Monday, April 10, 2006

"K-Federline, [He] Hits Like Tsunamis"

Moses Martin? Are you kidding me?! OY! Celebrity Baby Blog reported last night that Gwyneth Paltrow delivered her second child, a boy, by c-section over the weekend ... and then everyone else confirmed it. For some reason, celebrities feel the need to give their children offbeat names ... like Apple and Moses. Ah, the life of endless teasing this kid is going to enjoy ... well, we might as well get started on that right now. I don't get it ... Gwyneth was only pregs for like 3 months and BAM! she gives birth ... Katie Holmes has been pregnant for about 3 years and she still hasn't dropped her load. Hmmmmm ... Anyways, congrats to Gwyneth and Chris Martin on the birth of their new baby boy. [thanks Jennifer]

Kevin Federline has unleashed another musical masterpiece upon the world ... if you head over to Kevin's official My Space profile you can stream and/or download, what he says is, the first single off his debut album Playin' With Fire. Are y'all ready for America's Most Hated?

Uhhhh ... yeah ... it's a slow jam just like that song that Britney posted on her website over the weekend. According to the lyrics, he claims that he "built a kingdom down the street from Pepperdine" and goes on to state that he is "on the front lines dodgin' cameras like the one time/can't even chill in this California sunshine" but he's "handin' out ass kickins like diplomas" ... uh ... yeah ... what the hell does K-Fed know about diplomas?! LOL! The song is ... interesting ... you must hear it for yourself. [Source]

Ashlee Simpson is down under in Australia preparing for her hosting gig at the MTV Australian Video Music Awards this Wednesday night ... here are a couple of pictures of Ash arriving in OZ ... I wonder what is going on with that bandage on her left wrist:

Hmmm ... did she get a new tattoo? Did she knick herself shaving her arms? Is it something more serious? [Source, thanks Kacee]

Jessica Simpson is also in Australia, presumably to support her little sister and not to cause a media circus that might overshadow her little sister:

Well at least she toned down her look a little in order to try go out in public undetected. She's so demure and inconspicuous I almost didn't even notice that she is in these pictures. [Source]

Tom Hanks spent some time in Tokyo, Japan to do some press for The Da Vinci Code last week ... he brought along a pair of hefty lookin' jowls as well ...

I am having a hard time with these pictures ... I can't tell if he looks more like Richard Nixon or McGruff the Crime Dog. What do you think? [Source]

Incidentally, I finally jumped on the Da Vinci Code bandwagon and started reading the book ... I've heard some interesting things about the book (even Tori Amos liked it) so I figured I'd read it before the movie comes out. So far, it's pretty good ... it's a simple read and the chapters are only about 2 pages long. Now that I know that Tom Hanks has been cast as the book's protagonist all I can envision is a dude with big jowls running around Europe with Audrey Tautou. I'm interested in finding out how the whole thing ends.

Kristin Cavallari is milkin' her fame for everything she can ... and I kinda love it! Here are pictures of Kristin with her Laguna Beach cohorts Talan Torriero and Ste-PHEN Colletti at a Bongo Jeans meet-and-greet function:

Pink reader Kristen notes that Kristin's wife-beater t-shirt looks like it reads "I <3 Dong" in the last picture. Priceless! [Source]

Check out these pictures of Benji Madden who was on hand last week at Libation in NYC for a Red Bull party:

He looks cute! Love it! [Source]

Speaking of cute, check out this tiny dog posing for a picture for Mischa Barton to snap with her cell phone:

Isn't that the cutest dog ever? Unfortch, it's not cute enough for Mischa ... she ended up leaving the poor pooch at the pet store. Boo. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan made an appearance at a Flaunt magazine party in Hollywood last week ...

... and she opted for the one-glove lacy glove look ... a little bit Madonna, a little bit Michael Jackson ... a little bit fug. [Source]

Check out these ridiculous pictures of Nicole Richie as she poses with and without her dog at a press conference for The Simple Life 4: Til Death Do Us Part:

I'm totally not feeling the mom hair nor the Bea Arthur-ish blouse ... and that dog on her lap looks ridiculous. Actually it looks bored and annoyed AND ridiculous on her lap. [Source]

Awww ... check out this adorable picture of Heath Ledger taking his baby girl Matilda out for a stroll in NYC:

Heathy pie is looking a little scruffy with that facial hair ... but you know what ... I don't really mind. [Source]

Evangeline Lilly is on the cover of the new issue of Elle magazine ... and she is wearin' a lot of heavy eyeliner and eye shadow ...

... a lot of heavy eyeliner and eye shadow ... there are more pictures of her in the magazine where she's walking thru water and hanging out in trees but I think you get the gist ... do we really need 5 more pictures of Evangeline Lilly in a tree wearing heavy amounts of eyeliner and eye shadow? [Source]

Kim Raver, the actress who plays Audrey Raines on 24 is featured in the new issue of TV Guide: The Magazine ... TMZ has video of the photoshoot and a short interview she did for the magazine HERE:

Audrey is BY FAR my favorite love interest for Jack Bauer. I love her so much ... I am so glad to see that Kim Raver is getting some exposure ... she's awesome. Don't forget to catch the new episode of 24 that airs tonight. [Source]

Pink reader Lynne sends in this scan of a Gordmans circular ad that features our favorite 8th & Ocean girl Britt:

Wow! Junior sweaters are only $13.99?! What a bargain! Hurry ... while supplies last! [thanks Lynne]

And finally, a few Chicago area Pink readers sent in these articles from Chicago magazine and Chicago Social magazine ... the mags both did stories on the Motorola SLVR City party that I attended last month:

I have *no idea* why I'm even mentioned (altho, I do know why they used that picture of me and Kelly ... she is just too cute to not feature) but I'm very flattered. Thank you so much for the head's up! [thanks Kelly, Marisa and Jennifer]

Da News:
My friend Jim and I met up with our friends Jeff, Davey, Adriana and Jon at a place called Pappoo's Hot Dog Show for lunch ... yeah, Adriana picked it ... and we all had hot dogs for lunch yesterday. What is it with all the hot dogs this weekend? Jim and I got a late start on the apt. search but we did some walking around in Studio City and found a few prospects ... we came upon the huge Archstone Apartment complex which looked perfect ... I'll have to see if I can sniff out a 1 bedroom in there -- I'd really like this apt. hunt to be dunzo dunno already.

Unfortch I wasn't able to attend the Stacy Q show last night ... and then, at the last minute, I found out that Louise Post from Veruca Salt was also playing a show last night ... I missed out on that too (thanks anyway Irene). Jim, Davey and I ended up staying in to watch a movie ... we watched Mysterious Skin and will prolly be scarred for life. I've been meaning to watch this movie for months now and I finally got around to watching it. It was disturbing and violent but, I think, well made. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was simply amazing. His performance was stunning ... very real, very well-acted. I loved that Mary Lynn Rajskub was in this movie, she rules ... Michelle Trachtenberg did a kickass job as well. Greg Araki makes some weird-ass films but this one was by far my favorite of his films.

I've got an apartment to find ... so I must be off. I'm out!