Saturday, July 01, 2006

Clash Of The Titans

Welp ... today was the day ... arguably the 2 hottest soccer players in the world (or should I say the 2 hottest soccer players that I'm most familiar with) went head to head in World Cup play. Granted, I don't know shizz about soccer but I do know what I like in soccer players, so I was very excited to see what would come from a showdown between David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo ... in the end, it was Team Portugal who would prove victorious this afternoon:

England gamely hung on after David Beckham got hurt and Wayne Rooney got ejected, but lost to Portugal 3-1 in a shootout Saturday night after 120 minutes of scoreless soccer in the World Cup quarterfinals. "There's a lot of heartache," said Beckham, who likely played his last World Cup match. "We're all devastated tonight." Ricardo, Portugal's goalkeeper, saved three penalty kicks as his nation advanced to the semifinals for the first time since 1966 -- when it lost to England. The final kick was converted by Cristiano Ronaldo, who stars for Manchester United. I wasn't really rooting for one team to win over another ... but I guess I'm a little bummed that England lost and has been eliminated from the World Cup tournament. I do have to send out much congrats to Team Portugal for pulling out the victory. Woot! [Source]

On this side of the pond, the sports news is all about the great American pastime -- baseball. The Boston Red Sox enlisted a scraggly-looking homeless man to throw out the first pitch of their game last night:

Seriously ... when did homeless chic become all the rage? I am not a fan. First we have to endure the sight of an unbathed Heath Ledger and now a scrubby-looking Tom Welling? WTF is going on?! If Jake Gyllenhaal goes the route of the dirty boy I'm going to be P.O.ed. [Source]

Pirates of the Caribbean fever is taking hold in Hollywood ... it appears that Nicole Richie is trying to channel her inner Jack Sparrow these days:

Call me crazy, but I think it's a good look for her. She already has stick legs -- why not go one step further and get the peg leg? [Source]

Despite her war of words with the Spelling family (and her mother in particular), Tori Spelling is still mourning the loss of her father Aaron. Here are pictures of a grief-stricken Tori trying to deal with the pain of her loss the only way she knows how:

Personally, I think she should be wearing a black string bikini ... show some respect, Tori! [Source]

Yikes! We know that Mary Kate Olsen has strange taste in fashion ... it seems evident that she has equally strange taste in men as well:

Er, I realize this isn't really Brandon Davis ... but it might as well be him. These 2 really made an odd pair. [Source]

Mary Kate is also on the cover of the Australian version of Harper's Bazaar magazine. She opted to not appear in the nude like our dear Britney Spears ... instead, she appears fully clothed and fully boring:

Boo! This is seriously the worst cover ever. It's like they didn't even try to come up with an interesting cover shot. [Source]

The new Hilary and Haylie Duff movie Material Girls is set for an August 18th release but here are a few screencaps from the film to get y'all excited:

In the film, the Duffs play heiresses who lose their fortune in one fell swoop and have to fight to win it all back ... or something like that. I'm actually interested to see how the sisters come across in the movie. Will it rock or will it flop? I guess we'll have to wait and see. [Source]

When Naomi Campbell isn't assaulting her work staff and when she isn't appearing in court to respond to lawsuits regarding those alleged assaults on her work staff, she's spends her time actually modeling. Here are pictures from Naomi's photospread in the new issue of W magazine:

It looks like she was going for a drunken Dreamgirls look. While this is a good look for her, I much prefer her lookin' all bitchy and mean ... you know, normal. [Source]

And finally, here are a few outtake pictures from Josh Holloway's photoshoot for Details magazine:

Now this is a man that makes scraggly look good. See, you can do the scruffy look without looking like a vagrant. Take note, Heath ... it can be done. [Source]

The News:
David and I spent a wonderful day yesterday walking around the city just enjoying each other's company. We were on our way to dinner when David thought it would be fun to get facials ... I've never had a facial in my life so he treated me to my first one. Oh.My.God. It was the most divine experience ever.

After we were pampered to death we made our way to dinner. After dinner, we met up with my new hot friend Cara for drinks in the Lower Eastside. Yeah, we managed to put away quite a few drinkies at a bar called Verlaine before we bid goodnight to Cara and made our way for a nightcap in Chelsea at G.

So ... yeah ... there was much hung-overness this morning ... but aren't weekends for relaxing? I think I may insist that we go dancing tonight ... it's gonna be my last night in NYC for quite some time.

Last thing, I have to send out lots of lurve to all the Canucks out there who are celebrating Canada Day today:

Do it up, y'all! XOXO

I hope y'all are enjoying your long 4th of July weekend ... I'm out!