Saturday, June 17, 2006

Makin' Headlines

Spederline are in full damage control mode this Father's Day weekend ... it appears that the "happy family" are doing their darndest to try and undo some of the mess that Britney Spears made during her disastrous Dateline interview this past Thursday night ... you know, the interview where she shot herself in the foot with a machine gun? After months and months of not appearing together, Spederline decided to take a family trip together to Miami, FL. Check out these pictures of the fam maxin' and relaxin':

I'm sure they had *no idea* that the paparazzi would be there to take tons of pictures of them frolicking in the water looking happy as can be. Isn't it interesting that Britney pleads with the paparazzi on national television to leave her alone and yet is fine with using them for her own ends? Hmmmm ... I will say this, tho, Sean Preston looks so cute and thank the gods that she finally put a hat on him to shield his head from the harsh sun (granted, he isn't always wearing the hat but something is better than nothing). [Source, Source, Source]

While Britney is bizzy telling the world that she's just a normal human being, Kevin Federline is bizzy cultivating his music career ... er, well at least he's trying to attain a music career. Here are pictures from K-Fed's mega-dope party at Mansion nightclub in Miami Beach:

Ain't he just the dopest? This pretty fly for a white guy guy is really workin' overtime to hype up the release of his debut album. Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on a copy ... aren't y'all excited to hear K-Fed bust a rhyme as well? [Source]

Here are new pictures of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their newborn baby girl Shiloh Nouvel getting back into the swing of things since returning from Namibia where Brangelina gave birth last month. Even tho Angelina was cool with pimpin' out little Shiloh for magazines the world over, it appears that she's not quite ready to give us any candid peeks at the little darling just quite yet:

Photo credit: Finalpixx

Angelina had spent the day at a friend's gaff in Beverly Hills. As she left pals held up blankets to keep little Shiloh hidden. Angelina is worried about exposing Shiloh to the sun and, it seems, to photographers ... In Malibu, Brad was hiding from paparazzi too and he sped off on his motorbike when he spotted them. Yep, it looks like things are getting back to normal for Brangelina. Click HERE to watch video of Ang and Shiloh getting into their car (OOOOH! Exciting!) [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal got all cutesy with a female fan at the Urth Cafe in LA this week, here are pictures of a fidgety Jakey blessing the chick with a laying on of the hands:

Yeah, I'm with the dude in the background ... Le sigh. [Source]

Ryan Seacrest had a run-in with a fan of his own earlier this week ... unfortch for the female fan, Ryan wasn't all that she hoped he would be:

What the hell was she thinking? And hello, would it have killed her to slap Ryan in the head for going out in public wearing those manpris?! Boo! [Source]

The ever sweaty Brandon Davis thinks he's a funny guy ... well, okay ... wearing this shirt he kinda is a funny guy:

As ridiculous as his firecrotch rant on Lindsay Lohan was, I have to give him props for pulling off this hilarious t-shirt. I also have to give him snaps for getting his boozy ass into rehab: Brandon Davis, the infamous oil heir, checked himself into a rehabilitation clinic yesterday evening, a source close to Brandon confirms to TMZ this afternoon. Late last night, it was reported by In Touch Weekly that Davis had entered the Passages facility in Malibu, a $75,000-per-month center frequently sought out by the rich and famous. "Yes, I am checking into rehab today," said Davis, according to In Touch. "I am on my way right now." Executive Editor Dan Wakeford issued the following statement to TMZ: "A reporter spoke to Brandon Davis at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, where he stayed for a few days before checking himself into rehab." He's finally trying to be a good boy ... now if he'd only try and be an ungreasy boy he'd be all set. Good luck with that, Brandon! [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of the amazing Prince performing on Good Morning America's Concert Series stage yesterday morning:

My friend Brad managed to catch this Prince performance live and in person (after spending the whole debaucherous night before celebrating his 24th birthday in high style). Sure, it would easy for me to say something snarky about Prince's pencil-stache and odd hairline but he is just 2 funky 4 criticism. Prince rulz, y'all! [Source]

Charlie Sheen is finally taking his new chick out in public so that the world can see that Denise Richards isn't the only one enjoying the sex these days ...

... the new chick is a real-estate investor named Brooke Mueller and altho she's not as famous as Richie Sambora, she doesn't have a gross beer belly like Richie does either -- point for Team Charlie. [Source]

Brandon Routh is on the cover of this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine brandishing his heaving S-laiden chest ...

... but even cooler than that, Pink is the new Blog is listed among the magazine's list of 100 Sites to Bookmark Now:

Woot! To even be on EW's radar is thrilling enough but to make it into the pages of the magazine is a complete honor. EW is deffo the bible of the entertainment biz and I am utterly geeked beyond belief to make the list. [Source]

And finally, here are a few (bootleg homemade) screencaps from my appearance on CNN's Showbiz Tonight that aired last night:

A bunch of us got together at Sarah's last night to unwind for a bit before we ventured out for dancing and we gathered around the TV at 11PM to see if I looked like an ass on cable TV. I was bummed that I flubbed a bit in my second response but am overall very happy with the whole thing. Thank you all for the supportive and generous comments that many of you have been leaving me since the show aired last night. I'm gonna do my best to try get the segment onto You Tube so that those of you who missed it can see it for yourself. In the meantime, click HERE to read the transcript of the entire show. [thanks Kelly]

The News:
So yeah ... after I got the call from CNN I spent the afternoon trying to prepare myself for the interview (i.e. I did my best to keep from puking on my shoes) and then made my way to HD Studios in Southfield, MI to tape my interview. Megan was kind enough to go with me for moral support:

The interview was taped live at 5:30PM (which means there was no opportunity for retakes, the camera just kept on rolling). I got to wear that earpiece that newscasters wear so they can hear the questions being posed to them by the interviewer. I had to remember to keep looking into the camera when responding otherwise I'd look dumb. I have to say, it was a nice feeling having A.J. Hammer talking in my ear ... whispering if you will ... no wonder I got a little flustered in my response ;) Joe and Dave, the guys who filmed me in the studio, were so cool ... they really made me feel comfortable ... they brought my anxiety level way down ... which was much appreciated.

After the taping was finished, Megan and I went over to Sarah's to prepare for the night's festivities. These preparations included, but were not limited to, eating chips and pizza and drinking various alcoholic concoctions that Sarah wanted to try out on us ... twas very fun. We hung out until Showbiz Tonight aired and then made our way out to Ann Arbor for some dancing at Necto:

As soon as we walked in they started playing Britney Spears' Me Against The Music and we got to work. We had a blast ... I have to admit, I'm gonna miss Necto after I move out to LA in just a few short weeks.

We got home really late and I ended up crashing at Sarah's ... Tonight, I'm trekking out to visit Tracey and Zakiya. The plan for tonight tonight is either to go to the Deth Lab party at OSLO or to get our freak on at Backstreet. Hmmm ... decisions, decisions ...

That is all ... I'm out!