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Friday, May 26, 2006

Gwen Gives Birth To Her L.A.M.B. -- It's A Boy!

Yay! It's happy baby newstime! Gwen Stefani finally popped out her baby ... People magazine is reporting that Gwen and hubby Gavin Rossdale welcomed their baby boy into the world this afternoon in Los Angeles, California:

Gwen Stefani and her husband of three years, rocker Gavin Rossdale, welcomed their first child together on Friday – a 7 1/2 lb. baby boy named Kingston James McGregor Rossdale ... Stefani gave birth at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Both mother and child are doing well, said her rep in a statement. I am so happy and excited for Gwen, Gavin and Kingston. I had a sneaking suspicion that they would give birth to a baby boy (it's been a while since we've had a celeb give birth to a baby boy*). Congrats to the happy family! I know that Gwen is going to be a totally awesome mom. [Source]

*Whoops! I guess I did for get about Moses Paltrow-Martin and Sean Preston Federline ... it just seems like celebs are always giving birth to girls.


What's Good For The Goose

Finally ... people are starting to take the decline of our dear Britney Spears seriously! People are mobilizing the world over in an attempt to Save Britney Spears -- whether it's via websites ( or via other means, like the grass roots campaign organized by Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, it appears that Britney fans aren't going to let her go without a fight:

The famous Madame Tussauds House of Wax in New York is on a mission... a mission to "Bring Back Britney!" The museum hopes the grassroots movement, fueled on the internet, will restore Mrs. Federline to what they believe is her pop star glory. Hoping to gain support for their "cause," Madame Tussauds unveiled its "Britney Spears 2000" wax figure, described as "sexy and scantily clad with heaving breasts." Yes folks. The breast feature animatronic engineering that move them up and down. As for the campaign, fans can go to and sign an online petition to help "Save Britney... from herself, from her husband and from her relentless fertility." Fans can also print out "Bring Back Britney" picket signs and submit their favorite vintage Britney moments. The waxy Britney is wearing a gold two-piece outfit and is hanging upside down, attached to a pole. Tussauds describes the likeness is described as "pre-baby and pre-Federline." Hallelujah! It's about time we did something about all of her foolishness ... I miss the "pre-baby and pre-Federline" Brit Brit ... if there is anything that we can do, as a people, to bring her back I think it is our right, nay our duty, to help out. Together -- we can make a difference! [Source]

Things continue to look up for Britney Spears fans, the Daily Mirror is reporting that Spederline are close to being dunzo: AFTER just 20 stormy months of marriage, Britney Spears has finally had enough of her loser husband Kevin Federline. For weeks they've been leading separate lives. Now their relationship is so strained that Britney - who is pregnant with their second child - has banished 28-year-old Federline to a self-contained "bachelor" flat in the basement of their Californian mansion. Britney saw red after returning from New York this week to find her layabout hubby lounging around, drinking and smoking dope. The 24-year-old pop star is said to hate seeing Kev's slacker mates near their eight-month old son, Sean Preston, and has now decided she doesn't want him around her either. Ominously, her spokesman refused to deny claims yesterday that she thinks her second marriage is over and wants a divorce. I must be dreaming ... this can't be real ... can it? I'm keeping my fingers crossed ... Woot!

Paris Hilton is at it again ... yesterday she was spotted cavorting in front of video cameras, wearing next to nothing and opening flashing her boobs. No, she wasn't hard at work on a new sex tape she was merely filming her first music video:

Click image to see the uncensored NSFW pic

TMZ obtained this video, shot in Malibu, Calif., as she shoots the video for her new single. Paris does what she does best -- writhes around in the sand, grabs herself and lip syncs. At one point, Paris is so into the music, she (oops!) pulls her swimsuit off! Whatevs ... who here is surprised about this stunt ... her whole "career" is based on shizz like this. Click HERE to see the TMZ video for yourself. [Source]

What have we here? Check out these (semi-NSFW) pictures of Brian Austin Green getting a hand job from his girlfriend Megan Fox underneath a cafe table in plain view of anyone who happened to be walking by ... including the paparazzi who were able to photograph the whole incident:

Damn! Who knew that David Silver had such a huge meat sword ... Donna Martin is a lucky girl, it appears that he really was worth the wait (did you know about this, Sarah?). Hmmm ... pardon me if I'm a bit skeptical ... it really looks like he's got a cucumber stuffed into his pants ... but, boy, if it's real -- then I salute you Brian Austin Green! [Source]

Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman paid a little visit to MTV's TRL yesterday afternoon, here are a couple pictures of the X-Persons getting all smoochy-woochy:

Earlier in the day, Hugh and Halle met up with their X-Men III co-star Kelsey Grammar on the USS Kearsage so that they could spend some time with the Navy peeps who are in port here in NYC for Fleet Week. Let the X-Men promo commence ... [Source, Source]

Kate Bosworth, the normally nice and sweet actress who landed the role of Lois Lane in the upcoming movie Superman Returns, apparently doesn't like being photographed while she's out shopping for new furniture:

Perhaps she's pissed that the paps are taking pictures of her wearing those terrrrrible leggings? Maybe she doesn't want people seeing her horrid roots? Maybe she's just dealing with cramps? [Source]

Kate Bos isn't the only pissy Kate out there in celebland ... check out these pictures of Kate Moss going ape shizz on a couple of paparazzi as the photograph her walking around in North London:

Frankly, we're lucky Kate Moss won't be taking any penalties for England in the World Cup. She's not all that good at hitting the target. Her latest target was a snapper who'd apparently done something to nark her as she went to visit a friend in north London. She suddenly deviated from her head-down, walk directly to destination routine whilst being followed by a paparazzo, and appeared to adopt a kung fu-style kick. It didn't connect with the photographer but, once safely inside her mate's front garden, she turned round and gave him a stern telling-off - complete with finger wag. LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Go Kate Go! I love it when celebs freak out on the paparazzi ... Hee Hee! [Source, Source]

