Monday, June 19, 2006

Gonna Make You Sweat

A new week has begun and we're well on our way towards another beautiful summer (and even tho in years previous I'd be celebrating the end of the school year, I'm still very excited for the warm summer months to come). Despite the fact that Britney Spears appeared on Dateline last Thursday, the media just won't stop talking about it. Page Six reports that the Dateline staff was shocked when they arrived at Britney's home only to find that there were no publicists or stylists to be found on the premises: "Neither of her publicists, Leslie Sloane Zelnick or Nanci Ryder, showed up," said our source. Spears insisted on doing her own hair and makeup - a regrettable decision. Web sites derided her hair as a "rat's nest" and, when she started crying during the interview, one of her fake eyelashes fell off. "When [the NBC crew] got there, they thought they had the wrong day . . . During the interview, no one was there to rein things in," we're told ... Spears wore flip-flops, a see-through tank and micro-mini jeans. Reps tried to control the damage on Friday. "They asked NBC not to release footage to places like E!," said a source. Asked why Spears was on her own for the interview, Sloane Zelnick said, "Britney is a grown-up and makes her own decisions." Boy ... Leslie Sloane Zelnick's spin-job is a real stretch. Click HERE to read Entertainment Weekly's opinion on the interview ... EW argues that Britney actually got off kinda easy since Matt Lauer didn't press her on her weak responses to the tough questions (i.e. K-Fed's relationship with Shar Jackson, her quest for privacy in the wake of her decision to sell her reality show Britney & Kevin: Chaotic, etc.). It appears that the debate rages on ...

Spederline, meanwhile, appear to be doing their best to put the whole debacle behind them. On the day that the Dateline interview aired, the whole family jetted off to Miami Beach, FL for a little R&R. Here are a couple pictures of Britney and Kevin perched atop the balcony of their hotel room:

It would seem that the couple is finally getting advice from her handlers. It makes sense that Spederline would go out of their way to appear the happy family in order to counteract the damage done by Britney's interview. And so ... the saga continues. I'm sure it's going to be an interesting summer following these 2 around. [Source]

Much Music threw their Video Music Awards in Toronto, Canada yesterday ... and while the starpower wasn't overwhelming there were a few pretty cool appearances by some pretty cool people:

Toronto native Shawn Ashmore was on hand for the festivities, along with the likes of Amanda Bynes, Nick Lachey and the ever-present Paris Hilton. [Source]

The MMVAs featured performances by Canadians Nelly Furtado and Simple Plan as well as a few US bands like Yellowcard and Fall Out Boy:

I didn't actually get to watch the awards but if you're at all interested in finding out who walked home with Much Music Video Awards you can see a full list of winners HERE. [Source]

On the other side of the pond, a whole slew of other musical stars took to the stage at the T4 On The Beach concert in Weston-Super-Mare, UK. Here are a few pictures of Dannii Minogue tearing up the stage during her performance:

You know ... one might think that I would hate her frizzy do-it-yourself perm job but I don't really mind it so much ... I kinda hate her peek-a-boo top but I've seen her wear worse. I'm just really glad to see that Dannii still manages to get booked for shows like this ... it must be really hard being Kylie Minogue's younger (and less successful) sister but I <3 her! She rulz, y'all! [Source]

T4 On The Beach also featured other performers as well ... here are a few of the other folks who were on hand for the festival:

While I love the new Pussycat Dolls single Buttons I'm not too fond of the group itself. I really think they could lose 3 of the girls (preferably the more manly ones) and still have a very solid group. I can't believe that Will Young was trying to pull off that Debbie Gibson Electric Youth ensemble -- he wore the vest and everything! LOL! Busta looked good as did the All-American Rejects ... is it me or is that band getting hotter every day? Hmm ... [Source]

Awwwwww, check out these supercute pictures of Gwen Stefani holding little Kingston James as they watched daddy Gavin Rossdale play tennis:

Photo credit: WENN

They are just the cutest family ever ... just look at that little baby! I'm sure Gavin had the best Father's Day of his life yesterday with his brand new baby boy and his hot wife. [Source]

In other happy couple news, it appears that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban getting very close to becoming a married couple. Check out this screencap from KeithUrban.NET:

Nicole Kidman's publicist also issued the exact same statement regarding their upcoming nuptials: "We are very happy to be back in Australia. We have come home to celebrate our wedding with our family and friends," the couple said in a statement issued by Kidman's publicist in Sydney. Australian television showed Kidman leaving a private jet in the early hours of Monday, but there was no sign of Urban. Local media reported Kidman and Urban were tipped to tie the knot at a Catholic church near her family home in Sydney's northern suburbs on the weekend. Awww ... they're already sharing publicists. Let me be among the first congratulate the happy couple! Keith seems a much better fit for Nicole than Tom Cruise did ... you know, cuz Keith isn't, you know, crazy. [Source, thanks Julie]

Now see ... this is how I like to see Jake Gyllenhaal go out for a bike ride:

There's no need to wear the ridiculous spandex outfit to go for a nice bike ride around town. Now if only he'd leave his shirt at home ... that would make it all even better. [Source]

Who knew that Colin Farrell was such a twinkle toes? Here are a few pictures of a very sweaty Colin learning how to cut a rug for his new movie Miami Vice:

LOL! If the whole acting thing doesn't work out then maybe Colin can try out for a boy band ... or a cheerleading troop. [Source]

While Colin Farrell can get all sweaty and stay semi-sexy, the same cannot be said for Mr. Marc Anthony ... check out these pictures of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony boarding a private plane together:

I didn't know that zombies had sweat glands that still functioned. See ... you learn something new everyday. [Source]

Kimberly Stewart is at it again ... will someone please tell the poor girl that it's really not cool to shop at DEB anymore no matter what anyone else tells you:

Is there no one who can help this girl? I might even foot the bill for the make-over. [Source]

Princes William and Harry were both on hand for the latest 80th birthday celebration for Queen Elizabeth over the weekend and it looks like they got really close to their uncles Princes Edward and Andrew ...

... reaaaaaaaaally close. Is it wrong that this picture is kinda hot? Yes ... yes, it's very wrong. [Source]

Awww yeahhhh ... check out this dope pic of American Idol Taylor Hicks as he surprised the audience on Saturday night at the City Stages 2006 concert in Alabama ... by taking the stage to perform with ... Snoop Doggie Dogg?

Snoop spat the rhymes while Taylor provided the harmonica accompaniment. I can't even imagine what the afterparty was like. [Source]

Here are some new pictures of Kirsten Dunst and James Franco filming scenes for Spider-Man 3 in Central Park in NYC ...

... talk about your star perks ... free Poland Springs water? And as much of it as one can drink??? That's hot! [Source]

And finally, I don't really have a World Cup update to provide for y'all today ... but I do have this picture of Cristiano Ronaldo sent in by Pink reader Heidi to share will all y'all:

There's something about a soccer player and his balls that just puts a spring in my step. Wee! [thanks Heidi]

Les News:
I got to spend yesterday afternoon chillin' with my dad before hanging out with Sarah and her mom. Sarah and I met up with her mom at the mall before going out for a nice dinner at Bahama Breeze. I really wanted to spend some time with Sarah's mom because I won't get to see her again before my move to LA.

After dinner, Sarah and I talked about going to the movies but we ended up just going back to her place to chill out and pig out on junk food. Boy ... I'm gonna miss that.

I have no plans for today ... but I'm sure I'll find 10 million things to get done before my trip out to NYC. I hope y'all are having a great Monday ... I'm out.