Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wax Job

LOVE IT! I really got a kick out of that Britney Spears My Space ad that Pink reader Carly sent me yesterday ... but I think I prefer this ad sent in by Pink reader Jonny:

So let me get this straight ... you shoot Kevin Federline and you win a free PS3? Shouldn't shooing K-Fed be its own reward? Is there a downloadable version of this game ... this is something I could play all day long. [thanks Jonny]


Last night's episode of Lost was very informative ... and that's about it. Actually, I didn't mind that last night's ep was a bit slow ... it was sweet and we finally found out why Rose and Bernard are such a bickering couple:

I really loved Rose and Bernard's background story ... they're so cute together and you can tell that they really do love one another. I can appreciate the lengths that Bernard would go to in order to try and save his wife's life ... when he told her that he would stay on the island with her because she wanted to stay on the island (because it cured her disease) I almost got all weepy. Did you notice the handwritten letter that was tacked to the faith healer's wall? They seemed to focus in on it for a bit but I can't tell who signed it ... I wonder if it will be important? I really love the way the writers tend to throw Jack and Kate in those weird circumstances ... having their bodies pressed tightly together inside that net was genius ... they should just do it already. While the episode wasn't very thrilling I do think that some things that we saw or learned in last night's episode will come back and prove to be very important in the future. I tend to think the unfinished SOS sign that Bernard was trying to build will turn out to be important as will Mr. Ecko's church. "Henry Gale" is a creepy mothereffer ... I knew he was effing with Locke's head ... he has him right where he wants him. While it was nice to see Michael return to the fold, didn't it all seem very convenient? He happens to come running right to where Jake and Kate were waiting at the dividing line? C'mon ... if you caught the previews for the next episode (which airs in 3 weeks) then you saw him encouraging the survivors to launch an attack on The Others ... could it be a trap? Hmmm .... [Screencaptures via]

One last thing, last night's episode focused on more previously unknown survivors than any episode we've seen yet ... they were primarily the only ones who even entertained Bernard's idea of building the SOS sign:

There are so many unknown survivors ... it's genius! The writers could spend years introducing new characters ... thereby making the fabric of the the show exponentially more diverse. Brills! [Screencaptures via] has unveiled 3 new pictures of Kylie Minogue looking absolutely amazing and beautiful ... the pictures were taken by Kylie's boyfriend Olivier Martinez and appeared on her website late yesterday:

The very first 'official' photos of Kylie since her treatment for breast cancer have been released today, and she manages to do what she always does and take us all completely by surprise - looking the picture of health, and utterly stunning with it, as she sports her 'new look' short dark 'do' for the first time in public ... Published exclusively on her official site earlier today, succinctly describe it as "the moment we've all been waiting for", with the photos showing Kylie "relaxed and happy during a weekend break as a guest of Dolce and Gabbana in Portofino". The candid snaps were taken by her longstanding partner Olivier Martinez, who has been by her side throughout the ordeal of the past year. Keep an eye out for them all over the press in the coming days! I absolutely love these photos ... she looks stunning and gorgeous. I am so happy that Kylie is well on her way to recovery ... I can't wait til she makes her triumphant return to the stage! [Source, thanks Pete]

Scary Movie 4 had it's premiere in NYC earlier this week, here are a few pictures:

Personally, I think the Scary Movie franchise should be totally dunzo but there is a demand for crappy movies that make modest money ... how else would Carmen Electra and Simon Rex make enough money to eat? [Source]

Ashlee Simpson hosted the 2006 MTV Australian VMAs last night in Sydney, Australia and, by pretty much all accounts, did an OK job ... she also picked up a couple awards of her own:

Ashlee Simpson triumphed at the MTV Australian Video Music Awards, pushing aside the likes of Madonna ... The American singer -- who was also hosting the ceremony -- took the awards for Best Female Artist as well as Best Pop Video for her hit Boyfriend ... Madonna had been nominated in five categories, including Best Female Artist, but took home nothing from the ceremony at Sydney's Superdome. Wow ... Ashlee won 3 awards and Madonna lost all 5 of her nominations ... doesn't that strike you as being strange? Click HERE for a full list of MTV AVMA winners. [Source, thanks Belle]

Mariah Carey paid a little visit to MTV's TRL here in NYC to debut her new video Say Somethin':

Mimi was lookin' fierce, y'all ... it looks like her little vacay in Antigua really paid off. While her boots were a bit ... strange I really liked her hoochified jean top -- which was one button away from freeing her massive boobs. C'mon y'all ... you gots ta love Mariah! [Source]

Here are a couple more pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg from her recent jaunt in NYC ... she hooked up with Jimmy Fallon and Jamie-Lynn Sigler at the Do Something! Brick Awards that honors young people for their community work:

Cute ... and such a good cause. [Source]

Michelle was also on hand at the Saturn Rocks Times Square event at the Hard Rock Cafe ... with the likes of Lindsay Lohan:

Now, I love both Michelle and Lindsay but seeing them at a Saturn car party is a bit strange ... do they even drive Saturns? I always thought that Hollywood "It" girls only drove BMWs and Mercedes'. Any excuse to party I suppose ... [Source, Source]

Speaking of Lindsay Lohan ... she has been immortalized as a wax statue in the world famous Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum ...

