Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lurve Thy Neighbor

When Britney Spears says that she's "country", I think she really means it. While I don't condone her using that excuse as a way to explain away her poor judgment (i.e. driving a car with her son on her lap) I think it does explain a lot of her other actions. Take for example her love of cut-off jean shorts ... even tho she's about 8 months pregnant she still has an immense fondness for wearing Daisy Dukes ... here are a few more pictures of Britters with Sean P. and her sister Jamie Lynn shopping over the weekend:

Photo credit: X-17

To be honest, she looks pretty good in these pictures. The hair and make-up look nice, at least from this distance, and it's been ages since she's gone out in public sans footwear. Sure, Sean Preston is pants-less again but, hey, I'll take what I can get. [Source]

Altho, some celebrity moms tend to get it right on pretty much every occasion ... here are new pictures of Gwen Stefani out with her baby boy Kingston James and her hubby Gavin Rossdale:

Who knew they actually made pants for little babies to wear ... and shoes? Maybe Britney is just unaware that these things exist? In any regard, Gwen seems to have her shizz together on a regular basis ... and it's nice to see the daddy in the picture as well. When did little Kingston get so big? Wasn't he born, like, a couple of months ago? He looks so big already -- he's already staring to look like Gavin :) [Source]

Hilary and Haylie Duff were in NYC last night for the East Coast premiere of their new movie Material Girls ... here are a few photos from the red carpet:

The Duff sisters co-star in this new movie about a couple of socialites who lose their fortune and have to live life in the real world ... basically, your typical riches to rags story where a good moral lesson is learned in the end. I am not gonna lie ... I'm gonna drag someone with me to see this movie as soon as I can. I wanna catch this movie before the Oscar buzz starts going around town. [Source]

Nicole Richie has been spending quite a lot of time hanging out with various dudes these days ... here are a few pictures of Nicole having one of her trademark lunches (comprised of menus, beverages and not much else) with a mysterious looking fellow:

It appears that all Nicole had for lunch was a glass of tea ... which she didn't even finish ... Hmmm ... that can't be very nutritious. [Source]

Here are pictures of Nicole hanging out with another guy ... but this one we know ... it's Kristin Cavallari's ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner:

Interesting ... I wonder what exactly is going on with these two. They look a little caught by the cameras. Oh, I'm sure they're just really good friends and nothing scandalous is happening whatsoever ... uh huh. [Source]

Yay! Here are new pictures of one of my fave actresses ever, Parker Posey, taking her little poochie out for a walk. Unfortch, they are pictures of Parker sportin' a really bad head of awful extensions:

Um ... and if this is actually her real hair then someone might want to introduce Miss Posey to a bottle of hair conditioner. Whatev, Parker could shave her head and I'd still love her -- altho, I hope she doesn't actually shave her head. Love her! [Source]

Maggie Gyllenhaal appears to be enjoying pregnant life these days ... she's showing up at premieres and events all over town and still manages to find the time to pamper herself. Here are cute pictures of Maggie gettin' herself a little pedicure in NYC:

Enjoy these pics while you can, once Maggie gives birth she is bound to step out of the limelight so that she can shield her baby from the intense media scrutiny: Don't look for Maggie Gyllenhaal's baby to strike a pose for People magazine like other celebrity offspring. She won't give birth until the fall but already the 28-year-old actress -- who is engaged to Jarhead's Peter Sarsgaard -- is adamant about shielding him/her from the media spotlight. "I know it's impossible not to ask me (about the baby), but I definitely feel, I instinctively know, I have to keep this baby out of it. It's my first job as a mother. But I know it's provocative, me sitting here like this." I'm telling you, if Maggie wants to keep her baby out of sight then that baby will be out of sight. There is something about Maggie that just screams, "Don't eff me fellas -- this ain't my first time at the rodeo" ... but in a strong, independent woman sort of way and not at all in that Mommie Dearest sort of way. [Source]

And there is something about her brother Jake Gyllenhaal that just screams, "I look really freakin' hot when I'm not wearing any clothes" ... and I would tend to agree ... here are a few new pics of Jakey poo all hot, sweaty and shirtless after one of his (now famous) bike rides:

I'm telling you ... I never tire of this sort of thing. I'm glad he never tires of it either. [Source]

Uh oh ... Kimberly Stewart is at it again ... here are new pictures of Kimberly doing another photoshoot in an attempt to do whatever it is that she's attempting to do ... while I'm not necessarily horrified by these photos per se, I am a little dismayed to see that another Stewart child is trying her hand at whatever it is that Kimberly does. Here are pictures of Kim and younger sister Ruby working on a shoot together:

Someone needs to stop the Stewarts before they further infest the planet ... before the epidemic gets out of control. [Source]

We're just one day away from the premiere of the third season of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County on MTV ... here are even more promo pictures to get y'all excited for this truly momentous event:

