Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Great X-Pectations

Well ... isn't this interesting ... as of 9:00 AM EST this morning Britney Spears' official website was offline for "maintenance":

It seemed like there would be some sort of huge announcement released on the site but as of 11:00 AM EST the site is back up and fully functional. I'm not giving up hope tho ... there is still hope that there will be some sort of announcement real soon. [Source, thanks Anna]

After all ... Kevin Federline is flying solo these days back in Malibu, CA while Britney is gallivanting all over NYC with their son Sean Preston -- happy as can be (well, when she's not crying over almost-spilled baby) with her 'stached bodyguard Rico. Here are pictures of K-Fed hanging out at a gas station lookin' all lonely:

If we're lucky, Kevin is going to be spending a lot more time at gas stations in the very near future ... you know -- picking up cigs, shopping for groceries, panhandling for change. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Tina discovered that all of Britney's previous Letters of Truth that were hosted on her official site have been removed and the poem she posted last week has been put in their place. Apparently, the poem is "for everyone who thinks they know [her]". Hmmmm ...

Kelly Clarkson was looking hot as hell at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas last night, check out these pictures of Kelly rockin' a superhot red dress on the red carpet:

When she was asked who she thought would win this year's American Idol competition she had no qualms about making her prediction: "I'd say Taylor. He's different, he's unique," Clarkson said of soul singer Taylor Hicks as she arrived at Tuesday's 41st annual Academy of Country Music Awards show. Apparently, everyone thinks that Taylor Hicks is going to win tonight. I, for one, have no opinion on who will win. I'm not really impressed with either one of them. [Source]

WTF? It looks like Dannii Minogue has been spending way too much time hanging out with Victoria Beckham lately ... Dannii has gone from cute and sexy to shiny and plastic:

Boo! Victoria may have no problem pumping up her forehead, lips, cheeks, neck, arms, boobs, etc. with botox and silicone but I wish she would keep her mitts off my dear Dannii. Kylie Minogue needs to get better faster ... she needs to save her sister before it's too late. [Source]

Dannii may be lookin' a little scary in these pictures ... and Posh is scary most of the time ... but neither one of them are as frightening as Kimora Lee Simmons when she tries to look pretty:

I ... uh ... gross ... [Source]

... and speaking of I ... uh ... gross ... check out this picture of Courtney Love who continues to have a bad hair day ...

... actually, it's more like she's having a bad hair life. [Source]

Pink reader Colleen was lucky enough to attend Hugh Hefner's 80th Birthday Celebration: The London Edition last night and sends in these pictures for us all to enjoy:

I love Hef ... the man is the P.I.M.P. of all pimps but he looks a bit ... elderly ... in the pictures where he's being fed tea and is eating his birthday cake. With all this partying that is going on, I wonder if Hugh is gonna make it to 81. [thanks Colleen]

Have you ever wanted to get that glossy-eyed and garish Paula Abdul look that you've always dreamed about? Well, now you can! All it takes to look just like Paula Abdul is a few pieces of jewelry from the Paula Abdul Jewelry Collection ...

... 4 bottles of Jack Daniels and 2 handfuls of prescription pills (your choice). See -- it's that easy! [Source]

Kristin Cavallari really knows how to rock a bikini right:

Boy, she really knows how to get attention, don't she? [Source]

The only thing that Kristin cares about is "getting attention" unlike her Laguna Beach counterpart LC (lookin' like a fried egg) who is featured in latest issue of People magazine:

It's a good think that LC doesn't want to be in magazines every week. Oh wait ... what? She doesn't want attention even tho she signed up for a whole new reality show that is based around her new life "in the fashion industry"? Riiiight. [Source]

Here are a few pictures of Geri Halliwell with her brand new baby girl, Bluebell Madonna, in the new issue of Hello! magazine:

What a precious little lamb ... I love the picture of her wittle feet! Little Bluebell is still too tiny to realize that her mother has ruined her life by naming her Bluebell so she better enjoy this time in her life whilst she still can. [Source]

Defamer is really good at sniffing out the homosexual undertones that accompany our superhero du jour, Superman. Not only is the man in red boots and blue tights fond of wearing red boots and blue tights -- and not only is Supes okay with openly coming out of any ol' closet -- but it appears that Superman also has the hidden fantastical power to shoot rainbows from his fingertips:

You wanna bet that those rainbows compels Superman's opponent to burst into song singing We Are Family while doing the dance routine from N*SYNC's video for the song Pop. [Source via Source]

And finally, here's a little game to occupy 6 seconds of your time this Wednesday afternoon. Can you guess what piteous creature thought that wearing these boots was a good fashion choice?

