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Just got into California, bitches!



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The Home Stretch

Howdy y'all ... today I'm coming to you from a Ramada Inn in Green River, Utah. Yesterday was a very interesting day on the road and we are scheduled to arrive in LA this evening -- as long as everything goes according to plan. Deets on the drive are below ... let's get to the day's goss ...

Yesterday I posted pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal on a bike-riding date with Lance Armstrong ... Matthew McConaughey was also on that bike-date but I felt he was too much of a third wheel to post pictures ... today I've got some great solo pictures of Matthew doing a little partying ... and boy, are they awesome ... check 'em out:

Matthew McConaughey celebrated his independence from former girlfriend Penelope Cruz with a three-day bender in Costa Rica over the Fourth of July weekend. Taking a cue from the movie that launched his career, the "Sexiest Man Alive" left much to be desired partying on the beach looking 'dazed and confused.' A barefoot, shirtless, and sweaty Matthew got his groove on by drinking, dancing, writhing on the floor and even shushing one of his fellow vacationers. Ha! I love it! Homeboy is waaaaaaasted! There's nothing sexier than an ex-frat boy, who is drunk as hell, writing on the floor. Ah ... it brings back such wonderful college memories. [Source]

Kylie Minogue was the image of class and poise at the Chanel fashion at Paris Fashion Week earlier this week:

I love me some Kylie so much that I'm not even going to mention how the collar of her cute little Chanel dress looks a lot like a very expensive dog collar. She looks too cute no matter what she wears. [Source]

Whoa ... Jessica Simpson's personal assistant/BFF CaCee Cobb has really let herself go ... the facial hair is one thing but this jean ensemble is just really, really bad:

I wasn't going to say anything, but does it look like she packed on a few pounds to you? Yikes! [Source]

Justin Timberlake played a little show at a venue called La Cigale in Paris, France this week to promote his new album ... here are a few pics:

Check it, JT has adopted the scarf around the neck thing that has become so popular these days. I really hope that Justin continues to emulate Kanye West this time around ... the Michael Jackson thing is totally played out -- as is that nappy fedora he's wearing. I have already professed my love for JT's new single SexyBack ... I can't wait to hear what his other music sounds like! [Source]

I don't mean to alarm you ... but Pamela Anderson was photographed topless aboard a pleasure boat! It's shocking, I know ... try to contain yourself and check out the pics:

Click above to see uncensored NSFW images

While the sight of Pammy's enormously ginormous plastic boobs isn't all that astonishing, I have to admit the sight of Pam flashing her boobs in front of her young son is a bit bewildering. I'm sure she's totally cool with teaching her children not to be ashamed by the beauty of a nude body ... but I think they should be ashamed to be seen in public standing next to their mother's naked silicone breasts. I know when my mom goes out in public topless (you know, like to the grocery store) I won't go with her -- call me old fashioned. [Source]

Here's another shocker! While Pamela Anderson is going around town topless, Paris Hilton is going around town bottomless ... or semi-bottomless -- actually, I think she is wearing bottoms but they've just been enveloped be her ravenous vagina ... which is prominently on display in this picture:

Click above to see uncensored NSFW image

I'm fairly certain there are about 4 people left on planet Earth who have yet to behold the wonder of Paris Hilton's nekkid crotch ... it is for those last 4 people that I post this picture. I take my civic duties very seriously. [Source]

That said, breakfast, lunch and dinner are hereby cancelled for today. I do apologize.

While Laguna Beach's Dieter Schmitz was big pimpin down in Mexico (and while Alex H. was bizzy getting trashed at college), another LB alum was bizzy doing his own thing with a famous friend of his ... check out this awesome picture of Talan Torriero hanging out with Ryan Cabrera (and some random dude) on a basketball court in LA:

After the lads spent a few grueling hours playing in the California sunshine they all headed into the locker room for some innocent strictly heterosexual hijinks. I'm sure there was plenty of ass slapping and jock strap snapping (I understand Ryan Cabrera loves it) to be had. Ah yes ... boys will be boys. [Source]

And finally ... it appears that Avril Lavigne is the third celeb to jump on board the dyed black hair bandwagon that was started this season by Britney Spears. Here are a few screencaps from the new Butch Walker video titled Bethamphetamine (Pretty Pretty) courtesy of

Avril plays a cracked out druggie in the music video (which you can see HERE). And people think that Britney Spears is no longer a trend-setter ... ha! At any rate, Butch's new album, The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker and the Let's Go Outs, is set for release this Tuesday. [Source, thanks Pedro]

Ugh ... yesterday was a very, very long day for us. We started the day in Nebraska and drove the entire way thru on the dreaded I-80 highway. I have to be honest ... it was probably the most grueling drive of my life ... it was pretty much hour upon hour of nothing at all to look at. It is for this exact reason that I loathe roadtrips. Anyways ... after Nebraska we drove into and thru Colorado -- including the Rocky Mountains ... here are a few pics:

The Rockies are beautiful but extremely stressful to drive thru ... I'm not a fan of the steep inclines, nor was I a fan of the pelting rain that plagued us thruout the more precarious portion of the drive. I pretty much had my butt cheeks clenched the whole time ... but we made it out alive. We pulled into Utah and decided to call it a night.

Today we are scheduled to finish off Utah and then go thru a small portion of Arizona, Nevada and then arrive in California. Believe me, y'all ... I'm very much looking forward to getting all this driving done.

On Thursday we were delayed by traffic, yesterday we were delayed by weather ... I can't wait to see what a full day of desert driving is going to bring us.

Thanks again for all your supportive messages ... I've been reading them from the road on my BlackBerry ... and they are much appreciated :)

That is all ... I'm out.