It appears that MTV will be utilizing 2 of their most prized possessions should this third season falter or need propping up. LC and Stephen show up in the promo pics with the new cast of kids. At least LC has a reason (albeit a lame one) to randomly show up in an episode because her little sister Breanna is one of the new kids. I'm not sure what Stephen's excuse for showing up is ... maybe he just has a thing for 15 year olds who wear too much make-up? At any rate, I'm cautiously optimistic about this new season -- I'm definitely gonna give it a try. [Source]

Here is a picture of the new H&M building-billboard featuring their new spokesmodel Madonna on the side of the Roosevelt Hotel here in Hollywood, CA:

While it's not as provocative as the H&M billboard on that church in Milan, Italy, I still think this is pretty cool. This is the first time the Roosevelt has allowed advertising like this to appear on their building but I guess it's kinda hard to say no to Madonna. [Source]

Here is the cover of the new issue of The Sun newspaper from the UK ... in their cover story they reveal just how naughty Prince Harry and Wills can be:

PARTY-LOVING Princes William and Harry hugged drunkenly for the camera during a booze-fuelled night out with chums. Royal heir William, 24, looked dazed and wide-eyed as the flash went off -- while brother Harry leered merrily over his shoulder. Harry was also snapped canoodling with pretty blonde Natalie Pinkham, while saucily groping her BOOB with one hand ... A fellow reveller said: "Harry was really going for it. He had been downing drink all night and was touchy-feely with everyone -- especially Natalie. He had his hands all over her and was kissing her on the face. At one point he reached his arm around her and gave her a proper grope on her breast. She was very shocked but didn't seem to mind in the slightest. I don't suppose it's every day an heir to the throne feels you up." LOL! It looks like William is plastered and you can tell by Harry's red face that he's prolly pretty lit too. The Sun has more exclusive pictures available only in this issue. If you can, make sure you pick up a copy to see them all. [Source]

UPDATE: The Guardian is reporting that these pictures are 3 years old ... in any regard, the picture is still a hoot! [thanks Dan]

Louise Post and her band Veruca Salt are releasing their new album IV on September 12 ... head on over to their official My Space profile to stream their new single So Weird:

And it's time, once again, to call on all you Veruca Salt fans out there to help me out a little. It looks like I'm gonna get some sit-down time with Louise Post for a little interview soon (deets are still being worked out) and I'm hoping some of y'all can help me out. If you have a question you'd like me to ask Louise, send me an email with "Question for Louise" in the subject line. I'll make sure and ask a few PITNB reader questions when I get to hang out with her. After the interview, I'll upload the MP3 for download just like I did for the Nina Gordon interview. And can I just say how thrilled I am that all of my Veruca Salt dreams are coming true right now :) [Source]

And finally, if any of y'all bitches in NYC wanna hang out with the fine folks from Heatherette then you need to get your booties down to Macy's tomorrow afternoon for the launch of their new collection:

Be there, be fierce!

El News:
So ... I did it ... I killed my first plant here in LA. I have never been the kind of person with a green thumb like, say, Erik or Jacob. Either of those two could sustain a plant for practically ever ... I am not like them. I picked up a couple stalks of bamboo which are doing very well but since they only have to sit in a vase of water I can't really take credit for their survival. I thought it would be nice to have an orchid in my living room and it was very nice having an orchid in my living room ... but something happened and it kinda died. I thought I was watering it properly but I guess not ... the plant started looking sickly so I watered it some more ... yesterday I found that 2 of the 3 blooms had fallen off and 1 of the 2 leaves turned a gross yellow ... it's hanging out of the pot on the table. I'm a murderer.

See ... this is why I don't have pets either. Maybe some day I'll get fish or something but with my luck the damn thing will end up dead on the carpet somehow. All of the goldfish I raised as a child had death wishes ... one day they'd be happily swimming in their bowls and the next they'd be dried up and long dead on the carpet. I'm not sure I want to deal with dead fish on my carpets any time soon.

I hear pet rocks are easy to take care of.

Anyways ... tonight Jim and I are going to the Playboy magazine/Stolichnaya vodka party at Social Hollywood to celebrate the Girls Next Door September Playboy cover:

E! just aired the episode of Girls Next Door where the ladies shot their individual pictorials and cover photo. And y'all know how much I love Bunnies ... the party should be really fun.

One last thing, Women's Voices. Women Vote. have teamed up with Rock the Vote to work towards getting women to register to vote so that their voices can be heard. If you are not registered to vote and are eligible, please click HERE or follow the link on the sidebar to register to vote online. It's quick and easy and is the only way you can make sure your politicians are hearing what you have to say.

And that is all ... I'm out.

PS: I finally got caught up on Flavor of Love 2 on VH1 yesterday ... I'm actually shocked that VH1 has gotten so trashy. When a reality contestant deficates onto the floor in the first episode and then is highlighted in the next episode you know you're dealing with some trashy shizz (pardon the pun). I can only hope the show will go up from here. Anybody got any lip chap?