Saturday, June 03, 2006

Meet The Parents

I love it ... I love seeing our fave manny carrying our dear Sean Preston as he walks 2 steps behind our Britney Spears. Here are a few more pictures of the happy family from their stroll in Malibu, CA earlier this week:

Photo Credit: Starface via Finalpixx

They look perfect for one another ... all of them ... especially Sean and Henry/Perry the manny. It's nice to see a father holding his son ... and since we've never actually seen Kevin Federline holding his son, this is a nice change of pace. C'mon Team Manny! You can win it all! [Source]

Ashlee Simpson, the newly crowned hottest Simpson daughter, paid a little visit to MTV's TRL (which was taping this week in San Diego for MTV's Summer Sizzle kick-off) to show the world her gorgeous new look (the nose was lookin' fabu and the swelling in her lips were at prime proportions) and to preview her new Million Dollar Baby-inspired video for her new single Invisible:

Ashlee Simpson seems to have two sources of inspiration for her "Invisible" video -- "Million Dollar Baby" and Chumbawamba's "Tubthumping" -- because when she gets knocked down, she gets up again ... "It's a really cool concept," Simpson said. "It's basically about life, about finding the courage to get back up and keep fighting, which I think everybody deals with every day." Taking her punches this time in a boxing ring, Simpson plays a pugilist a la Hilary Swank's "Million Dollar" character, and to help channel a bit of Maggie Fitzgerald's fighting spirit, the singer shot the clip at the same facility used in the movie. She also took a few crash-course boxing lessons, where she found her previous experience as a dancer came in handy. "I had one day of training, and right now," on the second day of shooting, "I'm one sore beyotch," she joked. Because the emphasis of the video, directed by Marc Webb (Simpson's "Boyfriend," Hilary Duff's "Wake Up"), is how she takes it on the chin, Simpson couldn't use a stunt double and had to take more than a dozen falls on her face. That was intense, she said, but what was harder was repressing her sense of humor. "I giggle all the time, and I laugh at everything," Simpson said, "and Marc told me to be tough and not laugh in the ring. That was difficult." The song is a bit slow but it's not bad. I'm just really glad that Ash is lookin' so hot these days -- even her hair is cute! I think she finally found the winning formula ... and it's about time. [Source]

According to, Brad Pitt was photographed leaving the Tracie Martyn Institute in NY this past Tuesday. What uberimportant skin care emergency do you suppose could have dragged new dad Brad from his newborn child Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, Angelina and co. in Namibia all the way back to NYC? I know skin care is important but isn't this a bit ridiculous?

Hmmm ... maybe the whole family is back in the US and only Brad was caught by the paps. If so, then it won't be long before we get new pictures of newer mommy Angelina and the rest of her brood. I wanna see Shiloh! [Source]

Star magazine has awesome pictures of the Pitt family's arrival in Namibia just before and just after the birth of baby Shiloh. Here picture of Brad's parents arriving in Namibia (presumably before Brad was seen in NYC) by way of private jet for their first visit with their newborn granddaughter:

And here is a picture of Brad's brother Doug playing with Maddox and hanging out with a ginormous Angelina on a Namibian beach on the day before she gave birth:

Yowza! Angelina got huuuuuge. Star magazine also reports that mother and child are doing just fine since the birth: Angelina Jolie and her newborn daughter Shiloh Nouvel are both doing well after the baby's delivery by Caesarian-section, sources tell Star ... "Angelina and Brad are overjoyed with Shiloh," a friend of the couple told Star. "She's beautiful." Shiloh can be a name for a girl or boy. Pronounced SHYE-loh, it's origin is Hebrew where it means God's Gift. In the bible, it's a prophetic name for the Messiah. And Shiloh is also the site of an important battle fought in Tennessee in the American Civil War in 1862. Nouvel is a French word that means 'new' in English. Wee! This is all great info ... but we need pix of that baby already. [Source]

Here is a picture of also newer dad Gavin Rossdale leaving Buddha's Belly restaurant with a couple of parental-looking folks a few days after wifey Gwen Stefani gave birth to her baby boy Kingston James McGregor:

I'm not sure which set of parentals these folks are (the Rossdales or the Stefanis) but they seem to be having a good time with Gavin. It's funny how the new dads are already out getting facials, chemical peels and hearty meals while the new moms are being sequestered away from sight. Ah well ... it's prolly better this way ... as soon as the women come out of hiding they are going to be swarmed with countless onlookers. [Source]

Nick and Aaron Carter, never ones to turn down freebies of any sort, were both on hand for the Pre-MTV Movie Awards Hollywood Life Style Lounge presented by LIVEstyle Entertainment in LA yesterday afternoon ... it looks like they picked up some pretty cool swag and got to pose with another one of Hollywood's beloved freeloaders:

What I want to know is how LaToya Jackson got past security. Could it be that she was confused for younger sister Janet? At any rate, it looks like the Carters and Ms. Jackson had a fine time at this pre-awards event. [Source]

Hold on to y'alls lunches ... check out this picture of Serena Williams sunnin' her goodies on a beach in Miami earlier this week:

Yeah, I think Yikes! pretty much says it all. [Source]

And finally, here is your first look at the alleged cover artwork for Paris Hilton's debut single Stars are Blind:

On Friday, Paris called into LA radio station KIIS FM's morning show (hosted by Ryan Seacrest) to debut the single live on the radio before chatting with Ryan about her other business ventures: After the debut of the song, callers compared her voice and sound to that of Gwen Stefani ... TMZ has learned that Paris would not take any calls from listeners asking about the Brandon Davis video that appeared on TMZ. The only two calls that made air were fans telling her how great the song was. During the interview, the 'Simple Life' star opened up about her upcoming film career. For starters, she will star in the comedy 'The Hottie and the Naughty' where she plays -- you guessed it -- the hottie. But that's not all ... Paris also told Ryan she will be working with 'Spiderman' director Stan Lee in a superhero movie. A SUPERHERO MOVIE?! Oy! TMZ has a clip of the song HERE ... enjoy? [Source, thanks Lindsey]

David and I arrived in LA last night at about 9pm PST and met up with Jim and Davey at the airport. We booked it home to change so that we could grab something to eat. We had a quick bite to eat at the 101 Diner (coincidentally, Bam Margera was dining there as well) before we went out for drinks at MJ's in Silverlake:

We got to meet Jim's new friend Gavin ... and then we proceeded to enjoy the rest of the night. The music wasn't that great but we made the most of it. This was the one time I was glad that shizz shuts down at 2am around here ... I was really tired.

Today is a gonna be a loooong day ... we'll be tied up with the MTV Movie Awards from about 3pm on ... it should be a blast!

I'll have all the deets tomorrow! I'm out!

PS: The weather here is to die for ... Woot!