Tuesday, May 23, 2006

If You Can't Beat 'Em ... P33N 'Em

Pete Wentz, the bassist and all-around attention whore from the band Fall Out Boy, has decided to use his crotch-region for his own promotional benefit ... and the promotional benefit of one of his labelmates. As you may recall, Pete suffered a wee bit of embarrassment a couple of months ago when his own super-private nude photos were leaked from his Sidekick II to the InterWeb. Peter has since decided that it would be a good idea to try and promote a band on his record label, The Hush Sound, by using his, now-infamous, crotch area. The photos* were attached to the latest Fueled By Ramen newsletter:

-----Original Message-----
To: adam@fueledbyramen.com, nicholas.scimeca@friendsorenemies.com
Subject: NEW PIX!
From: Petey Wentz
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 12:37:32

hey guys.. i took some more pics. let me know what you think.


p.s. the new hush sound cd rules


I don't know that homeskillet is doing the band much good -- the cd must really suck hardcore if Pete is resorting to this tactic to drum up sales. Is anyone interested in buying? Operators are standing by. [Source via Source]

UPDATE: Check it out ... there pictures were also used in an ad in Alternative Press magazine to promote The Hush Sound CD:

Never underestimate the power of the P33N. [Source]

*Incidentally, these pictures are a lot clearer than the first set of photos. It's nice to know that Pete has finally shelled out for a decent digital camera.

The Sloooooooooow Boat To China

I am really starting to get used to the idea of Kevin Federline being out of the picture ... if you catch my drift. Check out these adorable pictures of Britney Spears holding Sean Preston while their heavily 'stached bodyguard "Rico" watches over their safety:

Don't they make a pretty picture ... they make a cute family, too! I really approve of the new men in Britney's life ("Rico" the bodyguard and her new manny). If K-Fed is really on his way out (like we all hope and dream) then either of these 2 new dudes would make a fine daddy for Sean P. They've already spent more time with him over the past few days than K-Fed has in Sean's whole life. [Source]

The sooner that The Federline influence is extracted from Sean Preston's upbringing the better ... check out these pictures of Britney, Sean Preston and some random Spears cousin ... can you make out the real picture vs. the fake picture?

LOL! See, this is why I love the blog Goldenfiddle so much! Actually, Sean's love of Red Bull prolly comes more from his mother's side than his father's ... hey, at least he's not smoking ... yet. [Source, Source]


Well, another season of 24 has come to an end. David, Sashie and I planted ourselves on the couch and prepared for the rip-roaring season finale of 24 ... I must admit that the first hour was a bit of a snooze but the second hour made up for all the ZZZZZZZ's:

I love the fact that if it wasn't for the one lone young Navy seaman who survived the SYNTOX gas attack on the Russian sub then Jack Bauer wouldn't have been able to save the day ("Rooney, what's your status?" "My status is: He's dead"). That portion of the sub story was a bit hard to swallow ... but the fact that that was the most exciting part of the sub story only goes to show how underdeveloped that plot development was. They didn't even launch one single missile?! WTF?! Did you notice how Jack Bauer took 3 blows to the head with a steel wrench and he still was able to kill both Bierko (with his legs) and Henderson without even breaking a sweat?

Chloe rules, y'all ... I just can't say that enough. She does whatever Jack wants without question and without hesitation -- they make the best team ever. I was happy to see Martha, Aaron and Mike team up to bring down the president. I was bummed that Aaron and Martha never got to share a single kiss -- altho, it'd be nice if we find out in future seasons that they finally get together and make the sweet lovin'. And what was up with Chloe's ex-husband (the guy who sells shoes in Beverly Hills) showing up at the last minute? I get that he was needed to help out with Jack's plan to bring down the president because he was a non-government agent -- how much do you want to be that he will be featured in future seasons ... they focused on him way too much, they have to be setting him up for future use.

Finally, Martha Logan got to use her feminine charms to help save her country ... lucky for her Prez Logan is faster than a speeding bullet (it only took him from 6:56 to 7:00 AM to have sex with his wife -- why am I not surprised). I was totally fooled by Jack's plan ... I knew that he had something up his sleeve but I never guessed that he actually bugged the president and got Martha to force his confession -- Brills! It was so simple and yet so perfect. The one thing I didn't buy was how fast the president was arrested. The Attorney General ordered his arrest on the faith of that one recording ... which I cannot believe would ever happen. Do you remember how no one wanted to believe the first recording until it was tested to death? Whatevs ... I had no problem believing the bullshizz ... watching Martha and Mike smirk at Logan as he was being taken into custody was BEAUTIFUL! President Palmer was an amazing character -- he will be missed ...

There was a lot of love on this season of 24 ... I was relieved that Audrey managed to survive the day. She has turned out to be Jack's most successful relationship since the show began (I don't really count his wife because most of their relationship happened before the first season began). You know that Karen and Bill are gonna get buckwild ... the sexual tension between those 2 is insane. The only reason that Karen turned down Bill's breakfast offer was because she wants to meet him up for dessert. I liked that they paid homage to Edgar Stiles one last time ... he is another character that will be sorely missed ...

