Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Two Too Many

Straight from the mouth of God ... er, People magazine ... comes confirmation that Britney Spears is, indeed, knocked up with her second child:

Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline are expecting their second child together, Spears told David Letterman during a surprise visit to his show on Tuesday afternoon. Spears's announcement, first reported by Access Hollywood, can be seen on tonight's episode of The Late Show with David Letterman. [Source]


I'll be tuning in to The Late Show with David Letterman to watch the announcement and will be posting my lamentations in tomorrow's post.


Shout It All Out

Britney Spears has finally resurfaced and that means she's back on the clock again ... I have to reiterate that I am very encouraged by those pictures of Brit Brit from the new issue of British Glamour magazine that I posted yesterday. Here are pictures of Brit taking Sean Preston out for a stroll on Cinco de Mayo:

She does look a little big ... but I'm sure it's not because she is pregs ... it's because she has the worst taste in clothing. Why is she so fond of those stupid dresses? Does she like looking like she's carrying 45 extra pounds? Sean P. is so cute ... I love his chubby cheeks ... and his clean feet! [Source]

Britney Spears is in NYC to promote her fragrance line ... here are pictures of Britney with a bunch of lucky kids at an event to celebrate her fragrances Curious and Fantasy and to launch her new limited edition fragrance In Control:

C'mon ... you gotta admit that Brit looks cute. Sure, she's not back to her peak form but she does clean up well. I'm just glad to see her working again ... actually doing something. Next up, I'd like to see her going to dance rehearsals for a new video and then tour ... then the release of her new album which debuts at #1 while her new club hit is plays on all the hot radio stations. Yeah, yeah ... I know ... but can I just have my moment, please? [Source]


Things are really heating up on 24 and I have to admit that I have no idea how things are going to turn out in the end ... I have no inkling whatsoever where things are going. There were a few tense moments last night but the final shocker wasn't that shocking at all:

So ... the president has to be ordered into shooting down the passenger plane that Jack Bauer took control of because, as we are well aware, president Logan can't make a single decision on his own. I'm glad to see Logan going back to his wavering, insipid idiocy again. I knew he wasn't really a bad ass ... he absolutely needs someone else to do all the thinking for him. I guess I'm glad that Jack figured out a way to keep the plane from getting blown up but I think I would've preferred if Jack had parachuted out while the plane was blown up in the background. Eh ... it would've been more exciting that way. You have no idea how bad I wanted the prez to shoot himself in the head ... I'm still hoping that his suicide will still happen ... I should've been happy to hear that secretary Heller survived his car crash but, eh ... I'm ready for more people to die again. I'm not surprised that Bierko is going to escape capture from CTU custody ... it wouldn't be a proper season of 24 if there wasn't a huge escape from CTU story line (I'm just glad that there was no mole deep within CTU's ranks story line this season ... they've done that to death already). It's clear that he is going to be the one to bring this season of 24 to its shocking conclusion ... I'm not counting on president Logan to do anything super shocking -- but then again, you never really know. Miles sucks ... I knew he'd betray Karen ... cuz he sucks. I want Chloe (not Jack) to kick his ass ... that would be awesome. There are only 3 more hours left ... and then :( [Screencaptures via TwentyFourOnline.com]

So ... you may have heard that Lindsay Lohan was on TRL yesterday ... and David and I were there as well. As soon as she came out on the stage all I could see were her black leggings ... I nearly fainted. I guess I deserved it tho ... karma does like to play jokes sometimes. Anyways ... here are pictures of L. Lo on stage with VJ Vanessa Minnillo:

Lindsay gave away a shopping trip to LA to one lucky fan where they will be flown out to shop with her and her sister at Kitson in Beverly Hills. [Source]

During the commercials I made eye contact with Lindsay from backstage ... she pointed and I waved and I thought that would be it ... I had no idea she was going to give me a shoutout on live TV. I heard her whisper something in Vanessa's ear and then Vanessa said to me "Lindsay is going to shout you out." I was totally shocked ... then the cameras came on, they announced the contest winner and she gave me love on the air:

This is what she said: "Trent from Pink is the new Blog is here, you know the blog site, so I just wanted everyone to say HI to Trent" and Vanessa said: "Hey Trent ... so Lindsay does read the Internet" [Source]

Seriously ... INSANE! I was completely shocked ... and completely flattered ... click below to see the vid clip for yourself:

Much thanks to L-Lohan.com for the screencaps and for uploading the video to You Tube. [Source via L-Lohan.com, thanks Beth]

One more bit of Lohan biz, here are pictures of the dear gettin' some sugar this past Sunday from a new man friend ... this guy doesn't appear to be the same guy in the picture I posted yesterday. While I'm still not sure who that other guy is we know that this guy is none other than Kate Moss' ex boyfriend model-musician James Burke (who looks to be suffering from Cisco Adler Syndrome):

Interesting ... last we heard James was cozying up to Kate Moss (the pair went on a skiing vacation this past January) and now he's all up in L. Lo's piece? Hmmm ... either Kate and Linds are such super close BFFs that they share everything or ... this new relationship may cause a rift in their new friendship. We'll just have to stay tuned. [Source]

