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Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Passion Of The 1/2 Jew

Whoa! Something tells me that Rob Schneider is really upset with Mel Gibson and his anti-Semitic remarks. Actually, this full page ad in today's Variety from Rob Schneider that plainly states that he will never, ever work with Mel Gibson under any circumstances is what tells me that he is really upset with Mel Gibson. Check out the ad in today's Variety sent in by Pink reader Rhett:

Click above to see larger size image

The letter has a very comical tone to it but I highly doubt Rob placed this ad purely for laughs. Who would use this sort of incident just for media exposure? That sort of thing never happens in Hollywood. I mean, who knows ... if Rob ends up co-starring with Mel in Lethal Weapon 10 then we'll know he's a dirty liar. [thanks Rhett]


You Reap What You Sew

Okay ... now this shizz is just plain wrong. When I first saw this picture I thought, Who is this new Gap model?, and then I realized it was Kevin Federline trying to look like a normal human being and I stood aghast! I suppose I should've been tipped off by the bling but I just wasn't paying attention ... bad me. But HELLO, the point here is that I actually thought K-Fed looked good ... granted it was for .00000000000001 of a second but still ... what has become of me?

If The Federline keeps dressing like this, I might actually become a fan. Yeah ... not really. Anyways, this picture is from the new issue of In Touch Weekly magazine, wherein K-Fed answers some tough questions ... here are a few:

Now that you're a musician, what's a typical day for you?
I'm up at six every day! I get up and play with the baby, then put in a 10-hour day at the studio.

Uh, yeah right. I find this very difficult to believe.

What does Britney crave?
Last time, she ate a lot more pickles. This time, she wants chocolate.

Chocolate-covered Cheetos?

Does your son like your music?
[He enjoys my songs.] His face lights up a little bit. He always wants to go into the studio at home.

Aww ... poor little Sean P. is developmentally challenged :( Did you notice the use of paraphrasing?

Some people have called you a sex symbol. How does that feel?
It feels good. It's a simple fact of life. It's a key element to music. It boosts sales.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Who calls him a sex symbol? Do they have proof of this?

What is the biggest misconception about you?
People have this image of me based on rumors. The whole public picture of me is a big misconception - who I am, what I'm about. My album straightens that out. It'll help people understand me better.

Dude, I think we get the picture already ... I cannot wait to get my hands on this album. [Source]


Holy shizz! Last night's episode of Project Runway was so good ... there were a lot of surprises ... and I'm not merely talking about the designer who was booted off the show for breaking the rules. I was SHOCKED by last night's winner ... I wasn't really shocked to learn which contestant got his ass kicked off the show -- and yeah, it was a bit satisfying to see that smug look on his face get wiped off. What an awesome show!

Okay ... let's get the good stuff out of the way. We were teased from the very first episode of the season that someone would be kicked off the show for doing something "inappropriate". Immediately rumors started to fly over who it was that was disqualified and for what reason. Last night we learned that Keith was the designer who was ejected from the competition for being found in possession of fashion how-to books coupled with the fact that he was caught leaving the watchful eye of the production staff and for using the Internet. While the show did not specifically say that he cheated, he was ejected for breaking these rules. Hearing Tim Gunn's mournful voice say that Keith's actions violated the show's "integrity and sense of purpose" gave the whole scenario a sense of importance ... but then they really didn't do much with his ejection. It was over in like 2 secs. Laura, the designer that Keith had dubbed "Bad Mommy" got the final word when she said, "What an asshole. I'm glad he's gone." I can't say that I disagree. His pompous attitude made him completely unsavory. I won't miss him at all.

The big shock for me was the fact that Angela was not only chosen as a team leader but that her team won the challenge. She really pulled a 180 and turned everything around. No one wanted to be on her team and she ended up completely wowing the judges. Ironically, I chose Keith's team design as my favorite but I completely understand why Angela's team won. Their outfit could be sold in pieces and was perfect for this Macy's challenge. But I really thought Keith's design was the coolest ... I wonder if he found it on the Internet? In the end, I liked all the designs ... but Miss Nina Garcia was ruthless towards the bottom 2 teams. I was bummed that Bonnie got sent home but I guess someone had to ... Robert needs to stick around cuz he's really good. Ah well. Oh, and the last thing ... enough with the Vera Wang already ... bring back Michael Kors! Thanks. [Source]


After Project Runway, I watched the season finale of The Hills to watch LC make the stupidest decision ever! She gave up an internship in Paris working for Vogue magazine to stick around Malibu with her boyfriend?! She's an idiot! How in the hell did this show get picked up for a second season. Will LC be interning at McDonald's next season? Dumb Dumb Dumb!

