Saturday, August 19, 2006


Well lookie here ... it looks like Britney Spears has been paying attention to what we've been talking about here on Pink is the new Blog -- you know, about using a brush and clothing her child. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come. Check out these great pictures of Britney with baby boy Sean Preston doing a little shopping at Fred Segal in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: X-17

Even tho Sean P. looks like he's been hittin' the bottle a wee bit too much (and I'm not talking about the milk bottle, if you know what I mean) he still looks really cute in his little outfit. I love the little sandals ... he looks great in footwear. Britney looks pretty damn good herself ... I greatly approve! Keep it up, y'all ... this is a side of you that is welcome around these here parts. [Source]

Here are a few exclusive photos sent in by Pink readers Molly and Laura who happened to randomly stumble upon Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock's 4th wedding celebration in Nashville, TN. Molly and Laura were on a cross-country road trip when they stopped into Tootsie's Orchid Lounge and found Kid Rock performing on stage ... he was later joined by Hank Williams. Here are a few of their photos:

As you may recall, Pam and Kid Rock just recently got married (for the fourth time -- after wedding in St. Tropez, Malibu and Detroit) in Nashville and Molly and Laura got to take part in their celebration. Fun! I believe this is the last of their weddings ... it looks like they finished off this marriage spree with a bang! [thanks Molly and Laura]

Rumer Willis (daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis) celebrated her 18th birthday this week and a bunch of celebrity friends came out out to party with her on her special night ... here are a few photos of some of her party guests -- including her parentals and her step-parental Ashton Kutcher:

Yikes! It looks like Demi Moore can't hang like she used to ... I really can't blame her for looking so wrecked -- I think anyone who tries to hang with Lindsay Lohan ends up looking worse for the wear ... and with a bloody nose? Hmmm ... A more sedate looking Michelle Trachtenberg and Soleil Moon Frye were also on hand for the festivities. [Source]

Courtney Love and daughter Frances Bean Cobain also guested at the Rumer party and it looks like they really went all out with their style choices:

Frances got it right ... C. Love got it close enough. The silver dress ain't so bad but coupled with her messy make-up job it makes her look like a tart. Truth be told, I really don't mind this look for Courtney. She doesn't look nearly the mess that we're used to seeing. I think that little Frances Bean is having a very positive effect on her mother. [Source]

After partying the night away (which is pretty much par for the course), L. Lo opted for a little relaxing visit to the beach the next day. Apparently she was waiting for just the right time to debut his little leopard print number:

Animal print really works on her ... which is a good thing. Should she ever need to resort to exotic dancing for any reason at all (oh ... you know ... like squandering her fortune away on this or that) then she'll be all set. Plan ahead ... that's what I always say. [Source]

Alyson Hannigan was looking amazing at The Art of Elysium Fundraiser and karaoke event earlier this week ... here are a few photos of the dark Aly:

I love her with this new dark hair! She looks so cute! [Source]

Rose McGowan was also on hand at this fundraiser event sporting an injured arm and whole lot less of herself over all:

She looks like she lost a bit of weight. Her legs are way skinnier than they used to be ... I miss Rose's curviness. [Source]

David Beckham is about to unleash his new fragrance upon the world ... here is the first advertisement for Intimately Beckham:

This new fragrance is due for release early next month and the promo artwork promises to be very provocative and sexy. I like this ad ... Victoria doesn't look as skeletal as she usually does and Becks is just hot. I can't wait to see what the rest of the artwork looks like. [thanks Rada]

And finally, here are a couple pictures from a few Pink readers who are sending in their lurve from all over the globe. Michael and his peeps Jaimie and Wynn send in this awesome picture with their Pink is the new Taj sign in front of the Taj Mahal! Desiree, Laura and Erin send in their love from the campus of University of California - Davis:

I must reiterate that it means so much to me that people take the time to send in these really awesome pictures from all over the world. It still blows my mind that people all around the world enjoy reading Pink is the new Blog. I love it! Thank you all for all the love and support! XO [thanks Michael, Desiree, Laura and Erin]

The News:
Yesterday afternoon, I was able to get some housekeeping chores taken care of ... which were pretty menial but had to be done. I really didn't want to go nuts last night so I met up with Ollie, her friend Julia and Irene so that we could all go see Snakes on a Plane together. We met up with a bunch of Irene's friends for a little cocktail mixer before the movie. Because we arrived late, we decided to bring some of the cocktails with us to the movie theater:

There ain't nothing that a $2 bottle of wine can't make better ... as if a movie as fun as Snakes on a Plane needed any help. Truth be told, I had zero expectations for this movie ... all I was expecting was a bunch of snakes on a plane ... the thought that there might actually be a plot involved never dawned on me. I'm happy to report that there is a plot involved ... and a fairly decent plot at that:

Without going into specifics, you basically have about an hour and a half of mindless movie fun. Samuel L. Jackson really makes this film worth while ... sure the gross death scenes are fun but without a badass like Samuel L. at the helm this movie would have been complete shit. The first 2 death scenes are the best ... ladies cover your boobs, gents you might want to cross your legs ... both death scenes looked extremely painful. There are a lot of really great quotes in this movie, as I'm sure you're well aware, so here are my faves:

"Who's your daddy now, bitch?"
"Get this f*cking snake off my ass!"
"That's good news ... snakes on crack"
"Turn this bitch motherf*cker left!"

and of course:

"I've had it with these motherf*cking snakes on this motherf*cking plane!"

Pure poetry ... I assure you.

If you're looking for an Academy Award winning flick, this movie isn't for you. If you're looking for a ridiculously fun, mindless movie ... then check it out. My suggestion is to bring along a few rubber snakes to throw out into the audience at the appropriate times ... you know, just to heighten the effect.

Today is my dear friend Davy's birthday ... he would KILL me if I told the world how old he is so I'll spare him that torture. I'm sending out all sorts of Birthday Lurve to him today.

And ... I guess that's it ... I'm out.