Saturday, June 24, 2006

Forgive & Don't Forget

It is my sad duty to inform y'all that the extremely prolific television producer, Aaron Spelling, passed away yesterday at his home in Los Angeles ... he was 83 years old:

Aaron Spelling, a onetime movie bit player who created a massive number of hit series, from the vintage "Charlie's Angels" and "Dynasty" to "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Melrose Place," died Friday, his publicist said. He was 83. Spelling died at his home in Los Angeles after suffering a stroke on June 18, according to publicist Kevin Sasaki ... During the 1970s and 1980s, Spelling provided series and movies exclusively for ABC and is credited for the network's rise to major status. Jokesters referred to it as "The Aaron Broadcasting Company" ... Spelling and his second wife, Candy, had two children, Tori (for Victoria), who became a star on the two Fox serials ("Now I'm known as Tori Spelling's father," he said in mock lament), and Randy, who appeared in the short-lived "Malibu Shores." I think it would be very difficult to find anyone who isn't a fan of one of Aaron Spelling's TV programs. He is single-handedly responsible for defining prime time television in the 70's/80's (Charlie's Angels, Dynasty) and the 90's (Beverly Hills, 90210, Melrose Place). I used to be a HUGE fan of 90210 and Melrose Place in the early 90's and my best friend Sarah still DVRs any and all episodes of 90210 to this day. Aaron Spelling was a television giant and he will be sorely missed.

Britney Spears must be feeling the inspiration emanating from her newly dyed black hair ... she has, once again, updated the Love B section of by posting a longer clip of her new song titled Rebellion. She has also added a final line to her, now infamous, poem/lyric Rememberance Of Who I Am:

Interesting ... we're still not sure who she has forgiven. It is unclear who the poem is directed to ... some believe it was written to Kevin Federline and others believe it was written to the media. So who is she forgiving? Blah, I'm not sure I wanna know. [Source, thanks Becki]

What we do know is that Brit Brit, as inspired as she has been recently, isn't too fond of keeping her commitments ... check out this email that I got from a Pink reader with some inside info regarding our dear Britters: Mere minutes ago, Britney Spears was scheduled to appear at an undisclosed photo studio to shoot a Harper's Bazaar cover with super-hot and talented fashion photographer Alexi Lubormirski. The entire studio and staff was set-up and heavy security was in place. So basically many, many people were going out of their way (unnecessarily it seems) to prepare for her arrival in her time of crucial PR need, considering the whole Matt Lauer debacle on TV last week. Alas, she totally dissed everyone at the last moment on this hot-as-hell New York City Friday afternoon ... That is so sucky! Maybe Britney pooped out on her photo shoot because she had to go home and update her website?

OY! As much as Britney Spears has been taking a bit of a beating in the media lately, it seems that she still manages to be a trend-setter. Check out this picture of Paris Hilton at the 02 Wireless Festival in England earlier this week:

It sure looks like black will be the new black for this summer ... and all thanks to Britney Spears :) [Source]

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are mere seconds away from getting married and only everyone in the land of OZ is ready for it. Check out these pictures of bride and groom-to-be Nicole and Keith trying to get around town by car in a swarm of paparazzi:

It sounds to me like Nicole and Keith are taking all the attention from the paps in stride ... at least the massive attention won't last for too much longer ... just thru their wedding ... their honeymoon ... their return from their honeymoon ... and their impending pregnancy. [Source]

Nelly Furtado was at the Times Square Virgin MegaStore this week to sign copies of her new album Loose ...

... which ain't a bad idea these days. Showing up to promote your album in person can really help album sales (just ask Nick Lachey). I love her new single Promiscuous so much that I had high hopes for her album as a whole. I didn't much care for the album at first listen ... but I'm not giving up on it yet. We'll see if it grows on me ... I like Nelly Furtado, I'd like to see her succeed with this new album. [Source]

Mischa Barton cracks me up ... in these pictures she looks like she on her way to school carrying only the most necessary essentials -- her books, her coffee drink and her pet pooch:

Unfortch wearing that dorky-looking overalls ensemble, she looks like she fell out of 1992. Altho, I'm not sure that even Donna Martin would wear something so nast. [Source]

World Cup action continues to churn over in Germany as gameplay continues in the tournament ... this, of course, means that there is more man love to be had ... Pink reader Becca sends in this awesome picture of David Beckham making some dude's dreams come true:

Le sigh! Let me get this straight ... the guy underneath David Beckham gets paid for the opportunity to be put in that position? Lucky bitch, indeedie! [thanks Becca]

One more bit of Beckham news, it seems that we now know why Victoria Beckham showed up in Canada on her own earlier this week. It seems her super short trip had to do with her Rock & Republic jeans line: Beckham arrived in Winnipeg shortly after 10 p.m. Wednesday, and left a day and a half later, boarding an Air Canada flight destined for Toronto, according to an airport source. Following a business meeting with Western Glove Works president Michael Silver, Beckham was driven to the airport by Silver himself, in a navy blue Porsche Cayenne. Her whole mysterious trip has to do with jeans ... or does it? Wouldn't that be a clever ruse to throw everyone off her trail? Er ... yeah ... I'll stop now.

So ... what do y'all think about Jessica Simpson's new song Holiday A Public Affair? If you haven't heard it yet, you can check it out in streaming audio at or at her official My Space profile:

I don't hate the song ... but it does sound a bit too 80's (I never thought that could be possible). I will say that it's about time that Jessica released a song that wasn't a crappy ballad. Sure, she's still workin' the uber-breathy vocals but this song has a chance at being a hit. I guess we'll see ... [Source]

LOL ... Pink reader Diana sends in this screenshot from the Elle Girl website that has a tiny shout-out to Pink is the new Blog:

Hahahahaha! Loves it! XO [Source, thanks Diana]

And finally, click the image below to watch the live webcast of the Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest movie premiere courtesy of Disneyland and MSNBC:

Click above for the webcast

The webcast goes live tonight at 7pm Pacific Time (10pm Eastern Time) and will last for about a half-hour. Tune in to see what Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp wear on the red carpet before the pictures hit the InterWeb tomorrow! [Source]

Da News:
Yesterday was such a chill day ... I got to hang out and do nothing but spend quality time with my favorite guy in the whole world. We had the best dinner ever at a tiny place called Itzocan in the East Village (on 9th between 1st & Ave. A). I'm not even kidding, the place only seats about 16 people (it's smaller than the living room in David's apartment) but the food is amazing! If you dine there, you have to have to start out with a bowl of their homemade guacamole and chips and then finish with the blue corn crepes with caramel sauce for dessert. To.Die.For.

Today I have a thing to do all afternoon ... I'm not sure what, if anything, we're doing tonight. MisShapes is always a possibility.

That is all ... I'm out!