Kid and Pamela Anderson-Rock have returned home to Malibu, CA from their wedding jaunt in the South of France. Here are a couple pictures of the newlyweds walking the streets of Malibu:

Photo credit: X-17

First off, I love the Made In Detroit-inspired t-shirt that reads Made in Nashville that Kid Rock is wearing. Second, I wonder if we'll have to wait long for the second of the four weddings that these crazy kids got planned. The couple have decided to get married in Malibu, Detroit and Nashville. Will they all come in quick succession or will they spread them out over time? [Source]

When Matthew McConaughey isn't too bizzy riding his bike all over town, or surfing to his little heart's content in the beaches of Malibu, it appears that he likes to travel to far off and remote places to rub elbows with the locals. Pink reader Danielle sends in these pictures from Matthew's surprise visit to the Wal-Mart Home Office in Bentonville, Arkansas this past Monday:

It is unclear what brought Mr. McConaughey to the great state of Arkansas but I understand he was very friendly and was happy to pose for pictures with the fine folks of Wal-Mart. You can tell that Matthew is just a good ol' boy, never meanin' no harm. [thanks Danielle]

But Matthew McConaughey isn't the only celeb who likes to hang out with the common folk (and no, I'm not referring to Mel Gibson's little party with the peeps at Moonshadows last Friday) ... here are a couple pictures of David Beckham posing with the restaurant staff of Le Bocche restaurant after having dinner there while on holiday in Porto Venere in Italy:

Hmm ... I wonder if Becks has been dipping into his wife's stash of botox. His face didn't move from picture to picture. I really hope that Victoria Beckham doesn't ruin my Becksie. He's far too young and hot for botox ... besides, she really can't afford to let anyone else get into her stash ... she needs all the juice she can get. [Source]

Everyone is all aflutter over the pictures of Jessica Simpson wearing a see-thru dress (that allow the viewer to see-thru right to her nips) and while that is interesting and all (click HERE to see those semi-NSFW pics for yourself) I was more interested in that gross looking thing on her arm ... check it out:

Photo credit: X-17

Yuck! I can't tell what it is ... is it a patch of hair? Is it some gooey mess? Does it smell? That girl ain't never gonna land another man if she keeps going out in public with gross shizz on her arms. Boo! [Source, thanks Brad]

Justin Timberlake is deffo bringing sexy back ... check out these HOT pictures of JT's recent trip to NYC to promote his new video and album:

Who knew that someone could look so hot wearing so much clothing? He's even wearing layers of clothing! He looks really good ... and he really shouldn't worry about K-Fed trying to steal his look ... even tho Kevin is looking much better these days (you may not quote me on that) he'll never reach this level of sexiness. [Source]

Now, y'all know I love all things Madonna ... and I generally support her choices, fashion or otherwise ... but I simply cannot abide by ... this:

Is the circus back in town? I realize that she scored a sweet deal with H&M that hooked her and her crew up with an entire wardrobe from the clothier but does she need to wear every article of clothing at the same time? If she only took off 14 of those things she'd look way much better ... yeah, she should burn that hat, too. [Source]

Check out these pictures of the free show that Hilary Duff did for the military men and women in Fayetteville, NC home of the Fort Bragg military base:

Duff, the multi-platinum recording artist and star of movies such as "A Cinderella Story," performed "Hilary Duff Rocks for the Troops" in Fayetteville, home of Fort Bragg. Those in attendance were either in the military or have a military family member. Duff has previously made a block of tickets available for military families but decided this time to perform just for them. "I think she understands, or at least wants to try to understand, the sacrifices soldiers and their families make," said Cynthia Ivins, who brought her two children, 13-year-old Morgan and 9-year-old Denise, to the concert. How awesome! I'm sure the families of the military personnel who were allowed to attend this free show really appreciated the concert. So cute! [Source]

Now that Carmen Electra is a single woman again, I think it's time that she updates her My Space profile ... here are a few pictures that she is considering for her main picture:

My 2 faves are the ones where she's lying on her back and where she's on her hands and knees. They seem like the best candidates for a main picture. I mean, if you're not gonna do the self-portrait in the mirror from the side shot then you might as well go straight for the T&A. [Source]

Yesterday was saw Kate Moss on the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair ... you may recall she scored the cover because she was named the Best Dressed Celeb in the World (or something like that) in a new VF poll. Here are a few of the pictures from that new issue of Vanity Fair:

She makes a pretty good Marlene Dietrich if I do say so myself. It never ceases to amaze me that when a model or celeb is named the Best Dressed they always insist on posing with as little clothing as possible. Click HERE to see the uncensored NSFW topless picture of Kate Moss. [Source]

OMG ... they're back again! Here are a few screencaps from the new trailer for The Grudge 2:

Not to give anything away or anything but ... Sarah Michelle Gellar has a very small part in this film. I think she's in it for only the first 10 minutes or so ... click HERE to see the trailer for yourself. It looks like SMG has finally learned her lesson ... hopefully she won't be doing any other Grudge-like movies anytime soon ... [Source]

Here is a still shot from SMG's new movie The Return which looks NOTHING AT ALL like The Grudge:

In this new movie, Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Joanna Mills, a tough young Midwesterner determined to learn the truth behind the increasingly terrifying supernatural visions that have been haunting her. It's unclear if there is a scary looking Japanese lady and a freaky dead kid haunting her in these supernatural visions but I think it's safe to assume the gist of the new movie is pretty much kinda like the gist of the old movie. I can't wait until she begins production on her next movie, The Revisitation. [Source]

And finally, Pink reader Jamie sends in these cute pictures of her and her doggie Bella posing in their Pink is the new Blog shirts:

The dog shirt that reads Pink is the new Puppy is something she made up on her own but it's really cute nonetheless. Thanks so much for sending in the pix! XO [thanks Jamie and Bella]

Da News:
Yesterday I got to hang out with my good friend Jeff ... he took time out of his ridiculously bizzy schedule to do dinner with me last night. We had a nice time together.

This afternoon I'm flying back to Detroit for the weekend. Princess Zakiya turns 1 year old on Saturday and I need to get back home to help her celebrate.

I still have some packing to do so ... have a great day and I'll be coming atcha tomorrow from Detroit Rock City! I'm out.



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