Time magazine threw a party to celebrate their list of the 100 Most Influential People at the Jazz at Lincoln Center at the Time-Warner Center ... the party included such luminaries as Diddy, Will Smith, Martha Stewart and Jennifer Lopez. I was fortunate enough to also attend this event ... but I'll get to that at the end of this post ... let's check out these pictures of J. Lo at the event:

Honestly, in these pictures, Jenny from the Block looks a bit disheveled. Her hair looks a bit messy and the dress was ill-fitted. I saw it from behind and it looked too big ... it didn't look good from behind at all. Zombie Marc was on her arm all night long ... but I just can't post any pictures of him because she already looks bad enough as it is. In her defense, she looked amazing in person. [Source]

So magician David Blaine, who is fond of making a public spectacle of himself, spent 7-days in a human-size aquarium leading up to his big finish that was aired live on ABC last night. Blaine attempted to break the world record for holding his breath underwater ... and failed ... miserably ... for all the world to see:

David Blaine missed his watermark Monday night on national television, emerging weak and wrinkled from a week spent submerged within an 8-foot snow globe-like tank -- without setting his intended world record for holding his breath. Rescue divers jumped into the tank and hauled up the stunt artist as he struggled to break the record of 8 minutes, 58 seconds. Blaine held his breath for 7:08, after having spent some 177 hours under water in the week leading up to the stunt ... Blaine's trainer, Kirk Krack, told ABC News on Tuesday that the illusionist was disappointed he didn't set the record. "He felt he let people down," Krack said. Well duh ... he did let us all down. I think it's time that he hang up his fins and go into retirement. [Source]

Nicole Richie met up with some friends at the Magic Mountain Amusement Park in California this past Sunday ... here are pictures of Nicole having a gay ol' time:

Now, we all know that Nicole Richie is a bit thin ... even she thinks so ... but I can't believe that she is smaller than Tweety Bird. Damn ... when teeny weeny Tweety looks like he's got 20 lbs. on you then you know you need to put on some more weight. [Source]

Colin Farrell really knows how to score with the ladies ... he's got an act for every type ... check out his latest ploy to get some tail by looking all cute and helpless:

Awww ... ain't he so cute? I'm sure he shagged her rotten later on that day. [Source]

Wee ... it's been a few days since we've had a proper nip slip to entertain ourselves with ... I am happy to report that a new celeb has fallen victim to the see-thru top:

Jude Law, lookin' quite dandy in his scarf and cap, was nippin' out as he left Nobu. I love Jude ... he is one of the gayest straight men around! Hot! [Source]

While Jude was lookin' cute in his outfit, Jessica Alba wasn't so much in this leopard print legging mess:

She looks great from the waist up ... it's the waist down that needs to be taken out into the woods and shot. Leggings must be stopped! Someone needs to take our Hollywood "It" Girls, grab them by the shoulders and shake some sense into them. STOP THE INSANITY ALREADY!!! [Source]

Here are a few promo pictures of Jessica, thankfully not wearing leggings, for the upcoming MTV Movie Awards to be held in LA next month:

She looks cute ... I'm sure she'll do a great job hosting the awards. [Source]

Pink reader Nancy went to high school with Nicky Hilton and sends in these scans from her yearbook of Nicky's Senior Page:

I had no idea that Nicky's full name is Nicholai Olivia Hilton and that her theme song is Material Girl ... and that she used to shop at Delia's -- well, yeah, I guess I can believe that last one. [thanks Nancy]

Kimora Lee Simmons is a big fan of fur, check out this picture of Miss Simmons from the new issue of GQ magazine:

Now that is one classy beyotch, y'all. [Source]

And finally, here's a treat for all you 24 fans ... check out these pictures of a pantsless Kiefer Sutherland enjoying a night of debaucherous fun with a few friends ... like Christian Slater:

The pics look like they come from a tabloid paper but I have no idea when they were taken ... and in the end, who really cares? Homie is NUDE from the waist down. I'm not really surprised that he's a briefs man ... nor am I really surprised that he enjoys dancing around on stage with his bare ass hanging out. Love it! Wouldn't it be kickass to party with Kiefer some time? [Source, thanks Leora]

Les News:
David and I had a complete blast yesterday. TRL was so fun ... I still can't believe that Lindsay gave me such a cool shout out ... she's a doll. As soon as we were done at MTV we had to jet home, get into our tuxedos and make our way to the Time magazine party. We arrived right when Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony arrived ... we ended up walking the red carpet right behind them:

It was so surreal ... we were sandwiched on the red carpet between J. Lo and Queen Noor ... seriously. We rode the elevator with J. Lo, Marc and their people and I can confirm that Jenny is rocking the grey hair like a mofo. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture with her ... she was swept into the throng of people ... but we were able to make useless banter in the elevator. I was lucky enough to get a picture with Will Smith. He was very gracious and kind.

I have to give a shout out to Pink readers Phil, Erin and Jamaal who are photographed here:

I met Phil (top picture) at TRL yesterday and I ran into Erin and Jamaal on 2nd Ave. as I was walking home from the tuxedo rental place.

Oy ... I'm still a bit wiped from all of yesterday's happenings ... I need to be off the computer for a while. I'm out!