". Pumpkin is best known for infamously spitting in the face of Tiffany "New York" Patterson, another Flavor Of Love cast member. Pink reader Carey gives us the heads up on the ladies' My Space profiles ... Punkin blogs about her wedding plans on her MS profile HERE. You can check out Courtney's profile, chock full of pictures of the pair, HERE. You gotta give it up to Punkin ... spitting in New York's face was freaking hilarious ... but it'll be even more hilarious when New York finally gets the chance to whip her ass. [Source, thanks Carey]

El News:
Sarah and I got to hang out for a while last night ... we haven't had any alone time lately so we decided to spend the evening together before I leave Detroit for 2 weeks. We met up for a quick bite to eat at Zumba before having cups of tea at Sweetwater's. Then we made our way over to the Main Art Theater to see the movie Confederate States of America:

Right off the bat I was intrigued by the inventive way the story is told ... it's as if the audience is at home watching a British documentary on the history of the Confederate States of America complete with commercial breaks. The entire history of the USA is reimagined as if the CSA actually won the Civil War (and the ensuing history from that point on ... our alliance with the Nazi Germany, our cold war with Canada). I couldn't help but feel as if the whole thing was just ... blasphemous. The commercials were very disturbing, extremely racist and hard to watch -- the scary thing is that many of the products advertised in these "fake" commercials (I won't even list the racist names of these products) were based on real products that existed in our country's real past. Basically, the movie shows what our country would be like if we all lived in Hell -- all non-whites are treated as slaves, white women are afforded no rights of their own and you don't even want to know how they treat the gays. There were many parts of the movie that were so ridiculous that they were supposed to incite laughter but after a while I got tired of laughing (altho, there was a group of people who were laughing quite a lot throughout the entire movie).

While it's not a stunning theatrical masterpiece, this movie really does make you think ... what would it be like if the slave trade mentality really did take hold and survive in our country ... what would our country be like today? I enjoyed this Spike Lee production for the provocative satire it is ... I think you might too.

Well ... that is all ... I have a few things to take care of before I board my plane for LA. I'll be coming at you for the next few days from Sunny California (I'm packing a lot of shorts ... I better be able to wear them every day!) ... so I guess that's it ... I hope y'all have a great weekend! I'm out. Lates.