Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Hill Is Not Alive

Go, go, go, go, go, go shorty ... it's your ... well, you know what today is:

This is the time of the year where we are supposed to be more conscious of Mother Nature and all her bounty ... go on -- go out and hug a tree ... pet a bunny ... recycle a plastic bottle. Earth Day is for everyone ... even you city-dwelling New Yorkers! Click HERE to find an Earth Day event in your area ... and you seriously should be outside enjoying the beautiful weather instead of playing on the computer today ;)

It has been quite some time since we've glimpsed our beloved Britney Spears out and about ... Spederline have gone underground, into hiding, since they were visited by Child Protective Services investigating Sean Preston's head injury. It looks like the hibernation is over already, here are new pictures of Britney Spears out shopping in Malibu, CA:

It appears Brit Brit hasn't touched a brush since last we saw her ... but I think that pink ruffle top ensemble is new ... well, at least we haven't seen her wearing it for days on end -- yet. Aww ... it's good to see her out again ... I kinda missed her -- come back to us Britney! You can even leave your shoes at home if you like! [Source]

This has to be the cutest thing ever ... check out these adorable pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal getting all lovey dovey with Mark Ruffalo as the pair bid one another adieu on the streets of NYC:

Wouldn't they make the hottest couple ever?! Yeah, yeah ... I know ... it ain't gonna happen for real ... but, hey, you never know. Perhaps ... Ruffenhaal? Hahahahahaha ... stranger things have happened. [Source]

Jakey loves skateboarding so much that he took the time to try and teach his big sister Maggie Gyllenhaal how to skate ... while it's prolly not a good idea for a pregnant woman to be riding atop a skateboard, the pictures are still cute nonetheless:

Let's just hope that Jake doesn't try and get Maggie squeezed into any spandex for any bike riding jaunts. [Source]

Mary Kate Olsen is wiley little Hollywood "It" girl ... she and her twin sister Ashley have been in show business since they were both infants so she deffo has the tricks of the trade up her sleeve ...

... only the most industrious eagle-eyed celeb watcher is able to make out MK in these pictures. Mary Kate may be sneaky but she's just not sneaky enough. I think next time she should try to avoid detection by hiding out inside the garment bag. [Source]

While Mary Kate attempts to hide from public view, Lindsay Lohan relishes in the attention ... check out these pictures of L. Lo sportin' a super sparkly sequined top while spending a late night out in NYC:

Note how she is trying to distract you from noticing her horrid leggings by luring your eyes to her SUPER SPARKLY top. Do you suppose she picked up this little number at the Elton John yard sale? [Source]

Tara Reid has got something to show you ... and I'll give you one guess (well, two actually) what it is that she wants to show you:

Give up? Head on over to Egotastic and see for yourself. (NSFW) [Source]

Jenna Jameson is trying to clean up her act ... she's moved on from posing nekkid and spread-eagle in nudie mags to gracing the illustrious pages of Esquire magazine:

Isn't that special? Finally, photos that her family can be proud of. [Source]

And finally, toy maker Hasbro announced earlier this week that they will be producing "glittery, 12-inch figurines decked out in short skirts and lace tops" that sound perfect for little girls to play with:

[The dolls] will hit stores just in time for the holidays at the suggested retail price of $14.99. "We expect the appeal of these dolls to be broad, because PCD's fanbase is just that," Sharon John, Hasbro director of marketing, told MTV News. "We expect people to do a lot of different things with the dolls, from collecting them and keeping them in the packaging to people who want to take them out and have them for their fashion and their looks." Uh yeah ... kids should really be playing with dolls that are dressed up like hookers and transvestites. Unfortch the pimp action figure is sold separately ... obvs, any thing in order to make more money. [Source]

The News:
I spent much of yesterday doing laundry and getting reacclimated to being home again ... but last night I hung out with Sarah at her place for a bit before we went out for dinner and a movie. Since she's the one I love seeing crappy movies with we decided to go see Silent Hill. Being a fan of the video game I was excited to be creeped out by this scary flick ... I mean, the video game is creepy so the movie must be frightening, right?

Yeah ... WRONG. I must say, they did a really good job of bringing the video game to live in a live-action setting ... but that doesn't mean that they produced a good movie. Movies based on video games never seem to really live up to the hype of the game no matter how successful the game is. Because the game is interactive and you control what happens you're more likely to respond favorably to what happens ... a movie based on those concepts isn't as exciting. Beyond the fact that Silent Hill the movie wasn't very scary it was also very boring. The game works because the longer that things don't happen the more anticipation builds that something is gonna happen (i.e. a monster comes out of the fog and tries to eat your face). In the movie it's just ... boring ...

I really wanted the movie to be good ... but, alas, it wasn't meant to be. I do admit that I love the lead actress Radha Mitchell ... she's usually a very good actress (and I suppose she did the best she could in Silent Hill) and I love seeing her on screen because she looks so much like Juliana Hatfield:

Isn't that a great reason to like an actress? Whatevs ... it's true.

Tonight a bunch of us are going over to Connie's place for a wine party ... I'm not sure if it's gonna be an all-nighter but time permits I wouldn't mind spending some time on the dancefloor at the SASS dance soiree at OSLO tonight:

It's been some time since I've gotten my boogie on ... I guess we'll see.

I'm out.