Click above to see the full size image

Whether you're mucking thru manure piles or cleaning out public restrooms, these boots are the right choice for achieving just the right look. Of course ... it should take you no time at all to guess who is wearing these boots. [Source]

El News:
Yesterday, David and I spent much of the afternoon hanging out in Union Square ... he had to pick up a few things at the sporting goods store and I picked up the new Douglas Coupland book JPod. Last night we were in the mood to see a movie and, out of sheer desperation, decided to go see the movie An American Haunting ... OY! what a mistake that was:

I can't even begin to tell you how horrible this movie is ... for the life of me, I don't understand how both Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland were talked into starring in this flick. The story was horrible ... ridiculous actually. Unfortch, there isn't one good thing I can say about this movie (even the popcorn was a bit stale so I couldn't even be happy about that). I really hope the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences doesn't catch wind of this movie -- I'd hate to see Sissy have her Academy Award get revoked.

Thankfully, not all the movies I've seen recently were all bad ... I was fortunate enough to attend a screening of X-Men: The Last Stand. I have been very anxious to see this film so I jumped at the chance to see this movie ... and let me tell you -- it is an awesome movie:

Please excuse the hyperbole but this movie is the best thing I've seen in a long time. I hate that movies based on comic books get relegated by reviewers as mindless sci-fi entertainment ... I'm telling you, X-Men III is really a great movie. As with the other X-Men movies, there are metaphors coming out the ass. I'm not sure that everyone is willing to make the connection, but I have always associated the persecution of the mutants with the persecution of minorities (gays, lesbians and transgenders in particular) in our everyday lives. I genuinely hope that kids who go see this X-Men movie will consider the way they treat people who are different from themselves. ANYWAYS ... back to the movie itself -- there are so many shocking moments in this film, I cannot dare mention what they are (lest I ruin the surprises). I will say that there is a lot of death in the film. I sat in that theater with my mouth agape on more than one occasion. The plot is based on a new "cure" that suppresses the mutant X gene and reverts mutants to normal human beings. The advent of this cure raises a lot of ethical mutant questions ... and makes for a very interesting storyline. I was just impressed with the whole movie from beginning to end -- it is highly entertaining and does a great job of marrying real life events and the mythos from the comic books. My main problem with this movie was the thinness of the cast. There weren't nearly enough X-Men in this movie. When I think of X-Men I think of a whole army of heroes saving the day. I'm glad that Colossus (HOT! HOT! HOT!) was featured more heavily in this movie (and I'm glad they added Kitty Pride and Angel to the team [but I feel Angel was only added for sex appeal]) but I feel they really needed to feature more X-Men.

The action scenes were hot as hell ... the FX were used sparingly but almost perfectly. Shohreh Aghdashloo (who brilliantly played Mama Araz on the last season of 24) and Ellen Page (who stars in the movie Hard Candy) were both amazing additions to the movie. I am a huge fan of Shohreh and love seeing her in anything. Ellen Page was very cute as Kitty Pryde ... she seemed a totally different girl than the one I saw in Hard Candy.

I'm really trying not to give too much away because I think the element of surprise really adds to the enjoyment of this movie (but if you must be spoiled with too much information, check out the MTVNews review HERE) ... if you have an interest in seeing this movie then you must check it out -- you may love it as much as my friend Joe and I do:

Superman Returns has a lot to live up to ... game on, y'all! [thanks for the photo manip, Joe]

I'm not sure what is going on tonight ... I am really excited for tonight's 2-hour season finale of Lost ... Woot! That is all ... I'm out!