Monday, May 08, 2006

Do You Believe In Miracles?

Sweet Jebus! Please tell me that I'm not dreaming! Just when you thought that all hope was lost on the Britney Spears front these new photos of Brit Brit from the upcoming issue of British Glamour magazine hit the InterWeb and begin to restore a wee bit of faith that Brit's career isn't completely dunzo:

I have the sneaking suspicion that these pictures were prolly taken ages ago but she does look amazing nonetheless. See ... a reinvention is still possible ... I'm not giving up hope yet ... and I'm still praying that Britney isn't pregs again. Dreams can, indeed, come true. [Source]

Last night in LA the 2006 National Council of La Raza Alma Awards brought out the Latinoids and their friends to honor the likes Marc Anthony and Andy Garcia. The Alma Awards honor the outstanding Latino artistic achievement in television, film, and music and the enhancement of the Latino image in the entertainment industry ... or something like that:

Anthony received the Celia Cruz Award for Excellence in Music while Garcia took home the Anthony Quinn Award for Excellence in Motion Pictures. Colombian songstress Shakira and reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee were named outstanding musical performers. Shakira also won the Best Spanish Album award. Lost stars Michelle Rodriguez and Jorge Garcia each were recognized for their supporting roles on the popular ABC television drama. The West Wing and series star Jimmy Smits also won awards. I'm gonna spare you pics of the Zombified Marc Anthony but Eva Longoria looked quite fetching in her red dress (and believe me, I'm not usually impressed with her) and Carmen Electra looked really nice as well. Head on over to Hollywood Tuna to see more sexy pics from this awards show that is set to air on ABC on June 5th. [Source]

Since Marc Anthony was one of the honorees you know that his beautiful wife Jennifer Lopez had to attend the event ... unfortunately La Diva Latina forgot to have her hair colorist fix her damn roots:

What the hell?! That's a helluva lotta grey hair she's got. Her stylist should be BBQed for letting her go out in public, and to an event no less, with her hair lookin' like this! I was unaware that J. Lo was really 65 years old. [Source]

Speaking of hair shockers, Jessica Simpson showed up at the Alma Awards sporting a whole new look ... Jess did a brilliant job of stunning everyone in attendance with her new store-bought hair:

Blonde bombshell JESSICA SIMPSON showed off a sassy new look over the weekend at the star-studded ALMA awards. She had smoldering, red hair! Our own KEVIN FRAZIER was with the A-lister to get the star scoop! "It's a wig!" she told Kevin on the red carpet. "I put eyeshadow on the blonde to hide it." In fact, the wig is part of Jessica's new hairpiece line coming out soon, as reported by "The Insider"'s own MARC MALKIN on March 21. Brills! Not only did Jessica become the talk of the night but she did so by wearing a wig that she plans on selling. One thing, I think she needs to look into having those droopy boobs perked up a bit ... the damn things are practically pointing straight down. [Source]

Speaking of new looks, Ashlee Simpson is giving her new nose a run for its money ... she is taking that thing all over the place and is looking amazing doing so ... here are pictures of Ashlee and Fiona Apple at the SunFest concert in West Palm Beach, FL over the weekend:

Ashlee looks stunning ... I <3 her even more -- head on over to Egotastic to see more pictures of Ash and her new cute nose.. Fiona is lookin' intense ... she rules tho ... I hope I get to see her in concert soon. [Source, Source]

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have taken to going out in public again so that the waiting paparazzi can chronicle their every move ... and so that we can all talk about them on a daily basis again. Hell, I'm okay with it ... especially when pictures like these come out:

Katie's very visible nursing bra is a nice touch ... as is the fact that she looks like she's been beaten in the face with a sweaty sock. Those jeans look awfully tight don't they? Should she be wearing tight jeans so soon after "giving birth"? We still haven't seen this alleged baby that was born about 2-weeks ago ... all of this still seems EXTREMELY shady to me. I wanna see a baby ... even if it's a fake baby that was bought on the black market to be passed off as the real child born of TomKat's loins -- I want to see it already! [Source]

The Hollywood "It" Girls (and their sisters *cough* Nicky Hilton *cough*) were on hand for the First Annual Fantasy Suite Block Party at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada over the weekend ...

