Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Much Ado ...

There was a lot of rumor flying around yesterday surrounding Britney Spears and alleged mistreatment of Sean Preston. I tried to keep it all straight but there were a couple different versions of what happened so I waited to see how the story would turn out ... in the end ... it turned out to be nothing at all. Star magazine reported that Sean Preston suffered a "fractured skull" and that child protective services were dispatched to the Spederline mansion to investigate ... in the end, child protective services determined that there was no foul play and everything is fine ... I guess. K-Fed says that Sean P is A-OK so what else do we need?

OY! I really hope that kid makes it thru his toddler years.

On a lighter note, Pink reader Carly came upon this ad at My Space and sent it along for us to check out:

LOLOLOLOL! [thanks Carly]

Check out how happy Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani look after their baby shower this weekend:

Shower guests included Christina Applegate, David Arquette and No Doubt's Tony Kanal. Gwyneth dropped her load ... I can't wait to see what Gwen drops. [Source] has video of various celebs wishing and singing (badly) Happy Birthday to Hugh Hefner ... well wishers included Paris Hilton and Three 6 Mafia:

Paris' singing voice sounds a lot like Xtina Aguilera's singing voice ... it's weird ... maybe she can sing y'all ... or maybe Xtina can't. [Source, thanks Christina]

Michelle Trachtenberg spent the weekend in NYC partying it up at various events ... here she is hailing a taxi cab with a friend of hers:

Seeee ... I knew that smoking was a bad idea for her ... it's a gateway drug. Look at her ... now she's doing crack! [Source]

The normally demure Jennifer Love Hewitt went out recently in a pretty short skirt ... one breeze and she'd go from J. Love to C. Love in a flash:

With her modesty in check, Jennifer Love went on the record to emphatically deny the claims that Wilmer Valderrama made about their sex life: Jennifer Love Hewitt laughed openly about claims that she and Valderrama were lovers, and insisted the pair were only friends some time back. She also said they NEVER dated ... Hewitt responded to Wilmer's bragging with a nonchalant laugh: "I was told, like, that we had all these very steamy encounters, and I was like, really! Well, I would have loved to have been there!" Hmm ... interesting ... I wonder what else Wilmer has been lying about. [Source]

Here are a few more pictures of Mariah Carey frolicking in the waters of Antigua whilst on vacation:

I think she looks cute. Her curves are hot ... you go Mariah ... you go! [Source]

When Mariah is not running around with all her bizznazz hanging out she's posing for classy magazines like The New Yorker:

I'm not exactly sure why she's wearing a gown like that while riding a motor scooter ... but hey, I guess that's art. [Source]

Hmmm ... look at how cozy Mary Kate Olsen is with her former flame David Katzenberg as they go out for coffees:

The on-again, off-again couple appear to be on-again again. I wonder if it's gonna be true love forever this time around. [Source]

Check out these pictures of Buffy alum James Marsters with his girlfriend Patricia:

I guess they make a cute couple but James looks weird without Drucilla as his girlfriend ... but then again I never really liked him with Buffy ... and I'm going off on BtVS tangents that have no relevance at all with these pictures ... so I'll shut up and move on now ... [Source]

Tom Cruise, looking sedate and somewhat sane, appears on the new issue of GQ magazine:

But then you quickly are reminded that he is out of his effing mind when you read the interview ... Tom claims that he can cure a heroin addict in just 3 days with the Scientology detox program. Yeah ... that's where they take you into the desert at their secret and well-guarded facility and you disappear for a while ... and then you return all glassy-eyed and cured. I think I'd rather take my chances with anything else rather than subject myself to their INSANE-O treatments. Poor Katie ... it'd be sad if she were lost forever. [Source]

Pink readers Tricia and Leigh Ann have spotted and submitted more advertisements featuring the kids from MTV's 8th & Ocean ... here we have Britt from her feature in Justine magazine:

Britt is cute, y'all ... NORMALLY ... but damn, what is up with this picture? She looks really scary ... her mouth is freaky ... and there is something about her eyes ... I think it's her eyebrows. Boo! Bring back the supercute Britt. [Source, thanks Tricia]

Here we have Teddy from the always classy Kohl's weekly circular:

At least I think it's Teddy ... I can't quite tell because he isn't wearing 5 layers of eye liner. [thanks Leigh Ann]

And finally ... le sigh ... check out these AMAZING pictures of the supposed new T-Mobile Sidekick III:

These pictures come from a My Space profile created for the SK3 (which I highly doubt is legit at all). Head on over to to read all latest news and rumor surrounding this sick-looking piece of electronic wonder. If the real deal turns out to look at all like these pictures then it's gonna kick all kinds of ass. IIIEEEE ... I can't wait to get my hands on one of these. [Source]

Welp ... no luck finding an apartment this go round ... I saw a few really bad apartments ... a couple of "eh they're okay but I'd be settling" apartments and one amazing apartment that is a wee bit out of my price range. Rats! Well ... I guess I'll just have to come back and try again.

Last night, Jim and I had an amazing sushi dinner at Katsu-ya where we ran into my friend Maria from Warner Bros. Records. She was having dinner with her friend Ethan from Geffen Records ... so we all decided to dine together. It was a really nice way to end my LA trip.

Today I'm off to NYC for a few days ... I've got something special planned for the weekend ... it's about insane o'clock in the morning and I have to get to the airport. Have a great hump day, y'all!

Oh ... and since tonight is the first night of Passover I want to wish all the Jewish Pink readers a blessed Passover! Holla!