Sunday, July 30, 2006

Rock Solid Marriage

Our dear Spederline took Las Vegas by storm last night as Kevin Federline brought along his posse of homie g-dawgs to town to shoot his debut music video for his first single Lose Control. Britney Spears may be many months pregnant but that didn't stop her from partying along with her main man ... here are pictures of the gruesome twosome doing it up big at Pure nightclub last night:

Dare I say that Brit and Kev actually looked a'ight? Brit-Brit rocked a simple striped shirt and jeans ensemble that made her look like a normal chick. Thankfully she opted out of wearing those ugly flowy sun dresses that she is so fond of. And K-Fed ...? Is he really wearing a sweater vest? Like seriously? I wonder who tied that tie for him because you know homie can't tie his own tie. As for Sean Preston, well, he decided to skip the video shoot ... he was too busy at the craps table to be bothered with this nonsense. Just another weekend for our favorite family. [Source]

Oh ... one more thing ... you can't really see Britney's protruding belly in those first pictures but you can see her latest baby bump much clearer in these pictures of Britney posing with her manager Jason Trawick:

Photo credit: X-17

September is going to be a very bizzy month for Britters ... not only will her first born son be celebrating his first birthday but she'll also be giving birth to her second-born child. How much you wanna bet that this new kid is going to be another boy. I have a hard time imagining that K-Fed is able to spawn a female with Britney (all I see are Sean Prestons inside the Spederline loins) ... ugh, or maybe it's just too scary a thought to entertain? We'll soon find out. [Source]

The big news for this weekend is the wedding of Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson in St. Tropez, France. Here are a few pictures of the happy couple as they say "I Do" at the first of their four planned weddings:

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock had a wedding ceremony Saturday on a yacht in Saint-Tropez, PEOPLE has confirmed. "She was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen -- like a modern-day Brigitte Bardot," Jimmy Choo owner Tamara Mellon tells PEOPLE about Anderson, who wore a white string bikini to her nuptials. "Kid Rock was a total rock star. He gave her a good kiss. Everybody was crying." Adds Elton John's husband David Furnish: "It was a real rock n' roll wedding." This is the second union for Anderson and the first for Rock (real name: Robert Ritchie) -- and, apparently, there are more to come. "I'm going to get married a few times this month to the same guy," Anderson, 39, said July 26 during a news conference in Las Vegas. "We had to do Malibu, we've got to do Detroit, and we've got to do Nashville." You know, I would expect no less from these two. A wedding on a yacht where the bride wore a string bikini and the groom pledged his life to his new wife while holding a beer in his hand. Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson were made for one another and I wish them nothing but the best for a long and happy life together. [Source]

Here is a cute picture of the happy couple, pre-wedding, sharing a hug and a kiss together:

Congratulations Pammy Pie ... I know that Detroit guy you got is going to treat you well. [Source]

Exclusive! It appears that another semi-famous person has decided to come out ...

... Lance Bass has thrown open the floodgates and now celebs will be coming out all over the place ... who's gonna be next? [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of Hilary Duff performing a show at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, New Jersey:

Hil D. looks like she's really feelin' the music. Rock out, Hilary. [Source]

LC's little sister Breanna is gettin' ready to stake her claim as Queen of the next generation of Laguna Beachers ... I mean, with a home as palatial as the Conrad Estate you know MTV had to feature her in the new season of Laguna Beach. It'd be such a waste to let that phat pad go to unused. Here are a few pictures from Breanna's My Space profile:

I'm not sure I think that Breanna will be as interesting as her big sister Lauren or any of the other old LBers (well, except for Alex M. -- at least, I hope that Breanna can be more interesting than Alex M.). We're just a few short weeks away from the new season of Laguna Beach ... I can't wait to see if the show is going to survive. [Source, thanks Allie]

Oh and speaking of the old Laguna Beachers, here is a gaggle of them (I spy the two Alexs and Kristin's old main gay Gary) hanging out together in NYC:

Rumor has it that these five former "stars" of MTV's Laguna Beach are trying to get their own TV show -- as a couple of aspiring actors and an aspiring singer, model and fashion designer. Um ... right. I somehow doubt that a group of sidekicks will get their own show ... yeah, good luck with that :) [thanks Ryan]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... let's give a warm welcome to Andrew:

Now, y'all know that I like 'em kinda muscley and I think that Andrew fills that niche very nicely. With the massive heat wave that has been gripping the nation, it's no wonder that Andrew is so quick to rip off his sleeveless t-shirt. I'm not complaining. Hope y'all enjoy! [Source]

The News:
Yesterday my friends and I had grand plans to haul our cookies up to Malibu, CA to spend a luxurious day sunning ourselves on the beach ... except that's not exactly how things went down. The one day we decide to go to the beach it has to get all overcast on us. We drove up to Malibu anyways to make the best of the day. Jim is a Pepperdine alum so he took us to his favorite places ... here are a few pictures of Jim, Davey and me playing at Zuma beach and on the campus at Pepperdine:

Even tho the sun stayed hidden for most of the day, we had fun nonetheless. The water was really warm ... if the sun was out, I would've gone in the ocean but the overcastness made it a bit too chilly for swimming. Jim took us up into the cliffs at Pepperdine for the coolest view of the entire city. It was amazing.

There was talk of another night of clubbing but we were all still a bit worn out from the previous night's partying so we decided to see a movie instead ... we went to go see Little Miss Sunshine:

Now this is a movie I could sink my teeth into. While the plotline was pretty simplistic (dysfunctional family/roadtrip/coming of age) what really grabbed me was the interesting characters. Is it any wonder that I loved the gloomy emo kid who was a devout follower of the teachings of Nietzsche who wanted to be a jet pilot? Steve Carrell was brilliant in this movie ... he's a funny guy, yes, but he can really act. There weren't many surprises in the story ... and the ending was kind of abrupt but I laughed out loud many, many times. We all enjoyed this movie. It really is funny as hell.

I have a few errands to do today ... I need to pick up some groceries and run a few other errands. It's gonna be a pretty tame Sunday for me. That is all ... I'm out.