The big shock at the end was a nice surprise ... I always had in the back of my mind that the Chinese would factor into Jack's story again -- but I gave up on that about midway in the season. I wouldn't be surprised if President Logan tipped off the Chinese while he still had the chance to do so. Jack looked really banged up ... and it's only the beginning. It appears that next season will be all about Jack's escape from China ... which he will accomplish in exactly 24 hours. Uh ... yeah ... well ... at least we have until January 2007 to get used to swallowing that load. [Screencaptures via TwentyFourOnline.com]

I have to send out lots of love and thanks to Natalie from TwentyFourOnline.com. Her site provided all of the 24 screencaps that I was able to use all season long.

X-Men: The Last Stand debuted at the Cannes Film Festival this week and it looks like all of the principle mutants were on hand for the celebration:

Rebecca Romijn looked amazing ... as did Halle Berry's bulbous boobs. The X men were looking pretty good too ... Shawn Ashmore and Hugh Jackman looked hot (obvs) ... and Ian McKellen looked very happy to be groping director Brett Ratner from behind. Even Patrick Stewart was there ... I love him! The cast of X-Men III will be on MTV's TRL on Thursday -- make sure you set those TiVos/DVRs. [Source]

The new romantic comedy The Break-Up starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn had its Hollywood premiere in LA last night, here are a few pictures of Jen not standing anywhere near Vince:

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn kept a healthy distance between them at Monday's Los Angeles premiere of their new romantic comedy, The Break-Up. Aniston walked the red carpet a good five minutes before Vaughn, and the pair never got within 25 feet of each other ... The couple, who got to know each other while making the film, have never confirmed anything more than an off-screen friendship, although Vaughn told Oprah Winfrey this month that Aniston is "just really smart and funny and easy to be with." The only time Jen got near Vince was when they posed for group photos inside the theater ... I don't get why they're still keeping their distance. We all know they're together (having just bought a home together in Chicago) -- let's have it already! Anyways, J. Love Hewitt fixed up her hair a bit -- it's not quite as atrocious as it used to be. Alyssa Milano opted for the permy look ... it only makes her hair look greasy. She really can't rock that peace sign hand gesture very well either. [Source]

Kirsten Dunst is spending some time France for the Cannes Film Festival (where she is promoting her new Sofia Coppola movie Marie Antionette) and was in Cap d'Antibes, France on Monday doing a little vacationing:

I think I can count six ribs, how many jutting bones can you count? [Source]

Check out these hot pictures of David Beckham dancing his little booty off on a rooftop during the England team's Portuguese break ...

... note how the sun glistens off his shimmery bod. Woot! He is just H-A-W-T! [Source]

My homie G Dogg Joel Madden has other homie G Doggs of his own, check out this picture of Joel with one of his Gs right before they robbed a bank:

Awwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeah ... Don't hate. Appreciate! MD for life, y'alls! [Source]

Despite the fact that Richie Sambora claims that he is "single" and no longer attached to Denise Richards here are new pictures of Richie Sambora sucking face with Denise Richards on a beach in Italy yesterday:

Blech! I still don't get those two ... they make such an odd pair. His stomach is so droopy and she doesn't droop anywhere. I just don't understand the attraction. It must be love ... right? [Source, Source]

Speaking of true love, here is a new picture of Tori Spelling with her latest husband Dean McDermott as they arrive at LAX after marrying and honeymooning in Fiji:

If you can tear your eyes away from Tori's frightening crater cleavage take note on how both Tori and Dean are holding her stomach. Could they really be pregs? You know, if it's one thing that I'm sure Tori would be good at it's hiring the right people to raise her baby. [Source]

Here is another picture of Brooke Shields with baby Grier as they head into lunch at The Ivy this past Saturday afternoon:

Mother and daughter look so precious ... I am fully on Team Grier! Where the hell is Team Suri? She's prolly spending time with her godfather XENU on planet ZOLTON. [Source]

Check out these pictures of Prince William swapping spit with a manly-looking British singer, Natasha Hamilton, backstage at the Prince's Trust concert in London this past weekend:

When given the chance of greeting Prince William backstage at the Prince's Trust gig in London, [Natasha] puckered up for all she's worth... And then a bit. And just because he's royalty, that Prince William needn't think he's escaping a bit of stick ... The slightly hunky heir to the throne - who's got a steady girlfriend in the form of Kate Middleton - did his own bit of puckering. Wills and Natasha both closed their eyes (something Showbiz HQ's Dr Love will tell you is a sure sign of passion) and went in for a kiss. Hmmm ... that kiss looks really awkward -- I wonder if he got some kissing tips from his daddy Prince Charles. [Source]

Celebrity Deathmatch returns with an all-new season on MTV2 on June 10th. In addition to pairing up Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton in a fight to the death, they've also paired up Justin Timberlake with Kevin Federline in a battle for ultimate supremacy:

I'm not the biggest Justin Timberlake fan around but I am very much looking forward to JT beating the crap out of K-Fed. LOLOLOLOLOL! [Source]

And finally, Jennifer Aniston is featured in the new issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine:

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ... do try and stay awake. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was a pretty chill day in NYC ... David and I spent much of the day hanging out in his apartment ... busying ourselves with various activities. We had an amazing dinner at a little Thai place called Room Service on 12th St. in the East Village. The food was delish, the service was great and the atmosphere was awesome -- we dined while listening to The Postal Service and Frou Frou. We had a date with David's room mate Sashie on the couch for some bleep-bloop goodness.

One last thing, my girls Erica and Lisette asked me to send out some good luck love to their friend and co-worker Fran:

Best of luck in your new endeavors, Fran -- Erica and Lissette <3 you very much!!! XO

That is all ... I am out.