Sunday, April 23, 2006

Grab Yo Socks!

This weekend, in Las Vegas at club Pure, Kevin Federline had his big coming out party. No, no -- K-Fed isn't into dudes now (c'mon, with his deep affection for wife beater t-shirts and not bathing he would have a hard time hangin' with the gays anyways) he merely hosted a listening party for his debut album Playing with Fire:

Celebrities and socialites were lined up around the block to be among the lucky first people to be able to enjoy the sonic wonder that The Federline is about to bestow upon the world ... and who, you may be wondering, were among the clamoring celebrities who managed to claw their way into the club for this very exclusive event? [Source]

Kathy and Rick Hilton were among the throngs of a-list celebs the only people worth mentioning who dropped by to enjoy Kevin's party:

The elder Hiltons may not have been able to squeeze themselves into the Vanity Fair Oscar Party this year but they sure as shizz weren't gonna miss out on the K-Fed album listening party. [Source]

Kevin decided to make this shindig a real posh affair ... where else can one enjoy an exclusive sneak preview of the year's hottest album AND be able to take in the odoriferousness of the host's arm pits?

GO WHITE BOY, GO WHITE BOY, GO! AWWW YEAH ... HELLLZ YEAH BOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Homeskillet is really tearin' it up ... I can't wait 'til the glorious day that I, too, can witness The Federline performing live and in person. [Source]

Phew ... that's a whole lotta K-Fed ... I feel like I need a shower now ... let's move on ...

Lindsay Lohan (arm up and back behind her head) was on hand at the Visionaire party in NYC earlier this weekend ... check out these pictures of a very orange L. Lo trying to look fab and hanging out with Karl Lagerfeld:

I hate it when Lindsay goes straight from the fake-and-bake and right to an event ... her orange-y glow is sooo not cute. Fashion maven Karl Lagerfeld is lookin' dazed and confused ... which would explain why he is wearing a tacky broach from The Vampire Lestat collection. [Source]

What is eating Tobey Maguire? Why do you suppose he's acting all shy in front of the paparazzi all of the sudden?

Has he been taking classes at the Cameron Diaz & Mary Kate Olsen School for Celebrities Who Want to Look Like Idiots In Front of the Photogs? C'mon Tobey, it ain't so bad ... just smile for the cameras :) [Source]

Kylie Minogue is no longer spending time in Paris, France ... she has been spotted in NYC lookin' as cute as ever:

Damnit! As soon as I leave NYC, Kylie shows up in town ... boo! I'm glad that she's traveling tho ... it's a good sign that her recovery is coming along nicely. Wee! [Source]

Uh oh ... it looks like little Stephen Colletti from MTV's Laguna Beach has put on a few pounds ... here are pictures of Stephen at the LA Lakers Casino Night last week sportin' a couple of new chins:

Looks like he's eatin' up his fleeting fame ... quick, someone give him a job before he eats himself into obscurity. [Source]

Check out this cute picture of Nicole Richie posin' with her new BFF Mischa Barton's new puppy Ziggy:

Nevermind that the pooch weighs a wee bit more than Nicole does, they're both so damn adorable. [Source]

Mariah Carey has signed on to be the new spokeswoman for Pepsi Co. Here are a couple of promo pictures of Mimi posing with her new favorite soft drink ever:

The multiplatinum-selling singer has teamed up with Pepsi to write and produce 20 original voice and music ringtones for release this summer. Carey will also star in a national commercial promoting the Pepsi Cool Tones & Motorola Phones partnership as part of her endorsement deal ... As part of the deal, Carey will also kick off her summer tour--for which dates have yet to be announced--with a one-off Pepsi Smash gig at Los Angeles' Kodak Theater. The performance will mark the Emancipation of Mimi singer's first full-scale concert show in more than three years. The Pepsi Cool Tones promotion will eventually feature upward of 100 original ringtones from several artists, with Carey the first to sign on. Her contributions will be written exclusively for the promotion. Wee! With both Madonna and Mariah going on tour this summer ... I can hardly contain myself! Is it sad that I'm excited for Mariah Carey ringtones? Uh, yeah and I think it is ... but I don't care! [Source]

And finally ... it's that time of the week again ... it's time to partake of the Hot Dude of the Week ... let's say hello to our man Josh:

Sure ... we can't see what Josh's face looks like but sometimes you just want to admire a man from behind ... which kinda sounds dirtier than I intended. Oh well ... Enjoy! [Source]

The News:
Last night Connie hosted an intimate wine tasting party at her home and a select few of us made the invite list. The usual suspects were there and we had a really nice time ...

... which means we basically drank our faces off and then started pawing and laying all over one another. Eh, typical. We had such a nice night that we all ended up staying there til the wee hours of the morning ... most of the gang ended up crashing at Connie's (and I really hope I don't have to hear any sordid tales of raunchy games of spin the bottle today) ... excluding me. I kinda wanted to enjoy the comfort of my own bed without having to share it with 8 other people ... besides, I got my share of sleep on Connie's couch. What? Wine makes me sleepy ... it's perfectly normal.

Today I'm going out to see Tracey and baby Zakiya ... I hear my precious little girl is already pulling herself into standing position. She better not be walking by the time I get there! That is all ... I am out.