Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sister 2 Sister

Britney Spears <3s her sister Jamie Lynn, y'all ... she can't wait to sing and dance about it ... head on over to to watch a very short vid clip of Britney dancing to a song called For My Sister ... has an audio download and lyrics to the song. The song is a slow acoustic jam and it's very touching ... and heartfelt (and a wee bit cheesey). Awww ... Britney is such a great big sis. Altho, I have to say, I hope this song isn't a hint of what's to come ... it doesn't bode well for a successful musical comeback. I think my favorite part of the vid clip is the nanny in the background with Sean Preston. So what do we think ... is this song gonna be a hit? [Source]

Katie Holmes apparently has a shizz load of shopping to do in the final days (weeks?) of her so-called pregnancy ... here are even more pictures of Miss Holmes out and about ...

... with a different ball tucked underneath her silk maternity wear. I wonder what athletic ball she'll use next. [Source]

Speaking of the mysteriously pregs ... check out this picture of Avril Lavigne ... it looks like she's got a little paunch goin' on there:

Could she be carrying the spawn of Whibley? There have been rumblings of a possible summer wedding ... could this be the cause of all these matrimonial stirrings? [Source]

Nicky Hilton appeared at the Maxim magazine Rock & Roll Poker Tournament in Las Vegas last night ... and it looks like she brought along her trusty Sidekick:

You wanna bet that she's Googling poker tips on that thing? [Source]

Paris Hilton is on the cover of the May issue of British Elle magazine and in the interview she explains "the real reason Nicole Richie turned on [her]":

Says Paris: "I've been best friends with her since I was two, but when I brought her on my show [The Simple Life], she got very jealous and turned on me for no reason. I think she can't stand being around me because I get all the attention and people don't really care about her." Paris has a lot of things to say about Nicole ... it's an interesting read. Head on over to ONTD! to read the full interview. Uh ... what is up with that last picture? Actually this whole photoshoot is not that great but that last picture is terrible ... I can't believe it got approved for publication. [Source]

Keifer Sutherland, our beloved Jack Bauer on 24, is on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine ... his interview is very surprising ... apparently he can't wait for Jack Bauer to die:

"Don't get me wrong," he says. "I love what I do." But he's thirty-nine years old, a little pent-up and a lot tired. All he's had for the past five years, ten months out of each year, are endless fourteen-hour days of working on the show, gun in hand, eyes squinted, voice on ultra-incredibly intense, saving the world with methods that might not be right but are never wrong. He has no girlfriend in his life, no affection or release of that sort. Sometimes he feels trapped, caged, really. And then, as a consequence, he occasionally falls into the scotch bottle and ends up making a messy spectacle of himself. NOOOO! Blasphemy!! Actually, Keifer has a point ... Jack can't live forever ... but I'm telling you, there is no one who can take his place. What would 24 be like with a different hero? It's ghastly and I don't want to think about it until absolutely necessary. [Source]

Pink reader Kevin has come upon what he contends is the My Space profile of Daniel V. from Project Runway, here are a couple of his profile pictures:

It looks like it could be Daniel V. but the profile name is listed as "David" and he says that he's not "Daniel" ... which could mean that he's shy. Check out the rest of the profile pics ... is it really him? I'm not so sure ... [Source, thanks Kevin]

And finally ... Pink reader Lesli is huge Kristin Cavallari fan (Go, Team Kristin!) ... so much so that her room mate got her this awesome birthday cake for her birthday:

LOLOLOLOL! I love it! I mean, it's not as cool as some birthday cakes I've seen before but it's pretty awesome nonetheless. Anyone out there got an LC cake to share? [thanks Lesli]

The flight from Detroit to LA was pretty uneventful ... altho I did run into Hoopz from VH1's show Flavor of Love in the Detroit airport terminal ... it turned out that she was on my flight to LA as well.

Jim picked me up and we met up with Davey for a quick bite to eat before getting our asses to Pop Starz for some dancing (no rest for the weary around here). I ran into a few Pink readers ... and also ran into Wilson Cruz from My So-Called Life and Rent fame. So LA. We danced for a few hours before calling it a night ...

Today Jim and I are having lunch at Urth Cafe and then we're doing a bit of shopping ... it turns out that I got a last minute invite to a pretty cool event tonight. Deets to come ... I'm out.

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