Michelle Rodriguez has turned herself in to the police to begin serving her 60-day jail sentence for breaking probation by getting arrested for drunk driving in Hawaii. Altho Michelle loves being in jail because it's "cool", she has vowed to move to France after she completes her sentence:

Rodriguez will serve 60 days in a Los Angeles jail for a DUI-related probation violation. She showed up at LA Metro Court on Thursday with her lawyer to start her term. Less than a day earlier, Rodriguez was videotaped walking outside of a book store on Melrose Avenue, where she told photographers she's not long for the U.S. "I'm moving to France," she says. "You know, people don't bother you there. I do what I got to do. Then I leave the country and never come back." I can't believe how much time she is actually spending in jail -- who knew that celebs actually had to serve jail sentences in this day and age. Well, she'll be missed ... I hope she brushes up on the liquor laws in France ... and she probably should hire a chauffeur. [Source]

Shawn Ashmore and his girlfriend Michelle Trachtenberg are in NYC so that he can partake in the promotion for his new movie X-Men: The Last Stand ... Shawny looks hot but as much as I love Michelle, I cannot abide by those evil capri pants!

Boy, I hope I never run into that girl while she's wearing capris! I might have to give her a good piece of my mind! [Source]

The cute and pixie-like Kylie Minogue is spending some time in France again after spending time in London working on new music. Here are pictures of Kylie as she leaves Le Lido Cabaret in Paris:

Her sack dress is a little frump and I'm not too crazy about the baby poop yellow color but Kylie looks cute no matter what she wears. I just lurve her! [Source]

Check out these pictures of Victoria Beckham as she is being driven around Madrid as she chats on her limited edition gold Dolce & Gabbana Motorola RAZR V3i cell phone:

She is lookin' a hot mess but that phone is pretty pimp. It's interesting that she looks more human-like when she's not wearing any make-up. Perhaps she is a humanoid after all and not some freaky alien being who has come to this planet to eat the souls of innocent Earthlings. Nah ... that's just crazy talk. [Source]

Has it finally happened? Has the truth finally come out? Jared Leto sat down with for a friendly little AIM chat and openly disclosed to the interviewer that he is gay ... as a "goose" ... in that Morrissey way:

TyeinMusic: but wait. back up... are you gay or not?
TyeinMusic: cuz if not, that was SO mean!
ThirtySecondLeto: hahaha
ThirtySecondLeto: I'm like Morrissey.
TyeinMusic: and... morrissey's kinda gay
TyeinMusic: when he's not being celibate :)
ThirtySecondLeto: i thought he was asexual?
TyeinMusic: oh, he's totally doin' it now.
TyeinMusic: listen to the new CD ;)
ThirtySecondLeto: good for him. let it all out man
TyeinMusic: hahaha
ThirtySecondLeto: if people only knew the real stories...

I would be great if this were true but I kinda don't believe a word of it. By joking around like this, Jared ensured that bloggers all over the place would be talking about this interview -- and it was kind of a genius move. Who knows, if Britney can finally wise up and get rid of K-Fed than it might be possible that all those Jordan Catalano fantasies weren't far off at all -- it's all in the realm of feasibility. Hey, didn't Jared used to date Cameron Diaz for a while ... that alone might have done the trick to make him gay. [Source]

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are featured in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine, here are a few pictures from their photoshoot:

Vinnifer are sooooo in love ... it kinda makes me sick. You watch, they're gonna keep the secret of their relationship as long as they can and when they finally come clean about the truth they'll prolly end up breaking up. Ah ... Hollywood love ... ain't it grand? [Source]

Earlier this week we saw the cover of Interview magazine featuring Lindsay Lohan doing her best Elizabeth Taylor impersonation ... here are the other pictures of Linds from that issue:

She looks all sultry ... I don't really like her with the short hair wig but she does make a pretty good, young Liz Taylor. [Source]

The Kristin Cavallari train just keeps chugging along ... check out this new ad for Bongo clothing and accessories which features only Kristin:

Firstly, she looks hawt (and so do the dudes). Secondly, I love that the last Bongo ad campaign featured all of the Laguna Beach kids and now they're nowhere to be seen. Have they all been 86ed in lieu of working only with Kristin? It sure looks that way. [Source]

And finally, I'm not sorry that I missed watching the American Idol finale this week but I do regret missing out on watching Prince perform on the show. I still can't believe that he decided to appear on the show but I hear he put on a kickass performance:

Prince rulz, y'all! Here's hopin' that homie goes on tour this summer. [Source, Source]

The News:
I planned on going to TRL yesterday but I just couldn't make it on time to get on the show. It was announced that 9 castmembers from X-Men: The Last Stand would appear but at the last minute, 7 of them fell away and only Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman appeared. I still wanted to go but I just couldn't make it.

Last night, David and I had dinner with his sister Eden at a place called Tai Thai. After dinner, David and I grabbed a drink at Phoenix bar in the East Village before catching a midnight viewing of X-Men: The Last Stand:

I was excited to see the film again so David and I decided to catch the first showing available. We got to the theater 1/2 hour early only to find a line of ticketholders wrapping around the block. We thought we wouldn't get to see the movie but we managed to get a couple of tickets at the automated kiosk inside. I really wanted to go see the movie again because when I saw the movie at a screening last week I didn't stay to see the clip that runs at after the credits rolled. Trust me, if you go see X-Men III you have to say til the end of the credits -- you won't be sorry.

I'm not exactly sure what's going on tonight ... but I'm sure we'll come up with something fun to do. Have a great weekend, y'all! Happy Early Memorial Day!!!

I'm out.



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