Sunday, April 30, 2006

Panty Raid

Jamie Lynn Spears is growing up so fast ... it seemed like it was only yesterday that she was starring in her own TV show on Nickelodeon ... oh wait ... nevermind ... here are pictures of Miss Jamie Lynn at her boyfriend's senior prom:

If it's true what they say about "prom nights" then I think JL did a whole lotta growin' up after the dance. Her prom dress looks so nice ... I hate to think of it rumpled up on the back seat floor of that dude's Honda. [Source]

Hee hee ... Rush Limbaugh, one of the most hypocritical men ON EARTH, was arrested on Friday on prescription drug fraud charges ... doesn't he look like a smug jerk in his mug shot?

The arrest coincided with a settlement between Limbaugh and the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office in which Limbaugh was charged with a single count of "doctor shopping." As part of the settlement, Limbaugh agreed to continue seeking treatment for prescription drug abuse. He also agreed to pay $30,000 to offset the cost of the criminal investigation. Limbaugh pleaded not guilty to the charge. Nonetheless, the State Attorney agreed to defer prosecution and dismiss the charge altogether if Limbaugh complies with the terms of the settlement for the next 18 months. Hmmm ... I wonder if Rush can keep his nose clean for 18 months ... I wouldn't be surprised if he fails. [Source]

LOL! Paris Hilton sure loves to tan ...

... she looks a wee bit overcooked to me tho. She also looks to be about 47 years old. [Source]

Here are pictures of Paris lookin' a whole helluva lot better in Austria where she is promoting a new soda pop ... or something like that:

Apparently, Paris is also in Austria to host the Austrian music festival called Top of the Mountain. I am stunned at how great she looks ... so much so that I'm not even gonna comment on her head to toe crushed velvet outfit. She looks hot! [Source]

Mischa Barton is one classy chick ... you can tell by the fact that she's wearing panties even tho she splayed her legs over her chair ... see, a trashier chick would've left her panties at home:

Um ... Ew! [Source]

Speaking of Ew!, check out these pictures of Jessica Simpson and her very prominent camel toe:

LOLOLOL ... you can practically see her uterus! Damn, she'll do anything for attention these days. [Source]

Holly Valance was looking great at the end of the season Prison Break party late last week:

She is seriously one of my favorite Aussies ever. In addition to her stint as Nika on Prison Break she will also be starring in the movie DOA: Dead or Alive which is due out this summer. It appears that Holly has put her music on hold for a bit but I'm glad to see she's making a name for herself here in the US. [Source]

Speaking of my favorite Aussies ever, Dannii Minogue has revamped her website and has announced that she will be releasing new music this summer:

Even tho Dannii is releasing a greatest hits compilation as her next album, she will be releasing new music as well. Personally, I'm down with whatever new music she wants to release ... I think a lot of her stuff is just as good as Kylie's. Dannii's new song, So Under Pressure, is pretty hot. I can't wait to hear the other new stuff that she's set to release. [Source]

Check out these cute pictures of Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend taking in an LA Lakers basketball game:

They always look so happy and in love when they're photographed together. I like the little make-out sessions that took place in between periods. Cute! [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude Dudes of the Week ... this week let's feast our eyes on a couple of hot bods wearin' tiny bikinis ... let's say hello to Josh and his good buddy Krag:

Even tho Krag has been featured as the Hot Dude before I didn't think anyone would mind that he showed up in this picture with Josh. Double your pleasure, double your fun. Enjoy! [Source]

Les News:
Thankfully, every thing seems to be okay with my laptop otherwise I might have had a heart attack. System Restore is your friend, remember this.

Anyways, it's great being back in NYC ... yesterday's trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens was amazingly beautiful and fun. David and I had the best time ... we had a small sushi picnic lunch and even took a quick cat nap in the sun on the Cherry Blossom Esplanade.

Last night we hooked up with the ThighMaster and got our boogie on at MisShapes:

MisShapes is THE place to rub elbows with the celebrity elite ... in recent weeks Sienna Miller, Annie, Ladytron and Axl Rose made cameos ... last night, we got Simon Rex. I shizz you not ... isn't that amazing?! We had a great time despite the Rex effect.

We seriously danced our asses off ... it was a blast ... it was very cool running into a few Pink readers as well:


David and I going to spend this gorgeous day out in the city ... I'm out.