Friday, April 14, 2006

Good! Friday

Well ... it all began with a Britney Spears statue celebrating the vaginal birth of Sean Preston which never actually happened and now we have a Kate Moss statue celebrating her love and apparent prowess at yoga ... check out this latest celebrity-inspired art piece created by sculptor Marc Quinn ... behold Sphinx:

[Quinn's] new work, Sphinx, takes a woman of unearthly beauty and transforms her into a contorted figure with her ankles uncomfortably wrapped round her ears ... The work is Quinn's much anticipated sculpture of Kate Moss ... Though the body depicted is Moss's, and the hands and feet are life casts, another model was used to create the position. "I found a person who could do the yoga pose," said Quinn, "and we made a lot of drawings, photographs and measurements. Then Kate came into the studio. I'd done some life casts of her in the past, and we made more measurements and photos ... Quinn was drawn to Moss because of her ambiguous place in our culture: a creature who is admired and observed obsessively, but about whom we have little real knowledge. Oh really? Well, I think we recently learned something interesting about Kate Moss but I suppose a statue of Kate powdering her nose would be a bit inappropriate, now wouldn't it? [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal has transplanted himself to NYC (where I am for the next few days ... isn't that interesting?) and was photographed having lunch on a front stoop:

Isn't he adorable? Damn, Jakey could do pretty much anything and still look adorable doing it. [Source]

Speaking of adorable, check out these pictures of my fave celeb couple Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody spending a nice day together in LA:

They always look so happy together ... Adam always dressed to his scene best and Rachel is supercute. I can even overlook that 1950s hair net cuz it kinda works for her ... and it doesn't at all make her look like she just finished a shift at McDonald's. [Source]

Jada Pinkett Smith is serious about her Wicked Wisdomness ... here are a few pictures of Jada and a bandmate at the studios of MTV2's Headbanger's Ball:

She looks really cool in these pictures ... it's a far cry from her usual WW onstage look. It's still a bit difficult to imagine Jada as a metal rocker ... I wonder if she slaps Will Smith around when they get nasty? Yeah, I bet she does. [Source]

Madame Tussaud's is really on a roll these days ... first they unveiled that Lindsay Lohan wax statue, then the did something to Tom Cruise for the pages of Parade magazine and now they've unveiled this new statue of Mariah Carey and set it out in front of MTV studios in Times Square ...

... oh wait ... that's not a statue it's a heavily botoxed Mimi herself! OY! That Lindsay statue looks more lifelike than Mariah does ... and what is up with that bed spread she's wearing? I'm normally with her but this time I have to say BOO! [Source]

Mandy Moore is sportin' darker locks these days ... and a few rumors have been going around that she's also carrying a baby bump courtesy of Zach Braff ... but I don't really see evidence of one in these pictures of Mandy on her way to The Late Show earlier this week:

I think she looks great ... I really hope she's not pregs. Is it wrong that I don't like her with Zach? I want my Mandy to stay young and untouched -- call me old fashioned. [Source]

Check out this awesome picture of Fiona Apple as she performs a show in Paris, France earlier this week:

I don't really have a snarky thing to say ... I just really love Fiona and I like posting pictures of her :) [Source]

Tom Cruise is on the cover of the new issue of GQ magazine and here are a few pictures from that issue:

Can you seriously spare me the theatrics of TomKat walking hand-in-hand down a deserted road ... in black and white no less? I can't even muster enough barf to properly convey how I feel about this WHOLE SHAM! I just cannot imagine how this whole thing will play itself out down the line ... but I just really hope that Tom starts buttoning up his dress shirts from now on. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan and Meryl Streep are featured in the new issue of W magazine. The ladies have teamed up for the new movie called A Prairie Home Companion and are doing the media rounds to whip up hype for the film:

It's late afternoon at a photo studio in New York's Chelsea, and Lindsay Lohan is carefully reviewing a little stack of Polaroids at the end of a day in front of the camera. She is pleased with the results, although she does fret about the influence on younger fans of one picture of her with a cigarette. "A girl with asthma, smoking," she says. "Great." Oh the controversy ... while I hate the picture of Lindsay with the cig, I really hate the pictures of Meryl playing with her hat. I'm having a hard time seeing how Meryl can make Lindsay appear as a serious actress ... and an equally hard time seeing how Lindsay can make Meryl appeal to a younger audience. If all they could come up with is a cigarette and a bendy hat then I think they've got probs. [Source]

Pink readers Lydia and Jill send in these newer ads that feature 8th & Ocean's Britt, Sabrina (or beyotch Kelly, I'm not sure) and Heide in this JC Penney Easter ad:

Yep ... Britt and Heide seem to be doing a lot of work together these days ... I'm glad to see they're not letting Teddy's shenanigans get in the way of their work. [thanks Lydia]

Sabrina (or Kelly) is featured in this ad campaign for Laundry by Shelli Segal:

I love it ... I really hope it's Sabrina because she is deff the hotter twin. [thanks Jill]

Hey Buffy fans, remember that awesome musical episode Once More With Feeling? Of course you do ... check out these hilarious pictures of one of the evil puppets actin' a foo':

Seriously ... how can I get a kickass prop like this from my all-time favorite show ever?! Soooo awesome! [Source]

Yikes! Who do you suppose these insanely fake eyes belong to? Personally, I think it's easy to tell who they belong to but they're just so damn freaky looking ... I had to make a game out of them:

Is anything real on her? [Source]

And finally, I have to wish a Happy Birthday to my good friend Joe:

You may recall that Joe won the Genre magazine Real Man of the Year contest and is set to be featured in an upcoming issue pretty much devoted to him. Congrats again and Happy Birthday Joe!!!

Good News:
David and I spent much of yesterday enjoying the glorious weather here in NYC. While on our way to late lunch yesterday we randomly ran into Colin Farrell hanging out with some chick on 10th St. We went over to say hello and chatted with him for a bit ... he was actually really nice. It didn't occur to me to ask for a picture because he seemed busy chatting up the girl he was with ... but it was pretty cool getting to meet him.

Last night David and I spent a bit of time overlooking New York City from atop the GE Building at Rockefeller Center:

We had the most amazing time up there ... admiring the most amazing city. The weather was so nice that we were able to really enjoy ourselves. Afterwards, while on our way to a very late dinner, we ran into Pink reader Jacqui pictured above. I got to chat with her and her friend for a bit before we made our way to sustenance.

Today we are heading to Connecticut for the weekend ... it's Passover, y'all! I hope all y'all have an amazing Passover/Easter/Whatever weekend! I'm out!