Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Lackluster Affair

It appears that The Federline is really making a serious go at trying to be a fashion model ... or something like that. Here are a bunch more pictures of Kevin Federline modeling Five Star Vintage clothing:

Click HERE to visit the Five Star website that has all of the new K-Fed pictures for you to look at an enjoy ... you know, or whatever. These pictures are just funny to me ... he can really try and clean up his image but a K-Fed is a K-Fed no matter what he's wearing. I'm sorry, but you know what they say about trying to polish a turd ... well, in the end it's still a turd. [Source]

You can't fake sexy ... you either have it or you don't ... take Justin Timberlake, for example ... he is a purdy dude and he looks hot no matter what he's wearing. Check out these photos from the latest issue of Dazed & Confused magazine:

He's just hot. In comparison to Kevin, well, he's practically godlike. I'll never understand why Britney Spears had to eff up her relationship with JT. Sigh. [Source]

Pink reader Alma sends in these photos of Matthew McConaughey flyin' solo at a Houston Astros baseball game on Thursday night:

While I have a new found appreciation for Matthew, I find that he's far less interesting when he's either, 1.) not rolling with Jake Gyllenhaal and/or Lance Armstrong or 2.) fully clothed. I much prefer a mostly nekkid and/or wet Matthew McConaughey ... I guess I just got spoiled. [thanks Alma]

Speaking of Jakey, Pink reader Andy sends in these awesome photos of Jake and Heath Ledger gettin' pret-ty damn cozy at a sporting event. I'm fairly certain that these pictures were taken back when Jake and Heath were BFF around the time they made Brokeback Mountain ...

... I don't recall seeing these amorous photos before. Sure, we've seen the two paling around but they look like they're about to make-out in the first picture and Heath is kissing Jake in that second pic. Boo ... why did Michelle Williams have to get pregs -- she went and ruined everything. [thanks Andy]

UPDATE: A few readers commented that these Jake & Heath photos are Photoshop manipulations ... such a pity cuz they're hot! Ah well ... I'll enjoy them anyways :)

Pink reader Katie went to the Real Madrid vs. DC United soccer match in Seattle, WA earlier this week and sends in these pictures from the game. Here are a couple of her photos:

Apparently, Becks disappeared after half-time and was not seen again -- which sucks hardcore because I would've loved to have seen more pictures of the lad prancing around the field gettin' all hot and sweaty. Hmmm ... I might have to amuse myself with those Beckham speedo pictures that we got to enjoy a couple of weeks ago. [thanks Katie]

Marilyn Manson and his beautiful wife Dita Von Teese were on hand for the Rabin Rodgers Anniversary party earlier this week ... dare I say that with that look on his face Mr. Manson actually looks normal? Well, as normal as Marilyn Manson can look I suppose:

Awww ... I really like these two together ... they are absolutely my fave Goth-rocker/Burlesque-dancer married couple ever. [Source]

Jodi Foster likes to stay out of the public eye for pretty much most of her time which is why she gets so pissy whenever she gets caught on the street by the paparazzi. Here are a few pictures of and irritated Jodi sittin' on a stoop in the West Village in NYC:

Oh look, she ran into Saved By The Bell/Showgirls star Elizabeth Berkeley ... but unfortch, she was unable to cheer up Ms. Foster. Poor Jodi ... she must sure have it rough ... especially since her neighbors hate her. [Source, Source]

It appears that everyone is loving the new Cirque du Soleil show based on the music of The Beatles called LOVE including a few peeps that you might know and love. George Clooney showed up and posed for a pic with the cast of LOVE and so did Tom Cruise and a very rough-looking Katie Holmes:

Seriously, what has Tom Cruise done to that girl? She constantly looks drugged out and bedraggled. I always feel so sorry for her when I see her anymore. She should've run while she still had the chance. [thanks Sarah]

And finally, my supercute boyfriend David Hauslaib and his editor Corynne Steindler (among others) were papped by Gawker at a media-type party on Thursday night ... I was shocked to discover that David is actually capable of not making "the face" in every single picture he ever takes:

He and Corynne both look so cute. Awww ... I miss him. BUT, I am flying out to NYC in a couple of weeks to spend a lot of time with him ... WEE! [Source]

Da News:
So ... Davey and I planned on hanging out last night since Jim is out of town for the weekend. We talked about going to PopStarz but hadn't really made a decision until we found out late yesterday afternoon that Jessica Simpson would be performing there. This is the flyer that was posted on the PopStarz website yesterday afternoon:

Since we were talking about going anyways we thought it would be fun to see Jessica perform ... we really had high hopes for a fun night and generally, we did have fun. Unfortch, Jessica Simpson really had nothing to do with our having fun. Here are some photos from last night:

Most of the pics were taken by me but there are a couple in there sent in from Pink reader John who was able to get pretty close to Jessica after she jumped into the crowd. I gotta tell ya ... her performance was very disappointing. She didn't come out until after 1 AM which meant that no one was able to dance for most of the night because everyone was crowded in front of the stage. When she came out I had a hard time hearing her (and I was right in front of the stage). Some music started playing and I thought it was just intro music ... it took me a little while to realize that she was "singing" to the song -- and by "singing" I mean the music was playing and she was singing along to it. She performed 3 songs (a cover of You Spin Me Around, B.O.Y. and A Public Affair) but really didn't sing at all. She did a lot of booty shaking -- and she jumped into the bored crowd for A Public Affair. Then she left the dancefloor. Everyone was really disappointed by this lame performance (her stylist kept yelling at the crowd to cheer and yell -- it was so sad). Everyone had this look of "that's it?" on their faces. After a little while she came back on stage to show the crowd that she can really sing and she did a really overdramatic acapella rendition of Amazing Grace. It was ... comical. When the song was finished she asked the crowd if we liked her boobs and her ass and then she took off again ... and that was that. I'm not sure what I was expecting ... but I guess I was expecting something better ... anything better. I always hear about these secret shows that pop stars do ... if they're all like this one, then they're really not worth attending.

I guess it's cool that Jess decided to come out and give the gays a little something ... I just wish she would've gave us something that we would have enjoyed. I did enjoy meeting a bunch of Pink readers including Geo (from the MTV show The 70's House -- he's pictured above), Shannon, Jason, Libby, Jessica and Anthony. XOXO

Tonight The Oohlas are opening up for the famed '90s band Harvey Danger at Spaceland:

I really want to go but I might have a movie date with a new friend ... if the movie thing doesn't pan out then I'll deff be at Spaceland for the show. Afterwards, Davey and I are planning on driving down to Laguna Beach to hang out with Jim for the rest of the night and tomorrow. Woot!

That is all ... I hope y'all are having a great weekend! I'm out.

PS: I hate myself for lurving Fergie's new song London Bridge so much. I think I'm gonna go hurt myself now.