Sunday, August 13, 2006

We All Go A Little Crazy Sometimes

Hmmm ... is Britney Spears finally planning her big escape from The Federline? Prolly not but it's nice to dream ... Britney and Sean Preston did a little house hunting recently ... here are pictures from her recent trip to Montecito, CA where she was checking out new homes to buy:

Photo credit: X-17

I am *thrilled* to see that Perry Taylor is still in the picture ... perhaps Brit Brit is searching for a new love nest where she can rendezvous with Mr. Manny? Man ... I wish. Well, I guess I'm relieved that Britney still has money in the bank so that she's able to afford a new home ... but on the other hand, if she does buy this house it will go immediately into the pool of divideable assets should K-Fed decide to bolt from his familial responsibilities. Uh, yeah ... fat chance of that happening. [Source]

In other semi-not really interesting but kinda worth mentioning Britney news, she paid another visit to the recording studio with Sean Preston and has taken up the new bad habit of trying to evade being photographed by hiding under blankets and such:

I'm not sure that taking a page from the Mary Kate Olsen book of paparazzi evasion is the right course of action here. Maybe she was just trying to shield Sean P. from the sun but because she's never seemed to care before I doubt she cares now. Anyways, the important thing here is that Britney is working again. What is all this business going on at the recording studio? I'm intrigued ... but I fear she's actually laying down tracks for K-Fed's debut album, Playing with Fire, that is now scheduled for release in October on his own record label called Federation Records. Eh ... I guess I'll take what I can get, what other choice do I have? [Source]

While I was stuck with a snoozer of a Jessica Simpson performance on Friday night at PopStarz, others were treated to a totally kickass concert put on by Justin Timberlake and Timbaland at the House of Blues here in LA. Here are a few photos from the performance:

First off, I'm totally bummed that I missed this show! The tickets sold out in like .2 seconds so I really had no chance. By all accounts, it was an amazing show. JT even managed to bring out a few celebrity friends to check out his new tunes ... [Source]

... the recently self-liberated Lance Bass and his (HOT HOT HOT) boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl were on hand for the JT concert at the House of Blues on Friday night:

Photo credit: X-17

It must said, tho, that just because Lancey has come out of the closet that doesn't mean he can go around flashing the jazz hands. I know he's prolly all excited at all the things he can do now in public but there really is no excuse with going overboard with the jazz hands. Ease into it, Lance ... let's not go too wild just yet. [Source]

Kate Bosworth was also in attendance at the Justin Timberlake concert ...

Photo credit: X-17

... she and her nipple decided to pop in (and out) to show their support for Mr. Timberlake. Click HERE to see the NSFW uncensored photos of Katie's exposed nip. [Source]

The Physical Fitness of the Year award surely has to go to Matthew McConaughey ... there is barely a day that goes by that doesn't involve Matthew doing some sort of physical activity -- whether it's jogging, yoga, bicycle riding, Windsor Pilates -- Matthew is in fine physical condition. Here are new pictures of Matthew doing his thing on the beaches down in Miami, FL:

I take it that there are no objections. Yep, didn't think so :) [Source]

Oh No! What happened to Nicole Richie? She has been doing so well lately ... in recent pictures it looked as if she was putting on a tiny bit of healthy weight ... but it appears to have all been lost again. Take a look at these pretty scary new pictures of Nicole at the beach:

I love me some Nicole but these pictures are troubling. She has gone back to looking way too skinny. I hope her weight loss stops at some point ... pretty soon she's going to be practically translucent :( [Source]

Fall Out Boy and the Fall Out Boy member who's member fell out in leaked mobile phone photos, Pete Wentz, are featured in the new issue of GQ magazine:

While I love Petey, I think I have to agree with his t-shirt. Those penis pics are pretty much the best thing to happen for him thus far. See, you should respect the power of the P33N. [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... let's say hello to Charlie:

Nice and simple ... no flash, just flesh. Charlie is definitely a cutey and who can really argue with arms like that? Hope y'all enjoy. [Source]

The News:
Last night Davey and I were invited by a whole slew of new friends to the Hollywood Forever cemetery to attend a showing of the Hitchcock classic movie Psycho. Each summer, each weekend a different classic movie is projected onto the side of a huge mausoleum and people bring food and blankets and all gather together on the lawn to watch the movie (click HERE for more info about this fun event). It's really freaking cool ... and such an LA thing to do. We met up with Nina, Michelle, Cindy, Jeff and Mike at the cemetery for the movie. Here are a couple pictures of mayhem outside the cemetery as we waited to be let inside:

We got there early and still had to wait forever to get in ... but once we did we had a blast. We were treated to delicious food and awesome conversation. It was a complete blast ... seeing Psycho like this really heightened my appreciation for the movie (incidentally, Alfred Hitchcock would've turned 107 years old today). Sadly, Mike's wife Kay couldn't make but I hope we'll be able to hang some other time :) I really wish I could've taken more pictures but once it got dark the camera was useless.

I ran into Pink readers Serena and Laura while waiting in line to get in ... so I gots ta shout them out some love!

After the movie, Davey and I went to MJ's for a quick drink (we got to meet Pink reader Patrick) and proceeded to throw back a couple and dance for a little while. It was fun. We're thinking about going to the beach today ... that means I have to jet now.

I hope everyone has been having a nice weekend ... I am out.