... the ladies were lookin' pretty good ... with the exception of one "lady" *cough* Nicky Hilton *cough* who looked a bit like a scary drag queen hooker who was being paid to show up on the arm of a fat businessman ... but ... I'm not gonna use any names. [Source]

Gwen Stefani was treated to a baby shower over the weekend and a very cute-looking Xtina Aguilera was in attendance ... thankfully those horrible bangs she sports in her new music video aren't real ... she looks so much nicer when she's not trying so hard:

Whew! Gwen looks like she is ready to explode ... she's lookin' a bit rough but still very, very cute. She should be giving birth any time now ... will she pop before Angelina does? I hope one of them drops soon ... it's been far too long since our last celebrity baby was hatched. [Source]

Mischa Barton was photographed having lunch with her mother and her new baby puppy Ziggy late last week:

It's clear that Mischa intensely loves her new dog. It's also clear that it might behoove Miss Barton to spend some time in the sun ... her pastiness is quite unbecoming. [Source]

Whoa! What's going on here? It looks like our girl Kristin Cavallari ran into LC and got her ass beat:

Actually ... Kristin is on the set of her first movie called Fingerprints. The movie is based on the urban legend that if you park your car near a set of railroad tracks where a bus full of children were killed then the car will be pushed over the tracks and fingerprints will appear on the car. Um ... this sounds like a really crappy movie. It sounds almost as crappy as a TV show where Kristin throws lame parties for lame people on the lame network UPN. [Source]

Oy ... Pamela Anderson's breasts are so enormous that she normally looks vulgar just by going out in public wearing something as simple as jeans and a t-shirt ... let's see if we can make her look a little less trashy:

Yessss ... much better. [Source]

Kim Stewart is so extremely unfashionable that she normally looks vulgar just by going out in public ... period:

I have three words for Miss Stewart: Ew! Yuck! Boo! [Source]

Hmmm ... who is Lindsay Lohan spending her time with these days? Even tho she claims to be the hardest working person on planet Earth and despite the fact that everyone in Hollywood hates her, there has to be someone out there keeping L. Lo warm at night. Check out this picture of Lindsay that mysteriously showed up in my inbox looking quite cozy with a mysterious gentleman fellow:

It is so hard keeping track of Lindsay's men ... it's prolly hard for her to keep track of them as well ... but I guess we'll do our best to keep abreast of any and all of L. Lo's romantic involvements.

Nina Gordon, 1/4th of the amazing group Veruca Salt, has finally completed work on her sophomore solo album titled Bleeding Heart Graffiti set for release on August 1st:

In early 2004 she entered the North Hollywood studio of producer Ethan Johns, who'd worked with Ryan Adams and Counting Crows, and recorded an album provisionally titled "Even the Sunbeams." But Gordon had second thoughts once she heard the finished product. "It's a really sad and really slow record. I guess that's how I was feeling at the time," she says. "But when I sorta snapped out of that, I thought, 'I don't know that I want this to be the album I put out next.' It's really a lovely record, but it didn't have the spirit of the records I've made in the past." With her label's blessing, Gordon started over in spring 2005, hooking up with longtime collaborator Bob Rock, who'd produced Eight Arms to Hold You and Tonight. They'd completed Gordon's first solo album during a leisurely seven months in Maui, but the basic tracks for Bleeding Heart Graffiti came together in just a couple days at LA's Sunset Sound. "Most of the songs were tracked live, and I got a bunch of great musicians and did something like 12 songs in two days," she says. Gordon rerecorded six songs from "Sunbeams" and added several new cuts, including tunes cowritten with Russo, LA-based singer-songwriter Courtney Jaye, and twin sisters Wendy and Susannah Melvoin, both mid-80s alumni of Prince's band the Revolution. This is, like, the best news EVER! Veruca Salt is one of my all-time favorite bands ever and I am very excited to finally get new music from Nina Gordon. Louise Post and the new incarnation of Veruca Salt released an EP of new music late last year and should be releasing a full album soon. The fact that Nina is working with Wendy and Lisa (from Prince's former band The Revolution) thrills me to no end. I know there are still a lot of Veruca fans out there ... so, I'm sure, this will come as great news to all of you. Wee!! [Source, thanks Ryan]

And finally, here is the poster artwork for the new Uma Thurman/Luke Wilson movie My Super Ex-Girlfriend that is due to hit theaters this July:

I read a write-up on the movie in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly and it sounds so fun. Luke Wilson's character breaks up with his girlfriend (Uma Thurman) who, unbeknownst to him, is a super hero ... and then comical mayhem ensues. How fun ... there are so many cool movies coming out this year ... I can't wait. [thanks Tom]

El News:
David and I spent an amazing afternoon together yesterday ... we had brunch with his aunt and his cousin on the upper west side before spending the rest of the day bumming around SoHo. The rest of the night was spent on the couch ... which, I'm sure, sounds exciting to no one other than us.

David and I are planning another visit to MTV's TRL to say hello to Lindsay Lohan -- who is running all over NYC promoting her new movie Just My Luck today. Tonight we've got plans to attend a black tie Time magazine party ... so I'll prolly have pictures of the 2 of us wearing smokin' hot tuxedos.

I have to send out a quick Happy Birthday to Miss Kara F. in Waterloo, Ontario ... I hope you have a great birthday! XO

And ... I guess that's about it ... I'm out.

UPDATE: OMG! TRL was insane ... I had no idea that was gonna happen. If anyone has screenshots I'd be eternally grateful. I'll have full deets in the next posting. XO