... and one of her young fans appears to have been traumatized by the creepy-looking thing. Actually, the statue looks very much like Lindsay but, you know, heavier. [Source]

Winnie the Pooh turned 80 years old yesterday ... and to celebrate he (she? How do we really know that Winnie is a boy?) received his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Winnie the Pooh sure does love his honey, but the beloved bear now has something just as sweet: a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The children's character, created in the 1920s by British author A.A. Milne, was joined Tuesday at the star's unveiling by his Hundred Acre Wood pals Tigger, Eeyore and Rabbit ... "I know that Winnie would react to all this fanfare by simply saying, "Oh bother," said Robert Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Co. "But, Winnie, you really are worth a bother." Hmm ... everyone knows that it's very easy to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ... you just have to sleep with the right person. I wonder who The Pooh had to sleep with to receive this honor ... actually, I think I'd rather not know. [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal went on basketball date #2 with his really good buddy Austin Nichols ... here are a few pictures:

I hate to admit that Jakey and Austin make a cute couple ... so I won't. I will say, tho, that Jakey poo looks really hot with all that facial hair. Wee! [Source]

Chad Michael Murray seems really involved with his latest conquest, the very teenaged Kenzie Dalton even tho she is not pregs ... here are a couple pictures of the pair at the 59th Annual North Carolina Azalea Festival:

Given the speed of Chad Michael Murray's engagement to Kenzie Dalton -- just one year after he wed One Tree Hill costar Sophia Bush -- Internet rumors abounded that Dalton might be pregnant. But she's "definitely not," Murray tells PEOPLE in its upcoming issue. Describing how he feels about Dalton, Murray chooses to speak metaphorically. "Imagine you are walking along," he says, "and you trip over something and you turn around and find that it is a huge diamond. You would pick it up and do everything in your power to take care of that diamond because it might take care of you for the rest of your life." Yeeeeeah right ... whatEVER! Well ... I guess we'll see how this love of diamonds turns out in the long run. [Source]

Prince Harry graduated from the Sandhurst Military Academy yesterday and is now all rough and ready ... and ready for real military service:

To the strains of "God Save the Queen" and a sergeant-major barking orders, Prince Harry, the red-headed party animal of the British royal family, formally embarked on his army career as he graduated from the elite Sandhurst military academy ... His grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, who turns 80 on April 21, and father Prince Charles were both present for the passing out ceremony ... "Many of you will deploy on operations within months or even weeks. I wish you every success in your chosen career," said the monarch in remarks to the newly minted officers which made no reference to her 21-year-old grandson. Yeah ... there is no way that Prince Harry will be deployed to any dangerous area for military service ... but that's okay, we don't want anything to happen to our dear Harry. Ahh ... he is growing up so fast ... it was only a week ago that he had his face buried betwixt the heaving boobies of a stripper at a London strip joint. [Source, Source]

And finally, Tom Cruise continues his media onslaught to promote his new movie Mission: Impossible 3 ... here are a few pictures of a waxy-looking Tom in the pages of Parade magazine:

He looks really bad in these pictures ... but that's beside the point ... the Parade magazine writer got to meet Katie Holmes at the end of Tom's interview, he writes: Before I left Cruise, he introduced me to Katie Holmes, who is about 5 foot 10 (he's 5 foot 7) and pretty. She wore a large diamond engagement ring. She seemed dazed, passive and vacant. She never stopped smiling. The minute she appeared, Cruise's now-familiar public mode of behavior returned. He began hooting how beautiful she was, touching and kissing her like a teenage boy on his first backseat date, aware that he was being watched ... "I am very, very happy!" Cruise exclaimed, grinning his public grin. "I've got a baby on the way! My concern is being the best parent I can be, making sure my kids can think and make decisions for themselves." BULL-EFFING-SHIZZ!!! Tom Cruise doesn't let anyone near him make their own decisions ... what a psycho! Poor Katie ... I fear we've really lost her forever. [Source, thanks Amanda]

El News:
OMG ... yesterday was just long and horrid ... I basically spent the entire day either on a plane or waiting at an airport to get on a plane ... it was not fun. But I made it to NYC safe and sound. The weather here is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to get outside ... and that's what I'm about to do. I'm out!