Thursday, July 06, 2006

Go West, Young Man

Today is the day ... Sarah and I will be hitting the open road for Los Angeles in a couple of hours ... but while I'm not saying goodbye to Detroit ... I'm only saying See y'all, later!

This is home ... I'll be home again soon.

Let's do a quick rundown of the morning's goss before I hit the road ... it is clear that we are well into the summer season ... everywhere you look you see celebs running around various beaches wearing their best skimpy bikinis:

Lindsay Lohan has so many bikinis that she can't be photographed in the same one twice (altho, she should ditch the Steven Tyler look in that first pic -- Boo!). Kristin Cavallari looks really hot in her two-piece but Matthew McConaughey is the hottest beyotch on the beach. Go on, girl! [Source]

Yesterday we saw pictures of Dieter Schmitz from Laguna Beach partying up in Mexico and today we've got pictures of Alex H. (Kristin Cavallari's lackey) doing her own thing ... which, coincidentally, also includes a lot of alcohol:

I was never a big fan of Alex H. (actually I couldn't stand her in the first season) but she really grew on me in the second season -- especially when we had to start calling her Alex "H." because Alex M. joined the cast (and I really couldn't stand her). It's nice to see that Alex H. is doing well in her college years ... she seems to have really blossomed since coming out of Kristin's shadow. Eh, it's prolly all because of the booze. [Source, thanks Zoe]

Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep an aging diva looking young, smooth and supple? Well, so does Diana Ross ... but she's doing her best to try and remain as youthful as she can:

She has been in showbusiness for almost 50 years. So it is hardly surprising that Diana Ross has picked up a few tips on looking good along the way. But as the former Supremes singer removed her designer sunglasses as she sunbathed in Italy, it soon became obvious that some of the rejuvenating techniques she employs can give passers-by an eyeful. Miss Ross, who is 62, lifted her dark glasses to reveal two slices of kiwi fruit where her large brown eyes would usually sit. The effect was to make her look more like a creature from an early Doctor Who episode than a sophisticated showbusiness icon ... "She's scary enough looking anyway, with that shock of black hair," said one hotel guest. "Then when the glasses came off, it was just one of those moments when you had let out a laugh. She kept taking the glasses off and repositioning the kiwi and putting them back on on top of it. The kiwi kept sliding down her face so she would have to reposition it really slowly with her head back and then carefully put the sunglasses back on. LOL! Well, you gotta commend the old bird for choosing not to inject chemicals into her face in order to appear more youthful ... altho, a syringe full of botox would do wonders for her. EEP ... I shudder to think what horrors Cher must endure to keep her skin from turning to dust. [Source]

Check out this cute picture of Prince Wills and his pocket rapper, Pharrell Williams, as they hung out Wednesday's Audi Polo Challenge Cup in Berkshire, England:

I had no idea that Pharrell was such a huge tiny polo fan. It was nice of the Prince to take a photo with the little guy. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan played DJ over the 4th of July weekend lookin' phat, dope and all those other fly adjectives:

It's nice to know that if that acting thing doesn't work out she can count on a career as a supastar DJ. [Source]

Speaking of Linds, here are a few pictures from her photospread in the upcoming issue of GQ magazine:

While the pictures are ... interesting ... I think I like the quotes best: "Redheads are more passionate and more sexual than other girls", "Smoking is a dirty habit. It's a dirty habit for a dirty little girl" and "Drama sells. And nobody wants to watch Miss Perfect" That's our Lindsay. I wonder what is going on in the pictures with the white dress ... she looks like she's got a itch that just won't quit. [Source]

Kate Moss and her cocaine scandal is long forgotten it seems, she is back to work happy as can be. Here are a couple pictures from her new ad campaigns for both Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton:

Good for her! Learn the lesson folks, crime does pay! But while Kate is peddling CK jeans ... [Source]

... Hilary Swank is peddling Calvin Klein underwear:

Hilary looks really good in these pictures. Who needs a husband when you can wrap your naughties in CK underwear like this? [Source]

I guess that's it ... y'all are gonna hafta bear with me for the next few days ... I'll be on the road until Saturday night so posting will be light. I do hope to post from the road as often as I can. I have a couple techniques up my sleeve so that I can post from the road ... we'll see how successful they are.

I have to get going ... but I'll be back.

Don't miss me too much, Detroit ... I will be home again very soon.

I'm out!