Saturday, June 10, 2006

War Of The World Cup

Bulaurgh ... I had a red eye flight home from LA last night which meant that I got into Detroit at 6AM (which felt to me like 3AM) so I came home and ended up crashing ... hard. I did get some good sleep ... which is good because I've got a long night to look forward to tonight. Let's get to it ...

Now, I realize that I am the last person on Earth that should be talking about the World Cup soccer tourney that is going on in Germany for the next month ... but the prominence of David Beckham in World Cup news has got me paying more attention. I doubt that I'll watch any of the games (altho, in my heart I suppose I'm rooting for Team USA -- as futile as that may be ... maybe I should be rooting for Team Mexico? er ... I'm rambling now, time to get back on point) but the more I pay attention to what's going on the more it all intrigues me. The first thing that I noticed was the strange-looking World Cup trophy ... doesn't it look scarily similar to the poster artwork for the Tom Cruise movie War of the Worlds?

Cree-py ... I know that Scientology is trying to get involved with NASCAR racing (presumably in the hopes that they can win some converts in the racing circuit) so I wonder if they're interested in snagging some footies as well? I know that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (the first couple of Scientology) have spent some time with David and Victoria Beckham (the first couple of Soccer) in recent months ... I really hope they're able to resist the temptation to jump aboard the Scientology bandwagon. Yipes! Those Scientologists are sneaky ...

But speaking of David Beckham ... Pink reader Linne sends in these hawt pictures of Becks as he prepares to get to work on the soccer field:

Oh yes ... fit and nimble ... just the way I like 'em. Wait ... why don't I watch soccer games more often? At the very least, I should be watching the soccer pre-game footage. Woot! [thanks Linne]

Toni Braxton and Simon Cowell supergroup Il Divo performed together at a pre-show event for the World Cup ... the performance was basically an over-dramatic cheesefest ... until the wind machine got turned on ... then it became a soft-core porn peep show:

If you're at all interested in watching the performance for yourself, you can do so HERE ... but I warn you, it's not as interesting as the pictures above. Enjoy! [Source]

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale took little Kingston James out for his first foray into the big, bad world yesterday ... here are pictures of the happy family (including a well hid Kingston) on their way into the Beverly Hills Medical Plaza, presumably for a little check up:

Gwen and Gavin look so happy ... it looks like little Kingston is gonna be a boy's boy -- he's already rockin' the camouflage lined baby carrier/car seat. I wonder how long it'll be until we get to see what he looks like. [Source]

Geri Halliwell has also decided to take her newborn baby, daughter Bluebell Madonna, out into the world ... here are pictures of the lovely ladies taking a stroll in the park:

Look at those tiny legs ... she's so cute! I get that Geri wants to be close to her baby at all times but it looks so unsafe to be walking around a park holding your baby like that. Maybe she should as the Stefani-Rossdales where they got their camo baby carrier and get one for Bluebell too. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan was on hand for the Cartier/Interview magazine Celebrate Love party in NYC on Thursday night and it appears that she brought along all of her red carpet greatest hits tricks and poses:

Yep ... they're all there except for the arm behind the head one ... I have to say, I'm not a fan of the scowl. She looks much better when she's smiling ... I think she should lose the scowly pouty face and leave it for her BFF Karl Lagerfeld. [Source]

Paris Hilton was on hand for the unveiling Of Idols Of Gay Hollywood exhibit in LA also on Thursday night and it looks like she had an unveiling of her own ... is there a new puppy love romance in Paris' life these days?

Where did that mangy-lookin' mutt come from? Has Paris abandoned her love of chihuahuas and kinkajous for the love of dirty stray dogs? Does Tinkerbell know about this? Is Tinkerbell even still alive? Should I really be worrying so much about this? [Source]

Um ... aren't the Pussycat Dolls supposed to be sexy? At the very least, aren't they supposed to be attractive? Shouldn't have someone given this information to Denise Richards before she attempted to dress like a Pussycat Doll?

Yeah, I'm not surprised that a whole flock of birds decided to take roost in her ratty hair right there on the red carpet of the Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas last night. I'm not a huge fan of the Pussycat Dolls (altho, it pains me to no end to admit that I really, really love their new song Buttons [featuring Big Snoop Dogg] which seems to be played on every radio station and in every club at every hour of every day) but I think that Denise is doing them a huge disservice by wearing one of their outfits. I'd sue her for defamation. [Source]

And finally, Pink reader Sarah managed to snag a screencap of my brief cameo at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards preshow which aired on Thursday night. I didn't get to watch the awards myself (yet ... but my Sarah did DVR it so that I can watch it with her this week) but I did get a bunch of emails letting me know that I showed up in the background of Pete Wentz' interview with Hayden Christensen:

Hahhahah ... maybe I can make a career of showing up in the background when famous people are being photographed and interviewed ... no wait ... I think I'd rather not. At any rate, it was cool to get caught on film like this ... LOL [thanks Sarah]

The News:
David and I spent our last day in LA putzing around town in our rental car. We actually got pretty good at navigating around LA (with the aid of Google Maps for the BlackBerry). We had lunch at the Sunset Plaza and then visited some friends out in Burbank. We ended up running into Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone!

I asked Jamie all about his new relationship with Mena Suvari and he was all telling me about how they've got this special love that the world isn't ready for ...

Actually, I did get to see the ep of Jamie and Stu's new show Blowin' Up and knew that he was trying to pull a fast one by getting photographed with Mena as if they were a new couple. We talked a bit about their new album (which is due out on July 11th) and they fessed up that they're both Pink is the new Blog readers ... which is sooo hot. The guys were really cool ... I can't wait to hear some of their hot rap shizz.

After we kicked it with Jamie and Stu, David and I dropped off our rental and had a last meal before Jim took us to the airport. The flight home was not ideal ... I didn't get any sleep ... David was seated next to a very, shall I say, bothersome person. We said our goodbyes in the Smith Terminal of Detroit Metro Airport (which is very romantic, especially behind the Delta podium at gate C3) and parted ways. Boo.

Tonight Sarah and I (and I'm not sure who else) will be partaking of the June edition of SASS at OSLO:

SASS was soooo hawt last month ... we'll see if DJ's Nathan and Mike can bring the heat again tonight.

That is all, I'm out!